useful websites for web developers


Programmer must know5Website,A bit of cattle than a cattle!

There are many software that can be selected by the sectors.,But there is no way to use it in the end.,Today, I will recommend a few I am using it.Comparatively,Practical softwareGive everyone a reference,Avoid stepping on

useful websites for web developers

1. 图 图

图 图,Vector drawing tool,In my personal use is aDrawing software with high cost performance,So I recommend it here for everyone.。

useful websites for web developers

First of all,This software has a lot of features,Can be usedDraw a variety of professional business flow charts,Procedure flow chart,Data flow chart,Organizational structure diagram, etc.,Basically, you can find it here.。

Secondly, it is very beautiful.,Just look good,have insideA lot of template libraries and design materials,Can be combined with templates yourself,You can also use user-defined instances to learn from the works of others.,Equipment faster and more convenient to explain your ideas and design。

2. Fly book

useful websites for web developers

This is a main purposeRealize efficient communication and smooth collaboration,Collaboration platform for improving corporate efficiency

This software has been used for a while.,I feel more user-friendly using it.,It is not the same as the traditional chat interface.,All information is in one direction,Can make people be very goodImplement online communication,Mac exchange information faster。Especially for some people who are more Buddha.,It is very good to use experience.~

The most important thing is that it isFree,Ability to open to all companies and organizations across the country,Unlimited size,Not limited time long,This is still very fragrant

3. Postman

useful websites for web developers

PostmanA powerfulWeb page debugging tool client,Use to sendHTTPRequestedChromePlug-in。We can use itConstruct a variety of network requestsAlso the best choice for the front and rear end separation and reptile tool debugging。

But sometimes it is inconvenient, it is its web page is full English.,Maybe Xiaobai take time to adapt。

4. iTerm2

useful websites for web developers

(useful websites for web developers)We are in our daily workHigh use frequency is relatively highA tool,It canImprove our development efficiency,In addition to some commonly used tools,There are still many interesting places,For example, he hasA label discolorationFunction,We can use this tag color,Indicate thatTabCurrent state,When the label has a new output,The label will become a color,When there is no long view of view,The label will become another color,Interesting。

In addition, there are other interesting places.,I don't have much narrative here.,Interested friendsI can go to the inside to explore it.

5. Vscode

useful websites for web developers

Visual Studio CodeAbbreviation“VS Code”,YesFor writing modernWebInter-platform source code editor with cloud applications,Can run on the desktop。This editor integrates the characteristics of modern editing,includeSyntax highlight,Customizable hotkey binding,Parentheses matchetc,Very powerful。

(useful websites for web developers)Based on these powerful functions,Let us use this software process,More and more like it,More and more adapted,Effective improvement of work efficiency。

The above is a practical software that personal uses.,Give everyone a reference,If you feel helpful,I have a good job.,Yan Mi~