franchise development websites


one. What is“Franchise”?

(franchise development websites)Commercial franchise(The following is a franchise),Refers to the registered trademark、Business logo、patent、Business resources such as proprietary technology(Here is the franchisee),Other operators who owns them in contract form(He is said that the franchisee is)use,Managed by the franchisor in accordance with the contract agreed in the unified business model,And to pay the business activities of the franchise cost。

two. Speaker's statutory conditions:

1. Speaker engaged in franchise activities should have mature business models,And has continuous management guidance to be held by the franchisee、Ability of technical support and business training。

2. Speaker should have at least a franchise activity2Store,And the operation time exceeds1year。

three.When should the franchisees filed??

(franchise development websites)Speaker should start from the date of formulating a franchise contract15Within,Report to the business authorities in accordance with the regulations。

Four.Documentation that can be submitted by the franchise:

Chartered by the competent authority,The following documents should be submitted、material:
  (one)A copy of the business license or enterprise registration(register)Certificate copy;
  (two)Franchise contract sample;
  (three)Franchise manual;
  (Four)Market plan;

(franchise development websites)(Fives)Speaker should have at least a franchise activity2Store,And the operation time exceeds1year。
  (six)Indicates that franchises have mature business models,And has continuous management guidance to be held by the franchisee、Written Commitment and related proof of technical support and business training and other services;
Fives. How to file?

1.Commercial franchise implements national network filing(Website:,The business executive department shall file a list of fusements in the government website.Announce,And update in time。
Visualist(Province、autonomous region、Municipal level in municipality or arrangement)The people's government's business executive department can pass the franchisee through the record Case certification。

The following filing information of the franchisor has changed,It should be from the date of change30Apply for a change to the filing authority within the day:
  (one)Merchants' business registration information。
  (two)Operating resource information。
  (three)The distribution of all the stored stores in China。

2. The public can query the following information through commercial franchise information management system:
  (one)Speaker's corporate name and registered trademark used by franchise business、Business logo、patent、Proprietary technology and other business resources。
  (two)Speaker's filing time。
  (three)Speaker's statutory business place address and contact information、Legal Representative。
  (Four)The distribution of all the stored stores in China。

six.Do not have conditional franchise and unsecured consequences

1. Speaker does not have legal conditions,Engaged in franchise activities,Ordered by the business executive department,Confiscation of illegal income,Place10More than 10,000 yuan50A fine of less than 10,000 yuan,Announcement。

2.Not filing to the business authorities,Ordered by the business authorities for a limited period,Place1More than 10,000 yuan5A fine of less than 10,000 yuan;Overdue is still not available,Place5More than 10,000 yuan10A fine of less than 10,000 yuan,Announcement。

Franchise contract and information disclosure

(franchise development websites)seven.The franchise contract should include the following main contents:
  (one)Franchise、Basic situation by the franchisees;
  (two)Franchise、the term;
  (three)Types of franchise costs、The amount and its payment method;
  (Four)Operating guidance、Technical support and business training and other services specific content and way of providing;
  (Fives)Product or service quality、Standard requirements and guarantee measures;
  (six)Product or service promotion and advertising;
  (seven)Consumer rights protection and liability of consumer rights in franchise;
  (Eight)Change of franchise contract、Unlock and terminate;
  (Nine)Default responsibility;
  (ten)Controversial solution。

Speaker and by the franchisor should agree on the franchise contract,Being within a certain period of time by the franchisor in a franchise contract,Can unilaterally release contract。(So-called“Calm”,The law has not clearly defined,Can fully agree10Day or so)
  The franchise period agreed by the franchise contract should be not less3year。but,Except for the consent of the franchisee。
  Makers and franchiseesRenewFranchise contract,not applicablePreceding provisions。

Speaker should be in each year3moon31Require it before recently、Revoke、termination、Renewed franchise contract report to the filing authority。

Eight.Speech for the information disclosure of the franchisee

Speaker should at least at least the same day before the formulation of the franchise contract30day,Provide the following information to the fusements in writing,And provide a franchise contract text。(The franchise is revealed by the franchisee.,It has the right to request a confidentiality agreement by the franchisee.。)

(one)Menu name、residence、Legal representative、Registered capital、The basic situation of business scope and the implementation of franchise activities;
  (two)Men's registered trademark、Business logo、patent、Basic situation of proprietary technology and business model;
  (three)Types of franchise costs、Cost and payment method(Includes whether to charge a margin and a return condition and return method);
  (Four)Provide products by the franchisee、Serve、Price and condition;
  (Fives)Continue to provide business guidance、Technical Support、Business training and other services、Provide way and implementation plan;
  (six)Guide to the business activities of the franchisees、Specific measures for supervision;
  (seven)Franchise outlet investment budget;
  (Eight)The quantity of existing franchises in China、Distributed regional and operating status assessment;
  (Nine)recent2Abstract and audit report summary and audit report summary;
  (ten)recent5Laws and arbitration related to franchise within the year;
  (eleven)Has a valuable and its legal representative have major illegal business records;
The information provided by the franchise should be true、precise、whole,Do not conceal information,Or provide false information。Makers have changed significantly from the information provided by the franchisan.,The franchisee should be notified in time。
Speaker concealed the implementation of the franchise contract, Cause information that cannot achieve contract purposes or discloses false information,Have a franchisee to disable the franchise contract。
The franchisee is disclosed by the franchise.,The information content that is subject to the franchisee should have a receipt of the franchise.(Two copies),Sign by franchise,A copy of the franchise,Another copy of the franchisor。
Nine.Failure to disclose or provide a franchise contract sample

Reported to the business authority by the franchisee and verified,Ordered by the business executive department,Place1More than 10,000 yuan5A fine of less than 10,000 yuan;Serious circumstances,Place5More than 10,000 yuan10A fine of less than 10,000 yuan,Announcement。

ten.The content of the franchisee provides a franchise service should include:

1.Speaker should provide a franchise manual to the franchisee,And continue to provide operational guidance by the franchisee in accordance with the conventional content and way、Technical Support、Business training, etc.。

2.The promotion of the franchise to the franchisee、Propaganda fees,It should be used according to the usage of the contract.。Promote、The use of promotional costs should be disclosed by the franchisan in time.。
3. Chartered people are promoting、Campaign,Do not deceive、Misleading,Its advertisements must not contain the content of the publicity of the franchisor for the benefits of franchise activities。