free app development websites


free app development websites

once Upon a time,Programming is the most annoying thing for the pole,But today,Things are no longer like this。Most entrepreneurs、Freelancers and market salesperson will tell you:Programming change fate。Over the past few years,I have been learning how to program,Programming also helps me have become a better entrepreneur——When my team needs me to repair some websitesbugTime,I can do it.。

You don't have to make a lot of money to learn how to program,This12A place to provide free programming lessons to you。

(free app development websites)1. CodeAcademy

One of the most popular learning programming sites isCodeAcademyLa。In fact,Have more than2400Thousands of people have learned how to program through this education company,existCodeAcademy,You can learn from you through classHTML&CSS、JavaScript、jQuery、PHP、PythonarriveRubyAll thing。

2. Coursera

Found2012year,CourseraHas growing into a profit-purpose education technology company,It provides119Agency exceeds1000Course。Although you can pay some programs to get a certificate,But there is still a free introduction course for various specialized programming,These courses are provided by each university,, For example, Washington University、Stanford University、University of Toronto and Van Debilt University。

3. edX

EdXIs another representative of another open source non-profit online learning platform。It is from Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.2012Annual,Here you will learn some cutting-edge technology and theory。now,edXThe joys have included60School,You may not go in this free Harvard University Computer Course。

(free app development websites)4. Udemy

Udemywas founded in2010year,Is a online learning platform that can learn and improve professional skills。Although there is a courses that need to pay,But there is also a large number of free programming classes through video lessons.,Such as programming for corporate family——HTML&CSSandPythonProgram introduction。

5. aGupieWare

AGupieWareIs an independent application developer,It surveys computer scientific procedures from some leadership agencies in the United States,Later it founded a university by Stanford、Massachusetts Institute of Technology、Carnegiemelon University、Free tutorials from Berkeley University and University of Columbia,This project was divided into15Course:3Entry course、7Core course and5Elective course。

Although you don't receive a loan,This is still a perfect introduction program for future computer programmers。

(free app development websites)6. GitHub

Sometimes you are trapped by a problem,Need to look at the reference book,That will comeGitHubBar。You can be based onwebofGitRepository host service,Found80More than a variety of programming languages500Free programming book。

(free app development websites)7. MIT Open Courseware

If you have learned basic knowledge,I want to learn more deep knowledge,For example, explore theory behind the programming。That isMITFree courseware website advantages,It includes, for example, computer science and programming、JavaProgramming introductionCLanguage programming instances these courses。

(free app development websites)8. Hack.pledge

This is a developer community,Some likeBitTorrentCreatorBram CohenSuch a high visibility developer。therefore,You can learn some chief developers in the world,Make your programming capability is perfect。

(free app development websites)9. Code Avengers

Headquarters in New ZealandCode AvengersProvide interesting and interactive programming lessons,Teach you how to useJavaScript、HTMLandCSSContend、Application and website。Each course is only12Completed within hours and English、Russian、Dutch、Spanish、Italian language、Turkish and Portuguese version。

10. Khan Academy

Khan AcademyEducatorSalman KhanFound2006year,Is one of the most original free online learning institutions。Through a step-step video tutorial,You can learn how to useJavaScriptandProcessingJSProgramming drawings、Animation and game,You can also learn how to useHTMLandCSSCreate a website。

(free app development websites)11. Free Food Camp

(free app development websites)Here you can learn from professionals and students join the communityHTML5、CSS3、JavaScript、Databases、DevTools、Node.js、Angular.jsandAgile。You can even work with programming skills,This will build a free app。Remember this:These skills you are learning help solve practical problems,The code should be non-profit。

12. HTML5 Rocks

thisGoogle projectposted on2010year,Is to and AppleHTML5Dry,This website is full of tutorials、Resources and the latest versionHTLM5。It is open source,So developers can use it freelyHTML5Code,And because it is more advanced than most introductory courses,You may want to learn some basic knowledge and experience before entering the website.。

Learning code originally requires expensive books and courses,But there is no need for it later.。I strongly recommend that every entrepreneur should learn to program。Still tangled you want to program?This programming guide will show you every step from an entrepreneur to the programmer.。

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