fastest way to develop website


Fastadmin,Frameworks can be developed quickly and can be used without authorization,The code is all open source free and without any encryption。FastadminThe application plug-ins are very rich,FastAdminIt has a rich application plug-in market,no matter howCMS、blog、Q&A、Small programs have everything。useFastAdminCan quickly develop the background management of the website、User Center、APIinterface、mobile apps and more。and the webmaster canFastadminShare the complete application or plug-in developed,sharedFastAdminopen ecological resources。Webmasters who do not know technical codes can go toFastadminFind the app you need、Applets,Quickly deploy your own website、APPor applet。

(fastest way to develop website)fastest way to develop website

FastadminWebsite background management framework usage skills,Modify the default sort field,existFastadminin the background,If the data table existsweighfield,butindexwhen the page is displayed,Including the sort button is to show three buttons,if there is not,Then two buttons, Modify and Delete, are displayed.。If you don't want to use the default fieldsweighto sort,Just need to change one place,just intablewhen initializing,Just change the default sort field to whatever you want。

fastest way to develop website

Fastadmin's custom menu,existFastadminmiddle,By default it comes with three action buttons,drag and drop、edit and delete,If you want to customize the menu button,quite simple,There are generally three forms:pop up、ajaxand new tab,just inclassnameadd different styles,Pop-ups:"btn-dialog",ajax:"btn-magic btn-ajax",new tab:"btn-addtabs",Bind different events through different styles。

fastest way to develop website(fastest way to develop website)

(fastest way to develop website)FastadminIf you want to manipulate data,such as owneditandadd,need to increase

cow_list: function () {



fastest way to develop website

(fastest way to develop website)because ofindex,be special,becauseindexmethod containsgetandajaxtwo-step operation,getRender out the home page template,then useajaxrequest data,So it has to be modifiedjsmiddleindexcorrespondingURLaddress,For example, get the parameters directly,Or directly customize the query conditions,The difference between the two is that the latter directly modifies theindexThe default value of the corresponding field when the universal search is displayed on the page,for exampleuser_idDefault is empty,after customization,directuser_idfor the specified value。

Fastadminrender data,FastadminThe bottom layer comes with a lot of rendering data formats,We can customize the rendering data,For example, when searching for articles,An article may correspond to multiple pieces of data,this is inindexwhen the page is displayed,it doesn't show well.,So you can put the data corresponding to each article,all in one field。

fastest way to develop website

FastadminmiddlejsUsing data from the controller,if you want tojscall the method in the controller,can not be used$this->view->assign(),Fastadminjust have to use$this->assignconfig("total", $total),then injscall。Fastadmincustom configuration,existFastadminmiddle,Comes with many types of configuration information,Rich in type,has characters、text、array、single image、Multi-picture, etc.,It is very convenient when making configuration items,such as some scale settings、switch settings, etc.,FastadminIf the webmaster wants to customize the configuration,also very simple,first in
application/common/model/config.phpThe method to get the configuration type in,You can add the type you want。


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