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We can see through major recruitment platforms,Current Internet Technology Field Recruitment,The front-end development engineer has a very large proportion,This is enough to explain the importance of front-end development。

In addition to easy learning,Outside the post salary,Why is the front-end development become more important??Let's look at me。

(under development website)under development website

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The importance of the front end of the website

under development website(under development website)

The front-end development is the core of the website development visual and functional connection

Develop a website product,Needed“product design-visual design-Front-end development-Background development”four stages。

(under development website)Among them, product design and visual designers are mainly determining the visual requirements of website products.,The background development is paying attention to the core functions of the website and the data storage.,Front-end development as a core connection of visual and functionality,Support the successful completion of the entire project,The front-end development in this process is mainly used by programming, which makes the prototype design and picture contents into a machine language that can be identified.,Thereby related to backend development technology,Realize the normal operation of the entire website。

under development website

The front page is a window for website products and users.

As a website product,Front-end page users can see directly。Front page can put text、picture、Video and other content information,Integrate into a front-end page via programming language,Access to users,Display the products of the website and the service to the user,Thereby the channel to establish communication with the user。

under development website

Front-end development facilitates improving user experience

Generally we can see a variety of dynamic effects on the front page.,And a large number of interactive features on the page,Can greatly improve the experience of users when browsing the website。

Now the Internet market is more and more attention to the user's vision and experience experience.,It is also more important because of the status of the front-end development engineer in Internet products.。

In addition to adapting to multi-ended Internet products,Big front concept,Let the front-end development engineers become popular。Due to the diverse development of enterprise products,The big front end saves the company to save the company,Improve development efficiency。

Comprehensive,The front end is still a hot job,Some beginners often encounter troubles.:How to learn?Where to start?

(1)The most effective knowledge of first school

Effective knowledge,for exampleHTML+CSS+JavaScript,After learning, we can develop static pages.。When you make a beautiful page, you have a sense of accomplishment.,Let everyone persist in learning。

(2)Find someone guidance

(under development website)Many students like to add a lot of exchange groups.,After adding a while, you will find it.,The group is chattering,One said a professional issue basically no one answered。So it is better to find a high quality learning partner。Two people can urge each other+Answer。

(3)Practice project

Many bad white learning front ends don't know how to find tutorials or courses,I don't know how to find problems solve。so,Theoretical knowledge can only be mastered,Go to brush,Remember in a variety of ways。Next is the project practice,Only the project can take all the knowledge points you have learned.。

Finally, give everyone a summary of the front-end learning.9Stage:We are webline layout, respectively、Mobile layout、JavaScript、Service programming、Vue.js、Applets、react.js、Multiple cross-platform、Front end engineering and service。


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