sample gantt chart for website development


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If a project consists of multiple tasks,The tasks are related,How can we be accurateofShow the overall progress of the project?

Using Gantt Charts,should be the best way。

Gantt chart,Not only allows managers to be effective in real timeofKeep track of project progress and resource allocation,At the same time, it can strengthen the visual management of the process、staff real-time communication。therefore,Widely used in enterprise project management。

sample gantt chart for website development

Because the work of project management often has a time overlap。before the project starts,Leaders will ask us to find things that can be parallelized first,and arrange them together,Efficient use of time。 ReasonableofUsing Gantt Charts,Can organize daily work properly。

Excelexist2010The Gantt chart type is already built into the version,SpreadJS as a highly similarExcelpure front-end form control,There is also support for the special chart Gantt chart。

(sample gantt chart for website development)SpreadJS is a based on HTML5 pure front-end spreadsheet control,compatible 450 more than one species Excel formula,by virtue of its “high performance、Cross-platform、and Excel Highly compatible”product features,Highly regarded by Huawei、High beam software、Suning Online Market、Favored by corporate users represented by Tianhong Fund。

in the following two ways,ready to use SpreadJS builtWebImplementing Gantt charts in the system:

method one:SpreadJS + ECharts components,Implement a Gantt chart

(sample gantt chart for website development)as a front-end development tool,SpreadJSWith first-class framework support and secondary expansion capabilities,Can be integrated with third-party chart components(Such asECharts)Implement a Gantt chart,The effect is as follows:

sample gantt chart for website development

Here the Gantt chart is viaSpreadJSthe floating object to achieve。

exist SpreadJSmiddle,You can add floating object elements to the form,The floating object element will be displayed on top of the cell,This object has strong framework compatibility,Event mechanism can be used to realize digital map linkage,For the specific implementation method, please refer to the sample code:EchartsWithSpreadJS。

Method Two:customize SpreadJS chart,Implement a Gantt chart

from SpreadJS V13.0version starts,By customizing its chart components,You can quickly achieve the Gantt chart that everyone expects:

sample gantt chart for website development

Here the Gantt chart is viaSpreadJSThe custom chart component function to achieve。

(sample gantt chart for website development)SpreadJSBuilt-in appearance withexcelHighly similar chart functionality,and provides highly flexible customization capabilities,For example, the horizontal and vertical axis styles of the chart can be customized、legend、Chart area style、Mouseover Effects and Behaviors、Trend lines and error bars, etc.,with this feature,You can be more simple and flexible inSpreadJScreate a chart in。

Of course,by customizingSpreadJSThe Gantt chart implemented by the chart function also supports digital map linkage,For specific effects, please refer to the attached sample code:SpreadJSGantt chart。

The above two ways,can be used inSpreadJS IntegratedWebImplementing Gantt charts in the system。for new contacts SpreadJSUser,It is recommended to use the second method,simpler、more scalable。

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Pure front-end form controlSpreadJS,Satisfied .NET、Java、App etc. in the application Web Excel component development、data filling、online documentation、Chart formula linkage、kind Excel UI Design and other business scenarios,and in data visualization、Excel Import and Export、formula reference、data binding、Framework integration eliminates the need for extensive code development and testing,Greatly reduces enterprise R&D costs and project delivery risks。

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