how to earn money by developing website


(how to earn money by developing website)A friend asked me what kept you up to this day?

i answer:Interest

(how to earn money by developing website)This answer is not complete,A link I concluded after recalling was:

①luck、②Interest、③made money、④persist in、⑤belief、⑥Habit、⑦thinking approval

under,I'll take you all to feel it,And share with you what I have been practicing over the years、A set of methods and techniques for building a website summed up by trial and error


(how to earn money by developing website)exist15time of year,because of luck,I contacted a collaboratorcpawebmaster,Can't remember the name,The only thing I remember is that the money he earns from me every month is about2~3Ten thousand(net income)

(how to earn money by developing website)how to earn money by developing website

because the cooperation iscpa,There are users on other sites,Pay by registration,Monthly,3One dollar registered to him,More than 10,000 registrations every month(I only found out later that he,At least80%The amount is fake)

Of course that's not the point,The point is that I've seen a lot of ads on his site,According to his user volume and advertising volume,I'm guessing conservatively estimated monthly income30more than ten thousand,This is undoubtedly a huge attraction,Because of the long cooperation,It's better to have a good relationship with this webmaster,I asked how to make a website,The answer is3000For the bucks, he did it all for me,He said,Because is you,So I charge a server and setup fee,everyone else1more than ten thousand

later,I Baidu,taobao,400block done,Am I too simple or the world is too deep?I understand that relationships without benefits are fragile,Why do people help you?even if the relationship is good,The extent of the gang is also certain!when you ask for it,Think about what you can bring to the other person?if not equal,this“trade”Must be a joke!

people,better be realistic,Don't be so naive!So much so that I took this directly to the table and said,My point is“Equivalent exchange”!

My luck is that I met this webmaster who wanted to trick me


took two weeks,I tried to build a website,But not as I thought“Simple”,The fact is,nothing is simple,Don't just look at the surface,Some projects are very profitable for others,But that doesn't mean you can make money,because of resources、network、Experience、Technology,You are not equal to others

Just stumped me about the payment interface and a bunch of technical issues。i gave up doing quest website,Because the website of cooperation at that time was in addition to the mission website,And some self-media blogs,I see they will share some internet marketing tips,I thought I could write it myself

(how to earn money by developing website)Remember the mood at that time,to build a website、to studyseo、It's interesting to write,Sometimes seeing someone's comments makes me more motivated,like playing in the early yearsqqGeneral space,It is very satisfying to read the comments of friends

half a year,Didn't earn a penny,But I still haven't given up,A big reason is interest,For many newbies now,impatient,After working on the project for a month, I found that I can't make money,i.e. loss of motivation,to find another“money making project”。why don't you think about it,The reason for the failure?other people make money,why can't you?someone said,That's because other people have traffic.、have resources!I laughed,Have you ever seen anything but Sun Monkey,Which one jumped out of the rock?innate?people have traffic、If there are resources, there must be a process,what is this process?that's what you should think about

Analyze the difference,go find a solution!about this,It took me half a year to understand,because no one told me,And I hope readers who read my article will understand earlier

I don't understand technology,This is one of the differences,How to deal with it?Either learn the technology yourself、Either spend money on technology,I choose two,I have a“technology library”,All from Taobao,then add toqqsuperior,Most of the website construction is done by yourself,Spend some money if you can't do it,dozens of pieces、Hundreds of bucks;in the process of spending money,I will humbly ask these techniques,naturally,I know some fur

how to earn money by developing website

I do not understandseo,This is the second difference,How to deal with it?either learn by yourselfseo,either spend money,I choose one,free onlineseomany skills,I read a lot,But I find that the more I read, the more blurry it is,becauseseoThere is no absolute standard for this,everyone has their ownseoMethods,or black hat、or white hat、or black and white hat,when confused,I paid someone to help me diagnose、analyse problem,When I am confused, I will look at the target website,find the difference,From front to back,At that time, a website I targeted was called Seaweed Head,A few days ago because the domain name was polluted,ushered in the end,sigh。

I see what the theme of seaweed head is used for、How to write the content、How the code is laid out、What is the means of realization?After finding the difference,I will copy!After all, the other party has achieved something,then i want to be successful,The shortest path is to imitate

do these,I'm always interested,full and fun

(three)Earn money

I am the first bucket of gold for the website.88Yuan,Is old Sui,At that time,I have a trial of the attitude,Submit a few contents to the loose,Not so smooth,Refused,But I didn't give up,Still each time there is content,Finally, one day manuscript was approved.,Publish the day,Have more than300People add meqq,I am a face.,But it is because of this content,Old Suilai hooks,Give me a reward88Yuan(Later, I gave him another way.),at that moment,I feel that the tree has actually the result in a certain day.!

