sales script for website development


(sales script for website development)sales script for website development

today,Video has become a very important part of marketing。

Most of the marketers must also recognize that it will occupy more and more components in the marketing center.。

(sales script for website development)along with5GTechnology popularization,In the future, if a company's own marketing team will make a video script,So a large extent, the restriction company will develop。

Taking my own side as an example,B2BThe nearly half of the video produced by the company is produced by the marketing team.。

They know the value of videos in education and attracting target audiences,And do very good。

So,Why do many companies ignore the importance of video scripts??

When creating a new video,manyB2BThe company will avoid investing a lot of time or energy on the script.,Because they just want to release some content casually。

But if you have a bad script,Or worse,There is no script at all,It is easy to destroy their marketing efforts。

Let everyone wonder why this beautiful video is so bad。

A good video script can affect the overall quality and effectiveness of video marketing,And play an indispensable role in creating positive results for activities——No matter which location of the marketing process is used。

Today I will share my own process of writing a video script.,Help you better start and master video script writing。

(sales script for website development)

step one:Determine suitable length

Although your script should have how long does it have a fixed industry standard?,But myself and many video marketing people's experience,Video should be left around three words per second。

Average reading speed based on this,Helps to keep the script readers keep a comfortable rhythm when reading scripts。

(sales script for website development)It is best not to say too fast.,Because this will kill a lot of you condensed key information。

so,According to this guideline,The content of your decomposition is as follows:

(sales script for website development)Whether it is companyCEO,Employment spokesman,stillB2BOther employees of customers,According to this request,Can make the speaker feel comfortable to the length of the script。

Step two:Create a video script using the outline

The purpose of the script is to let the speaker remember information,And make sure you convey the correct content to the audience。

This is the key。

How long is the video,Outline can help you write everything you want to say in the most economical way.。

I summarize,Most video scripts are identical6Part of a part,This6Some can help you focus on your client,This way you can immediately attract them.,Let them continue watching:

1、introduce:This part should attract your audience's attention.,This will continue to watch the video。You can inspire the audience here,Point a surprising fact or talk about a related story。

2、question:Clearly let the audience know,Why do you have a profound impact on them?。Think about why this problem is so important to them?,How it has a negative impact on them。If you can't set a problem very well,Then the next part of the script will become a bit bored.。

3、solution:it's here,You will showB2BThe benefits of the company's products or services。Clearly clear language、Directly expressed。Try to simprance,And emphasize the most convincing solution。

4、Why choose you:This is a crucial part。It explains the difference between you and the competitors,And why they should choose you instead of others。Using a word summary,that isUSP。You must prove that you are the most suitableB2Bcompany。Other products may also have the same effect,But your product is better than other products.、simpler、Cheaper or more unique。

5、company background:Let the audience experience your company's special,And persuade them to learn more。Here your goal is to build a trust and credibility of the company.,Therefore, the key is to cultivate customers.,Not selling them to them。Pay attention to their needs first,Then introduce some company behind the scenes。

6、Demand:It's time to stimulate the audience.。At this time,They have already read the entire video,Ready to do something?。so,tell them!Give them specific instructions,Tell them the next step you want to do what they do。If you pay attention to their needs,You will succeed,So don't ask them something、focus on、Share or subscribe。The best way is,Let them know what they find out,Will suffice。

Step three:Write script

It's time to write it.。

(sales script for website development)The best script is those scripts that have a strong and easy-to-understand。

This type of script is specific and clear,Will avoid popular terms,jargon,Causes。

You won't want people to turn over when they are watching.。

Step four:Check script

Before starting the video,You need to check and edit the script。

Make sure it follows the outline you created,And contain all the points you want to include。

Edit and rearrange anything needed,And consider deleting any content that does not serve the ultimate goal of the video。

Professional advice:Loudly read the script,Make sure the text and ideas are smooth。

(sales script for website development)Even people who are not final recording,Early reading can also help you find problems in advance。

at the same time,Calculate the time required to read loudly,Ensure that the length is within the scheduled time range。

This is the helpB2BMarketing customers write video scripts four steps。

For today'sB2BIn the company,Video marketing is a feasible strategy。As an excellent copy,You should have the ability to help them。

By writing better video scripts for your customers,They will attract more audiences,And transform more potential customers to customers,increase income。

So you used toB2BWrite a video script??How's the effect,Welcome your sharing。


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