faq for website development company


This content is mainly for everyone to explain the six issues of website development.。


In order to find the problemSEOAnalysis is the best diagnostic tool for your website's popularity,They will tell your website rankings and rankings。

(faq for website development company)SEOWill make sure your site is higher on the search results page,Because the visibility of the second or third page of the search engine result is much lower.。

EffectiveSEODiagnostics can also show you average access on your site.,And tell your user what I have been doing on this page。

So I want the website to have more exposure or needseoGo analysis。

2、Font irregular

When you develop, if you don't think the user can enjoy the text content or the main navigation menu of your website?,Then you will encounter yourself.,Your customer will directlypassLower your website to look for the next home。

You need to use the best colors and fonts to maximize readability,So users can get the most information from the website with the least energy,Increase user experience。

You also need to move whether the mobile user can display the text normally.,Or the related text is not automatically adjusted to the correct size and format。

3、Website is not safe

If the site is not effectiveHTTPSCertificate,Then it is unsafe。do you needSSLCertificate,Can be considered safe by modern browsers。If these positions are incorrect,The user will receive a message directly in the browser.,Inform them that your website is not safe。

HTTPSEncrypt data between your website and the user,To make valuable information will not be intercepted by network criminals,Thereby it makes it an encrypted private data。

(faq for website development company)If you are not sure the website's security status,Can ask if the current website managed service provider can provide suggestions,Most managed service providers will maintain the latest state of their platform。