(how to earn money by developing website)at the same time,I realized the community,Refer to the community of sea,I also made an early community.,Because make money,I firmly firm my belief,Don't make money, it is really a reason for most giving,How to make money?I think it is sticking+Constantly try+Continuously solve the problem+luck,How to come with luck?Persistent、Try more、There are more problems that have been resolved.,The chance encountered is bigger!

(Four)persist in

(how to earn money by developing website)Adhere to this thing is very wonderful,Just like playing the game between workers and bosses,The boss thinks is that you make a achievement of salary,And the workman thinks is that you gave me the salary, I will sell it again.

I earn money is based on I will adhere to half a year.,Is based on my constant thinking,Is based on my constant trial(Submission is one of my kind),Earn money!Not because I earned money at first I started.,I only went to stick!

You think about it,When you are doing a project,What methods do you try??Or think about what solutions?Otherwise, what do you earn??I know, I see a question.“What project can make money easily?”Get some praise the highest answer is“dream”!

I understand this truth,So on the website,I insist on five years.!Very simple one,What I pay is that there are can't understand.,Really, I will make me money.


There is a word of purple vegetables to me.,At that time because of many people copy his article,He wrote the article back:“We are more living longer than”His website survived6year!Not because of the attack of gray black,Longer!There is also Lusong Song's impact on me.,His website survived11year,With the goal, there is a belief.

My belief is,this road,Someone can walk successfully,Thunders,So others can go,Then I will definitely go,What is the problem?;My belief is,Since gone,Why don't you take more step??When you take a walk, ask yourself,Why don't you take more step more??My belief is,Now give up,More unfortunately,Take a little,The opponent should give up,I persist again.!


When I started to do a website,Because there is something in your stomach,So I keep the day,When updated two months,I found that there is no thing to write.,Anxious,How to do?I started a lot of reading,Look at it every day50Article,Write an article as a daily day,How painful process,Only the webmaster insisted on so many years can experience,I really want to say that I have earned some money.!

Objective sometimes is also a good thing,When I saw a day on the website, it was blank,I will force myself to update.,Many times this is like this,Persistent,I am used to it.,Just like I am doing the idle fish project,Some novice“newest”This matter is criticized.,Feel trouble、Wasting time,But for some persistent people,Nothing is not something,Have been used to it,Look at the newcomer's new new,Those five shops、Ten shops?I think,got used to...

(how to earn money by developing website)Just as you practice dumbbells,When you insist30kgDumbbells torture themselves,Stick to it,Going back, you will find the original5kgJust let your rushing dumbbells don't be so terrible.,Anything is the same,Bottleneck is used to break through

(seven)Thinking recognition

I tried some thinking art in the first two months.,Because I think thinking is the opening of the newcomer“Blood-term”Button,But after trying,I will understand from the low reading.,I want to be simple.,Although I think two months write thinking is great.!But Ignore one thing:

I think my thinking is great.,Because I am doing more、Have more experience,I have a sense of thinking case.,Subject to previous experience,But novice is different,Novice is blank,See these thinking cases like a child,My old man talks about me.,This is not right,Don't do it,But I can't listen to it.,I want to do a truth.,Thinking without practical support is,And I ignore my reader attribute,The public account reader is more,I wrote these things that I don't are.,So I deleted the previous articles.,Delete,nearly300Original article deletes

With me,At present, many things is based on thinking architecture.!

I used to answer the reader.“What makes you insist?”

Method and trick about doing websites:

Because I will give you a framework,After the framework,You will find that the website is not so complicated and difficult,Many people feel complicated and difficult because they can't see the frames and directions

one、Website composition

server、domain name、program、theme

Server simple understanding is storage space,Virtual host、Cloud server,You need to store your website in the server,Cloud server is better,Relative complex point。Select Server Select the service provider of the spectrum point,I have always used the western digital,Because it is more regular and responsible for after-sales,Some technical issues,I have submitted work orders in the background solution.,Domain name can also be bought in the service provider,Buying domain name,Seriously check the information and then choose。

Build a website,First you need to buy a server and domain name,New hand300Block can get,The first website you can practice,Configuration is not too good(Of course, configuration will affectseo),Then it is the selection program,Commonly used procedures have(wordpress、zblog、Dreamcms),I used itwordpressandzblg,zblgRelatively simple point,butwordpressMore functions,Weaving dreams can be understood,Then set up,taobaoThere is a specialist to build,Dozens of dollars,You can also try yourself to build,In fact, it is not difficult,I like to study, try it yourself or find the service provider to build free of charge.,Generally purchasing the server asks if it is free to build,After building, the site's domain name can be accessed.!

