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(how to find website development language)  Programmer with a certain understanding of the website,Which development language is better when you are going to choose to choose?。Today, I will introduce you how to choose the language of the website.。I believe everyone knowsZ-blogprogram,Z-blogThe program is usedASPProgrammed,ASPBelong to a scripting language。useASPAbility to develop and perform dynamics、interactive、High-performancewebService application。But sadly,Microsoft has given upASPTechnical support。Although Microsoft gives upASP,But Microsoft is now pushingASP.NETprogram,ASP.NETThe program is still in the three-layer structure orMVCExtensive use can be obtained on the framework,And it is the main development and development of many websites construction companies.。ASP.NETMany advantages of the program,E.g,Code and interface design distinguishing,Convenient and professional and programmers。Secondly,ASP.NETThe program has been compiled on the server to compile public language runtime code.,This not only improves the running speed of the website,Also make performance a large increase。Apart fromASP.NETProcedure,PHPThe procedure is also very popular,E.g,Open source procedures for website construction are often used:DedeCms,WordPress,shopexAll passPHP+MySQLDeveloped。PHPIs a cross-platform server embedded scripting language,Many website builders take into account the type of platformPHPCome to develop the website,Typical websites and search engines:New wave、Baidu et al。

  Which language is selected for website construction?,You need to consider the following questions:

(how to find website development language)  (1)Cost of website construction development,Is it a development or an open source program?。

  (2)Website construction development cycle length,How long does it take to develop this website?。

  (3)Website expansion,Just after the website increases or modifications will not be very troublesome.。

  (4)Whether the website has portability,For example, if you need to change the server, etc.。