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Last week,US national debt reached22Trillion new high。The US federal government is not blame,But some American people can't sit.。

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then,have“witty”US netizen proposed“Poking state payment”。

Who sold?“Useless”Montana。

Who sold??Canadian brothers in the north。

How much is sold??1Everything is enough.。

montana website development

A name called Ian·Harmond's netizen ischange.orgLaunch“1Tannami dollars sell Montana to Canada to reduce the national debt”Petition,He wrote on the petition page,“We have too many national bonds and there is no use of Montana.。Just tell them that Montana has a beaver or 啥”

This seemingly absurd ridiculous petition,Currently7138Human support(Target7500)。The people of Montana can't help but ask:What have we do wrong?,To sell us to the bond of the federal government……

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Montanic support、Canadian welcome petition

In fact,Many Montana netizens support this。

  • Netizen1:Montana fully supports this idea!
  • Netizen2:I am Mongolian,I hope to join Canada for free。Let us do this.。Please accept us。
  • Netizen3:Truth,Most Mongolians are completelyOK,Let us do this.,For leaving this“hell”I am completelyOK。
  • Netizen4:Montana can also have legal marijuana、Medical insurance and ice hockey。This is a win-win situation.!
  • Netizen5:I have always been Mongolian residents.,to be honest,I really feel tired of the neglect of human life.。I am willing to accept Canadian medical insurance、Education and freedom,Instead of the United States this burning system。also,Canada can also get all the glaciers and Huangshi.!
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Even some netizens said,It is not enough to sell a Montana.,Other states can also be sold……

  • Netizen1:Selling Wyoming and Idaho,No one cares about them.……
  • Netizen2:How to sell California?California's mountain fire has been leading to liabilities……
  • Netizen3:The reason I support this petition is,I hope the next state is Minnesota.……
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The Northern Canada is warmly welcoming。

  • Netizen1:I am Canadian,Let Canada become more cool!
  • Netizen2:Montana and its people will make our beautiful country more beautiful,welcome!
  • Netizen3:Canadian wants more beavers!American people want less national debt!
  • Netizen4:Dear Mongolian,We love you but we have no money to buy you.。Join us by leaving free of charge,You don't need that high debt!
(montana website development)montana website development(montana website development)

Montana“What did you do wrong?”?

still remember《Old friend》There is a set of episodes,Six old friends are sitting together playing a game,Write all United States in six minutes50State name。

However,Even a doctorate、I have not been able to write this in the specified time of Ross, I have been studying this.50State name。because,Such as Chandler said“You will always forget1-2State”。

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Montana is one of the people who are easy to be forgotten.。

Montana is located in the northwest of the United States,Is the fourth state in the United States。The state area is about38Wan Song,But the population is not100Ten thousand(2010Annual data),It can be described as a typical extensive person.。

Montana economy is based on agriculture and animal husbandry,The main attractions include Huangshi National Park,There are thousands of glaciers in the state,Therefore, the state is also“Wealth”、“Big Sky Township”Claim。

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But for the American people,Montana is similar to“Poverty”,Someone is willing to settle around,belong“Useless”A state,So being selected“sell”Repaying government bonds。

However,American netizens“Poking state payment”The desire may only stay in the self-level level。

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according to《Herfound Mail》,From the Constitution,The US federal government is basically impossible to sell state.,Because this infringes the power of the constitution's tenth amendment to give state self-decisions。

“The US constitution does not give the federal government、There is no power to do in all states.,Reserved by each state,Or reserved by the people”。

Can the US state are moving out of the Federation??

The US federal government has no power“Sell”State,So,Can States can take the initiative to get out of the federal??

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According to USA Today,Since American Independence,This problem has always existed。And the most violent recently,is in2016When Trump was elected President of the United States。

2016After the U.S. election results were released,Californians can't accept Trump as president of the United States,So many people called for California to secede from the United States,become an independent country,that is“Calexit”。

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a political group in california“California Independence Movement”Hope2018referendum,Let all the people of California decide whether California will permanently secede from the United States。

However, in the end, the movement did not set off too much waves.。David, expert at the California Constitution Center, University of California, Berkeley·Carrillo said,“There is no legal basis for a state to secede from the federation。The U.S. Constitution has procedures for joining new states or dividing states——requires congressional consent,but no state secession process at all”。

also,USA Today says,California's own state constitution also provides,“California is an integral part of the United States of America,The federal constitution is the supreme law”。

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before california,The most famous case is1869Year“Texas v.White”case。

then,Post-Civil War Texas Government Deems Wartime Confederate Congress Unlawful to Sell Texas-Owned Federal Bonds,directly to the Supreme Court。The Supreme Court's decision was,Union of states is permanent、irrevocable。to put it simply,Supreme Court in1869year to judge,States cannot secede on their own。

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therefore,no matter how“California secedes”(Calexit),still“Texas secedes”(Texit),or“Sell”Montana,basically impossible。


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