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htmlWhat development?E.g:Adobe Edge:Currently in the preview stageAdobe EdgeUseHTML5、CSS、JavaScriptDevelop dynamic interactive content design tools。Content can be compatible with mobile devices and desktop computers。BelowhtmlDevelopment tool introduction,I hope to help you.。

(html website development)html website development

one、Adobe Edge

(html website development)Currently in the preview stageAdobe EdgeUseHTML5、CSS、JavaScriptDevelop dynamic interactive content design tools。Content can be compatible with mobile devices and desktop computers。EdgeAn important function isWebKit interface,Easify the architecture consistency of the page in different browsers,alsoEdgeAlso integratedTypeKitSuch font services。

Animation and graphics can be addedHTMLElementary,The program can also passEdgeSelf-code snippet orJavaScriptCode is expanded。Animation can nested on a separate timeline,Interactive features。Compliance can take and passAPIAnd code fragment control。pass throughEdgeDesigned content can be compatibleiOSandAndroidequipment,You can also run in Firefox、Chrome、SafariandIE9Waiting for mainstream browsers。

two、Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6as aWebdesign software,ProvideHTMLWebsite and mobile programs visual editing interface。ThatFluid GridTypographic system integrationCSSStyle table function,Provides a cross-platform compatibility of adaptive layout。Developers can fully realizeWebDesigned visual operation,No need to be sleepy for the code。

Can users not only beLive ViewPreview,Multi-screen preview feature。Developers can passMultiScreenPreview panel ViewHTML5Content rendering effect。Live Viewpass throughWebKitRendering engine supportHTML5。

(html website development)three、Adobe ColdFusion 10

ColdFusionIs used to develop companiesWebServer-side technology,pass throughWebsockets、Interactive form、Video and geographic labels, etc.HTML5Technology creation rich media user experience。

Four、Sencha Architect 2

In the tool for developing mobile and desktop applications,SenchaPositioning isHTML5Visual application development。The development team can complete the application in a single integrated environment、Development and deployment。Developers can also developSencha Touch2andExt JS4 JavaScriptapplication,And real-time preview。

Fives、Sencha Touch 2

Sencha Touch2Is a mobile application framework,Also seen asSenchaofHTML5platform。Developers can use it to developiOS、AndroidandBlackberry、Kindle FireMultiple platform mobile applications。

(html website development)six、Dojo Foundation Maqetta

FromIBMA project,Dojo Foundation MaqettaIs development for desktop and mobile deviceHTML5Open source tool,Support in the browserHTML5interface。User experience designers can assemble them by dragging and droppingUITemplate

seven、MicrosoftVisual Studio 2010 ServicePack 1

Although it is not supportedHTML5,But Microsoft2011March released in MarchVisual Studio 2010 SP1ProvidedIntelliSense,AppendHTML5Some elements。

Eight、JetBrains WebStorm 4.0

HaveHTMLEditorJavaScriptIntegrated Development Environment,WebStorm4.0Provide developmentwebAppliedHTML5Template。Developers can createHTMLGet right when documentationHTML5File support。For example, deforestators。Developers can alsochromeReal-time preview in your browserHTMLDocumentation。

html5What development tool

1.Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Web design software provides an intuitive visual interface,For you to create and edit websites and mobile applications。Create a web page with an adaptive grid layout designed for cross-platform compatibility。Before release,use"Multi-screen preview"Come review your design。

2.Adobe Edge

Adobe EdgeYesAdobeCompany new web interaction tool。Allow designers to passHTML5、CSSandJavaMaking web animations。No needFlash。Adobe EdgeThe purpose is to help professional designers make web animations and even simple games.。The focus of this tool is on the animation engine,butadobeCommitment will increase moreHTML5Function,for exampleCanvas、HTML5Audio/Video label, etc.。supportAndroid、iOS、webOS、blackberriesPlayBook、Firefox、Chrome、SafariandIE9Each platform。AdobeAt2014Officially launchedAdobe Edge AnimateCC[1] Integratedhtml5、js、cssDevelopment tool。People may ask,This move does not showAdobeWow in the company and other companies?Apple believesFlashIs an outdated technology,andHTML5Is the future。AppleiPadandiPhoneUnable to display such productsFlashAnimation。actually,Adobe EdgeNot replacingFlash。The software only provides a tool for web designers.,Help them do not supportFlashdevice of(Such as AppleiOSequipment)Make an online animation。Adobe EdgeProject leader Mark·Anders(Mark Anders)Expressed in an interview with a telephone interview,Requirements for developers,AdobeIntroduced new non-Flashsoftware。He said:“The developer community does hope to have such software。”

