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Northeast Network8moon24Day message(reporter Wang Liang)Into Linkou Forestry Bureau,At the construction site in the locomotive area is a busy construction scenario,Street alley,Party members spontaneously invest in the development of Lincheng construction。“The Linkou Forestry Bureau has changed the earth-shaking changes.,The development speed makes my life of the earth are amazed.”,Li Huheng, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Forestry Bureau, said happily on the reporter.。

forestry development authority website


Open the Forest Forestry Bureau Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau2017Annual City Construction Key Project Plan,A group of data is included in the eye:Built eight square square along the river belt botanical garden、Construction floor area5.2Wanping rice rapeseed garden、Land2Wan Pingmi's Orchard、Total refurbishment area3.1Wan Sousi residential ecological wetland park……

Mountain grape、Stone、Black land operation, etc.“Old name”Industry glow new machine,Graphite mineral、E-commerce platform as an emerging industry,The development of the transformation of Linkou Forestry Bureau plays an important role。

The change of the forestry bureau is the most beautiful scenery

forestry development authority website

Forestry Bureau Botanical Garden。

In the past two years,In succession, build 100 acres of flower seedlings、Stylistic center venue、Cultural and casual squares and other facilities, etc.,This year, Linkou Forestry Bureau continued to revolve around“Park”Forest Ecological City Construction Theme、Picking garden、garden、Residents are planted in various types of local tree species with forest area,And self-funding, in the locomotive area, the rape garden、Picking garden、Wetland Park,Provide a more suitable leisure for the staff、More suitable travel、Enemy living environment for life。

For Liu A, Liu A, who has opened a nearly 20-year taxi,Forestry Bureau Change,Is the beautiful scenery outside the window。“No one is more deep than our feelings,Now there is a matter of car rental.,Whether wearing a row in the community、Street,Still fresh nature park,Will make people feel happy。Each time you encounter a foreign passenger,I always can't help him to introduce him every beautiful scenery.。”Speaking of the changes in the Linkou Bureau,Master Liu……

Busy party members and the masses are the most beautiful people

(forestry development authority website)Early a day,On the streets of the Forestry Administration,Party members and cadres can be seen everywhere、The busy figure of the employees,Transfer broken bricks、Clean up green belt weed、Plant green trees,In the forest, everyone is involved in the construction of beautiful forest area,Nothing to name“Liability”Bend,Have time to take care of it,Also becoming a normal state of forest people。

Busy people are not in-service,There are also old party members who retired at home.,They set up near400People's Volunteer Service Team,Participation in environmental construction from Lin Dolin District、Management。The Volunteer Service Team drunk in the Forestry Bureau“Check deficiency”work,I have to see garbage when I go out to bend.,Someone asked this volunteer,Why do you want to work so seriously??Volunteer Hou Yimei said,“Because I looked at the forestry bureau.,We are happy to be happy.,I always want to do anything again.,Don't let us do it?。”

The industry benefits the industry is the most beautiful industry

forestry development authority website

Linkou Forestry Bureau Graphite Industry Distribution。Northeast Network reporter Wang Liang photo

This year3moon,Heilongjiang Linkou Forestry Bureau found3500Giant graphite mines above 10,000 tons,This brings an unprecedented development opportunity for Lin.。At present, the establishment of a work promotion group is in order pre-preparatory work.。

In addition to developing graphite minerals,The Forestry Bureau puts the e-commerce platform as another important task.。Electronic business platform6moon19Start preparation,7moon19Trial operation,As of8moon22Daily platform sales have reached29Ten thousand。Through the e-commerce platform, put the mountains in the forest under the forest.、Pingle、Consumption bacteria and other agricultural products are integrated together,And with the industrial chain,Cooperative economic organization as carrier,Implement unified standard、Unified brand,Gradually form a specialty。

Zheng Enngsheng, Director Linkou Forestry Bureau told reporters,Engaged in e-commerce is the way to lead employees,It is necessary to deploy the party committee of the Mermaster at the Forest Bureau.,Let him land root,Bloom and bear fruit。