mobile website development india


mobile website development india

4moon28day,Eighth sessionGMICThe global mobile Internet conference was held in Beijing National Convention Center,This conference“Mobile Infinity”(World resonance)Theme,Grasping a large number of mobile Internet companies,To discuss the development of global mobile Internet。

In the first day of the afternoon“India Mobile Forum”Branch,Mobile Internet Corporation from China and India,Since the respective opinions of their respective mobile Internet markets。Take the lead in expressing a speechLEOMASTERVice President Qian Haitao,He uses data from six aspects,Interpretation of India Mobile Internet Market。After this, I came to the stage, the Indian data platformTyrooCEOSiddharth Puri,And in his opinion,The most critical part of the development of the Indian mobile Internet industry is the user。

Indian mobile market potential is huge

mobile website development india

first,From the status quo of the mobile Internet in India,Whether it is Qian Haitao orSiddharth Puri,They all think that the current Indian mobile Internet industry is extremely similar to the past China.,About China Mobile Internet2012The level of the year。

(mobile website development india)exist2012year,China has4Hundred million mobile users,In2015India,This value is3.71100 million。Similar to the early mobile Internet development of China,India's current mobile Internet infrastructure is also relatively backward,exist9.3Yili mobile phone users,only8000Ten thousand3Guser,4GIt became a technological innovation of the people of India.。

(mobile website development india)therefore,After comparing the current situation of China Mobile Internet Market,Qian Haitao believes in the case of improved network infrastructure,India's mobile Internet will also usher in a rapid development period。

Google PlayIn the Indian market share90%

(mobile website development india)Although India's network infrastructure is not developed enough,But in India,Network traffic tariffs are almost like China,About1.5GTraffic takes charge50RMB,High traffic costs also forced many Indian usersAppDownload and installation,PuriExpress:“in India,If aAppThere is no differentiation with other similar products,Can't change our life,We will not consider installing。”

thenPuriAlso a very interesting example,He said,In India because of high traffic charges,Small mobile phone,General8Gor16G,But the Indians will have4GThe left and right reserves are used to store photos and videos,so,To them,About90%ofAppBe deleted after downloading。

and,Due to the per capita in IndiaGDPonly1500Dollar,Equivalent to one-fifth of Chinese per capita,so,Although some people are using Apple mobile phones,But most Indians still use RMB1000Android phone below,therefore,In India's app store market share,Google Playby90%Absolute advantage is far from other competitors。

also,According to Qian Haitao Statistics Display,Currently,in India,Mobile app download data scale huge,The top six is in turn is instant messaging、E-commerce、Picture processing、Browser、Safety、Social and other categoriesApp。

English is the key to entering the Indian market

mobile website development india

When talking about how to help China Mobile Internet Enterprises successfully entered the Indian market,The two speakers mentioned the same point——English。

(mobile website development india)Qian Haitao said,English is one of the three necessities of Indians' lives,As the extension of the most important life language,English is no doubt is China Mobile Internet Corporation in the development of products.、One of the factors must be considered when promoting overseas。In addition to language,About the development of the Indian mobile Internet market,He also made a few forecasts,in,2017He is regarded as India“First year of the video”,After that, there will be a spring advertisement of online advertising.。

InPuriLook,A product must be able to succeed in overseas markets,Must be localized,And this is inseparable from the language.。Because it was once the colony of the UK,so,English has a wide range of ways in India,He also believes:“If you want to stand in India's long-term standing,Just use English as a medium,Understand the communication of locals,Only in this way,Can achieve better achievements”。