3. DevExtreme

DevExtreme Complete SubionOptimistic HTML5,CSS and Java move、WebDevelopment Framework,Can be directlyVisual StudioIntegrated Development Environment,ConstructiOS,Android,TizenandWindows Phone 8application。DevExtremeInclude PhoneJS and ChartJS Two nativeUIAssembly,And provide source code。Currently,DevExtremesupportVS2010/2012/2013Integrated Development Environment,compatibleAndroid 4+、iOS5+、Windows 8、Window Phone 8、TizenFive major mobile platforms,YesVisual StudioDevelopers develop the preferred tools for cross-platform mobile products。

4. JetBrains WebStorm

(html website development)WebStorm YesjetbrainsCompanyJava development tools。By ChinaJSDevelopers are known as“WebFront-end development artifact”、“Most powerfulHTML5editor”、“IntelligentJava IDE”Wait。andIntelliJ IDEAHomology,inheritIntelliJ IDEApowerfulJSPartial function。

5. Sencha Architect

Sencha Architect 2Is a visual application builder,It usesSencha Touch 2To build mobile apps,useExtJS 4To build desktop applications。Sencha Architect 2Built in the companyHTML5Layout toolExt DesignerAbove,And expand its function to think of desktop and movementWebApplication construction provides a more wide application design environment。By using joint useSencha Touch 2andExtJS 4,Sencha Architect 2Best practices aimed at enhance developmenters and drive application design modes。

HTMLBasic knowledge summary

(html website development)one、HTMLDefinition

HTML,Hypertext Markup Language,Write the language of the browser,The most widely used language in the current network。HTMLAlso constantly updated,The latest version has already appearedHTML5。existHTML5Many new features have occurred,Also abandoned some old elements。We write wellhtmlAfter the file,Open in the browser。Mainstream browser includesIE、Firefox、Chrome、GooleWait。

(html website development)two、HTMLLabel element

HTMLElements consists of start labels and end tags。Although we still don't know what the specific label represents,But the label must be such a format:Have a pair<>Over。General label name recommended by lowercase。Tags have properties,Attribute is used to represent the characteristics of the label。for example,We use this attribute,To measure an apple。so,Size can be used to represent apple characteristics。Written in the label,And it is the start tag。


1、Document statement

in front,To write a document declaration statement: ,Of course, you can also use lowercase。The role of document statement is to tell the browser that the document followshtmlspecification。


General case,We will sethtmlTitle of the document。Such a role is that users look friendly。Label,Tagname name。

3、Page encoding

There are a variety of codes.,But commonly usedutf-8andgb2312。utf-8Code for multi-language,gb2312Code for Chinese。Detailed question for encoding,You can browse blogs。Set the statement of the web page encoding,Is defined within the label。

4、Page keyword,content

(html website development)We can set some keywords in the document,Introduction。This is the benefit is,When our web page is released online,Users can enter keywords in the search box,Find some comparable web pages。Thus,Our webpage can be easier to be accessed by others。

HTML5Application instructions

It may destroyFlash

Many industry insiders said,HTMLWill eventually replace the multimedia framework,Such asAdobeofFlash,But the short-term appearance is not the time。HTML5Estimate2014The year can gradually mature,And existing applicationsFlashNetwork development complete steeringHTML5It takes a while。althoughHTML5Many advantages,But there may be some applications more suitable for more flexible frameworks.。Some mainstream companies have gradually turned to useHTML5,Google2015year2moon26AutomaticallyFlashAdvertisingHTML5Format,This may accelerateHTML5ReplaceFlashProcess,But this transformation process is not a。

(html website development)It doesn't mean it safely

Web application development engineers need to remember network security while learning new technologies.。HTML5The built web page and other language written are easy to disclose some sensitive data.。European network information security agency(European Network and Information Security Agency,ENISA)Already warnedHTML5May not be safe enough。

It promises to bring a seamless network

HTML5Will bring a unified network,Whether it is a notebook,Desktop,Still smartphones should be very convenient to browseHTML5Website。So when designing the website,Developers need to reconsider user experience,Website browse,Site structure and other factors make this website universal for any hardware device。

It will turn into a companySaaSplatform

Some heavyweight companies,Microsoft,Salesforce,SAP SybaseDevelopingHTML5Development tool。If you are building an enterprise application,It is likely that you will use it soon.HTML5。So when building a companySaaSDon't forget when strategic migrationHTML5。

It will become very moving

Almost everyone is passionate about developing independent mobile applications,butHTML5It is likely to be the terminator of independent mobile apps。due toHTML5Add the functionality of the application directly to its kernel,This is likely to guide mobile technology trends to return to the browser era.。HTML5Allow developers(move)Development application in browser,So if you are developing a long-term development strategy for a desktop or mobile app,You may need to consider this。

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