sales pitch for website development


sales pitch for website development

With the development of the Internet,Corporate website promotionGaining importance。Since the website is the facade of the company,Is the main way for users to understand the company,Enterprises through variousWebsite buildingAnd optimization to attract and retain users。So,How much is your promotion and operation of the website??Let's take a look at the ways to listed by Xiao.。

sales pitch for website development

1、 Soft text promotion

Soft text promotionA moderate、EconomyWebsite promotionWay。Generally,It requires a long-term accumulation process,Will not take effect immediately。The website has long adhered to the production of high quality original content.,Complete soft text content and the hyperlink of the website,It is possible to form a large number of high quality outer chains,This increases website traffic、Expanding brand influence is very helpful。

2、 Promotion resource cooperation

Resource cooperation and promotionRefers to two companies to exchange friendship links or advertising spaces on their respective websites.,Get more traffic,Improve the website keyword rankings。

When choosing a friendship link,We should give priority to some traffic than our own website.,Secondly some sites like but have a special website,To achieve mutual traffic guidance and cooperation。

3、 Network advertising promotion

Online AdvertisingIs a promotion method that relies on network propagation。It uses a video、The text and graphical combination are released on major media platforms。It uses media resources to have a huge impact,But the cost is high。

Network advertising is not only a diverse mode,And has a wide range of propagation、Strong applicability、Time and other advantages。

Can meet the promotion needs of modern enterprises,Many companies will launch in a variety of forms,Reaching a plus one more effective。

4、 Self-media promotion

Since the media is a kind of media in recent years。Although it is new,But it has a force that cannot be ignored。Since the promotion of media is mainly for companies in Baijiahao、Netease number、Sohu、Publishing articles and videos on platforms such as headers,Output content,Thereby improving the exposure amount of fans,Then use the link to guide the traffic of different platforms to the official website.。at the same time,Can also be used to shape corporate image,Improve brand value。

5、 Social software promotion

In the new media,Everyone is a communicator。In addition tosearch engine,Enterprises can also publish brand promotion information on their own social software platform,Such asQQ、Weibo and WeChat。Social Software Based on Communication Features,It can not only increase users,Also allow users to become a company's free communicator。It not only saves costs,And improve traffic。

But it is worth mentioning.,Now people have more disgusted for micro-commercial promotion,This requires us to edit the promotion copy,More inclined to promote the corresponding products from the perspective of sharing knowledge,Get along with customers。

6、 SEOoptimization

SEOoptimizationIs a common practical promotion method,Mainly to optimize the website using search engine integration technology,Thereby improving the ecological structure of the website。Main attention Key words、Link、Optimization of website content and website structure。Although the effect is slow,But it is conducive to the long-term development of the corporate website,Improve brand effect。

(sales pitch for website development)sales pitch for website development

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