Next is the subject,What is the subject?Can understandqqSpace dress,But some themesseoBe relatively friendly,beneficial toseo,For example, I have chosen the theme of Lusong Song、Later known bird pairseoBe relatively friendly,How to buy the subject?Excuse me,I spent99Block buying,Package installation。

The above is the whole process and ideas to build a website.,I don't spend time study,Either spend money。


This simple,You can find a target of the target.,Then go to imitate first,What to pay attention to here is,Don't come to change,Be sure to think about it again!Remember!Because of casually change to the websiteseogreat influence。

There are several contents of positioning,Website type、Client、title、Key words、describe、menu、Module,Website type you want to do what kind of website you want to do,Just like I want to do what I want to do is a website of a task class.,Behind the dry boss,You first find a sign website!Then determine your user group,For example, my user group wants to make money.、University,So my title、Key words、The words in the description are positioned。

Here I want to share a recent observation.20High quality peers,rightseoA feeling:New station must be simple、Well is an orderly、vertical,For example, the core of my title title is“sideline”,Then my descriptive word should write the keywords related to the key words as much as possible.,The menu is also。

(how to earn money by developing website)Does the ant nest look like a long??

how to earn money by developing website

seoJust like tap water,Irrigation from the ant hole mouth,The first entrance is very clear,For example, my first entrance is“sideline”this phrase,Tap water recognition,And enter,When entering the second entrance,Discover the entrance to write“Great health care”,At this time, you will feel that you will go wrong.,Turn around and go back,But if your second entrance is written“How to make money”,The water will continue to go down.,Go to the third entrance、Fourth entrance,When I finished,Tap water is comfortable!Tap water,This place is good,Some people come next time!

so,New station is like a new place,Try not to make the complexity!I have gone through many detours.,Coating change,Let our tap water take a lot of roads and dead roads,Ok, I insist on it.,So there are some traffic,Why do you want to exchange friendship links?、Why do you want to do an interior chain?、Why do you want to make a chain??Also this truth,By mature people,Let the water are not so strange to the new place!

three、user experience

User experience, better search engine is friendly,The more traffic gives the traffic!Many people understand the understanding of the user experience or compare surface,I have two understanding for the user experience.

On the one hand, it is above.,Whether each entrance is smooth、Is there an acquaintance?!Is there a danger??(About this fourth point),On the other hand, is it to be welcomed by users?,Like the judgment mechanism of many platforms,Stay in time、Access number、Azity comment

(how to earn money by developing website)Refer to my Peanut Diary that millions of reading articles

1、Because of the more early analysis,Is the content of the search engine,So winning the starting line,

2、Because win in the starting line,The flow of search engines is injected into this content.

3、Because the content is written is not bad,The user who comes in stays、Shape praise more weights of posts

4、Because the weight is high,The back of the competitors will naturally be more than,My ranking has been leaning forward

5、Because of it,Brought a constant traffic,So these traffic climbed into my watches.,Drive the overall weight of the website,The overall weight is counter-complement.

Very simple truth,More people watching,It means that the user experience is good.

(how to earn money by developing website)Four、Website security

(how to earn money by developing website)It is better than you want to go a place.,But this place has a road to robbery,So you were grab,Will you go next time??I have eaten a lot of losses.,Because I don't understand technology,So the website is often attacked,Every attack will make the website harm,The traffic will be reduced,Repairs,In fact, my website has already been sore.,It is also difficult to have a little traffic now.,A few days ago,Many old stations have been ended because they are attacked.,So online security is very important!

When doing a new station,You need to think about safety protection,Because you have no one, no one cares.,This time should be prepared this time,Otherwise, it is too late to hold Buddha foot.

(how to earn money by developing website)In fact, I am also a semi-solving for network security.,Mainly a few aspects,Server is safe and unsafe,Program security is not safe,Theme is not safe,Plug-in security is not safe,These are all needed to care and trade

Fives、persist in

The day arch is nothing,Don't donate in the sea

Again,No simple matter,There is no such thing as a pie in the world,没那个觉悟和毅力,Without that awareness and perseverance

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