naya raipur development authority website


According to Uzbekistan“Detailed”news network report,recently,Uzbekistan launches a dedicated investment website,All necessary information about the investment potential of the country can be obtained。

(naya raipur development authority website)The portal contains8language pages,respectively in Russian、Uzbek、English、German、French、Turkish、Korean and Chinese。

(naya raipur development authority website)Ukrainian State Investment Commission pointed out:Since launching the site,Potential investors will be able to obtain the necessary information about the districts to the states,and about raw materials、Import and export potential、infrastructure、utility prices、Demographic indicators and other information that influences investment decisions。

Interactive map on site,Show free economic zones in Uzbekistan、small industrial area、Location of infrastructure and government agencies。

naya raipur development authority website

(naya raipur development authority website)To increase investor confidence and improve the investment environment,The site has a questionnaire,Questions about the creation of foreign-invested enterprises in Ukraine can be submitted online,These issues will be studied by the relevant departments。

also,The website also has a separate section for Ukrainian companies to find foreign investment partners。To expand the ability of these companies to build relationships with foreign partners in business forums,The website also publishes a list of investment activities organized by the Ukrainian Investment Committee。

Website offers24Hours of real-time consultation,Information support for investors。Since the site was published,processed60The rest are from Russia、Turkey、South Korea、China、Advisory information for Azerbaijan and UAE。

also,since this year9month since,Uzbekistan successfully launched for local and foreign investors24Hourly free investment consultation hotline(Call Center)。Ukrainian local hotline number is“1147”,The international consultation number is“99871 205-15-39”。

The call center can handle up to10telephone。Currently available in Russian、Consultation in Uzbek and English。

source:Ukrainian“Detailed”news site

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