roles in website development


With the increasing competition between major commercial websites,Every detail can lead to a competition in a knockout。At this point,Not only contain“A big money”Whether the investment can achieve the purpose,Carefully observe the webmaster will find a problem:Highly competitive website,Its investment is not only“money”,existSEOAspect is also in place。If the small-small website can get the keyword by bidding,Then these large websites pay more attention to optimized butterfly effects。In fact,Even some large portals,Not necessarily a wide range of information on the line。They are more from one drop.,Gradually expand your market。But in common,In the business process,Every step is steady,includeSEOOptimization is also one step in step.。Website is inseparableSEO,Even it is more broad,How important is the website optimization,What role is played in the development of the website??

(roles in website development)1:Website construction long distance,A thousand miles begins with a single step

(roles in website development)The development process of any website is inseparable fromSEO,Even if spending money is also the same。after all,Website operations are more in the later period to see the creation of long tutors.。Some people may say,It depends on“user”,But even if Tencent is so strong,Also do long tail。after all,in China,Search engine is the first。Such resources?This is even more such,Want to do bigger,Every day you have to connect with the search engine。Although the development is harsh,But it is undoubtedly not the essence of growth.,More likely to promote the development of the network。Some people in them are ambitious,Can't wait to wait for successful dawn,But most people in them still die at dawn.。

2: Website optimization wins the edge of winning,Pay attention to the competition of details

SEODetail decision。Many webmasters think that the website optimization is just a simple structure.,Write the original hair on the outer chain,Is it really?Although the former is an important part of website optimization,But not all。In the intense development competition,Even if an optimization is not in place,It may also lead to lost front rows。And if the webmaster continues to indulge,Every optimized detail is not in place,How to get tired to win in the advantage??At the edge of victory,The competition must not only have perseverance and perseverance,More important to every detail must be accurate。Whether it is empty, there is no real,Final complaint“Semi-dead”The website is also unwrongful。

roles in website development(roles in website development)

3:Looking forward to website optimization,Create an immediate brand

Many website administrators use only website optimization as a necessary process of profitability。How to improve the ranking of the website is the most important issue in website optimization。therefore,In the optimization process,No need to use its benchmark:Pseudo-Original Tool Confused User Experience,Good or bad article does not pay attention to the value of big copy。Is the website optimization just for this??Xiaobian thinks,The goal of website optimization is more than just search engines,More important is to please your friendliness“Calculate everything”。Users should be optimized,What is optimized??Not just optimizing user experience?Optimizing the user is shaping brand image,Improve brand value。therefore,We said that website optimization is not only benefits,Webmaster also does not position short-term income effects,Otherwise it will lose more。

(roles in website development)4:Website optimization—Point one point,All,Also pay attention to small and fine

Website construction and website optimization start a little bit,Also get close to you every step。Some webmasters,There is a common phenomenon:Exchange friendship link,But exchange is not just a station,Even some webmasters hold dozens of stations to exchange friendship links。Are you doing every website??The so-called income is patchwork,But in terms of search engine development,Not suitable for long-term development。Play with it,There must be a heart to operate the website in your hand.。Although there is a saying,Standing like a sheep,One is one release,A group。but,If it is under normal,No sheep is not enough??Although cheating means a lot,But the author does not advocate“Cheating”。From the long-term interests,Whether it is labor,Or the final development height of the latter,It's far below normalization。At the beginning of the website optimization development,Everything is not good.。therefore,We emphasize small and fine,Not big。If the website optimization system is mature,We should focus on small and essential ears。

5: Starting point of website optimization,Not only the technology refining

ASEOERConvinced,No matter whether it is successful,He will not regret it to choose this industry.。Why do you like this??Why do you have anything else??Due to the refinement of website optimization,What we get is not just technology。In the optimization process,We get“Webmaster”Understanding,Comprehensively improve personal qualities。Even,Even the development of search engines in the future, there is a long-term understanding.。at this time,How important is the website optimization?