how to find a website developer


Enterprise website is not goodseo,Usually because there is no technicalseoStaffseo,In the enterprise,OneseoEditor's editorseoTask,To do a good jobseoNeed professionalseodiagnosis,But this is often a short board,so,Understand the professionalseoAfter the importance of diagnosis,Find professional consultants to optimize the direction of the website,Corporate websiteseoUsually there is not so hard to do,So,professionseodiagnosis,How do companies find a professional consultant??

how to find a website developer(how to find a website developer)

1.professionseoDiagnostic criteria

seoDiagnosis is a relatively high work of actual experience,General companies do not have special talents,But we believe that companies still needseoDiagnostics have a general understanding:

①Basic diagnosis

Basic diagnosis includestitleStandardized check,Title needs to include keywords、Unpacked、No hyperbits, etc.。

For the diagnosis of the server,Can be more intuitive,Diagnostics on page open speed,Generally, the ideal initial opening speed should be3More good within seconds。

(how to find a website developer)Of course, there is a user experience,First planing firstseoconcept,You will browse the website directly by the user's perspective.,See if there is a problem that does not meet the user experience,For example, the pop-up window is frequent、Page text is small。

②Structural diagnosis

Website structure diagnostics include:urlStyle diagnosis,Request as short as possible,Reduced page open level,Diagnose inner chain,Require the page in the page to be relevant,And not to point to too single,For example, all pages do the inner chain point to the home page。

Of course, it also includes pictures.atlLabel、Whether the page code is simple, etc.。

(how to find a website developer)③Content diagnosis

Content diagnosis mainly includes two directions:

Original entrance,For enterprise stations,Content original is more important,Because enterprise stations usually insufficient content,Subject from quantityseoThere is no advantage,So can only improve from quality。

Another direction is the articleseostandard,In addition to title,Let's mention,Also need to pay attention,Page Keyword Density、Graphic、Paragraph hierarchy and other factors。

④Link diagnosis

Link diagnosis mainly for the outer chain and friend chain:

The outer chain quality includes:Outer chain platform correlation、Platform weight、Outer chain distribution、Differential chain form, etc.。

(how to find a website developer)Friends chain includes:Whether the other party is formal、Whether the weight flow can be utilized、Is there a private next chain and so on?。

See the above,Many companies will understand,A professionalseoDiagnosis is very troublesome,And need to experience,So we recommend enterprises to seek professionalseoConsultant to do diagnosis,But this also has a problem with how to find a professional consultant,So,How to find a professional consultant?

(how to find a website developer)2.How to find a professional consultant


Usually do professionalseoDiagnose more effective consultants,Will name,Because the other party is making money by doing consultants,Therefore, it is also reasonable to do brand promotion.,So when enterprises choose consultants,Asked consultant to find a well-known degree。

(how to find a website developer)②Practical experience

Also pay attention,Whether the other party is longseoFirst lineseo,Have your own real case,a lot ofseoConsultant is just fineseotheory,Practical experience is less,It is easy to give some invalid programs。


Of course, the price is a very important factor,It is not to say that the company is not affordable.,But do a professionalseoDiagnosis does have a big value,Regardless of time or investment costs worthwhile,So when choosing a consultant,You can't choose the most expensive,You can't choose the lowest price,To integrate the above points to make a decision,Can find the appropriate consultant。

Summarize:professionseodiagnosis,How do companies find professional consultants?,Let's discuss here,the above content,for reference only。