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(freelance ecommerce website developer)Today we talk about e-commerce is not a new thing,Whether you are in the first-tier, second-tier, third-tier or townships, you can feel the convenience brought by e-commerce life,Then each of our users who have purchased online,Are you familiar with the entire system process of e-commerce??what exactly does it do?

freelance ecommerce website developer

Today we will share:What are the e-commerce jobs?

The e-commerce industry is not a commodity、Technology、logistics、The sales model under the simple superposition of traditional businesses such as sales,but based on information、Composite industry based on digitalization,Covers Marketing、Warehouse Logistics、Graphic design、work business management、computer and other fields,It is a comprehensive and practical professional,In addition to the application of e-commerce practitioners outside job skills,It also requires strong compound innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities。

freelance ecommerce website developer

The e-commerce industry has grown and grown over the decades,In addition to the renovation of some of the original positions,Also Created many e-commerce-specific jobs,For example, e-commerce art、Online shop operation, etc.,The positions included are more complex,go through Data Analysis and Screening,We can divide e-commerce jobs into the following six job groups:customer service、Supply Chain Management science、visual design、Operation management、Marketing promotion、technology development。

(freelance ecommerce website developer)freelance ecommerce website developer(freelance ecommerce website developer)

one、customer service

customer service,Mainly embodies a customer-oriented value。in the history of business,Customer Service Department always present,This position is directly for corporate clients,product image representing the company,a customer of the business Channels for direct communication with companies。In the age of e-commerce,Because buyers and sellers cannot communicate directly face-to-face,customer service Act as a buyer-to-buyer communication medium,appear more important。

freelance ecommerce website developer

third party B2C Platform Tmall as an example,Tmall customer service has two meanings:One is the Tmall store as the medium,by Tmall Employed by business,Employees who provide consumers with consultation and after-sales services on store products and surrounding information;The second is to satisfy consumer demand,Integrate special customer service tools such as Qianniu,Within the scope of Tmall rules,Learn service skills,By raising the Customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of sales performance for Tmall merchants。 In the process of e-commerce and business development,Customer service positions are divided into pre-sales according to responsibilities、In-sale and after-sale customer service,According to the team Maturity is divided into Customer Service Supervisor and Customer Service Manager、Customer Service Specialist etc.,Derived from business needs CRM Commissioner。

except these,With the current model of community e-commerce,According to the characteristics of user personalization,one One answer provides more customer service consulting services。

two、visual merchandising--eyeball economy

In this era of shopping diversification,vision is to attract attention、Improve favorability、A magic weapon to facilitate transactions,visual Design jobs exist to achieve marketing goals,The online store itself is a virtual store,suck with visual impact Attracting customers to buy products is the main purpose。

freelance ecommerce website developer

(freelance ecommerce website developer)

three、supply chain management

Learn about supply chain management job groups,First understand the concept of supply chain,The so-called supply chain is around the core enterprise, Start with purchasing raw materials,to intermediate and final products,Finally, the product is delivered to consumers by the sales network one by the supplier、manufacturer、The overall functional network chain structure from distributors to end users。

Supply Chain Management,Instruct supply chain operations to optimize,at the least cost,Make the supply chain start with procurement,arrive All the process to satisfy the end customer。The main positions involved in supply chain management are channel management、Quality control、Order management、Pick Purchase management、warehouse management、Logistics, etc.。Among them, the warehousing and logistics and transportation links in the supply chain are important to the cost of goods component,in the internet age,How to optimize your supply chain ,Doing a good job in supply chain management has become a top priority for major enterprises。

(freelance ecommerce website developer)

freelance ecommerce website developer(freelance ecommerce website developer)Supply Chain Management

E.g,Xiaomi Technology Chooses a Flatter Way in Supply Chain Management,Leverage the fan economy C2B Pre-sale mode+ E-commerce model transaction channel flattening+Fast supply chain response+zero inventory,direct connection between supply and demand,to the utmost extent Reduce intermediate links and inventory,thereby reducing costs,This also makes the pricing of Xiaomi products very competitive。

freelance ecommerce website developer

Xiaomi official website

Four、Marketing planning and promotion

Marketing promotion refers to the transaction activities of marketing promotion characterized by equivalent exchange,Industrial and commercial organizations use various means to customer promotion product,to stimulate their purchasing desire and behavior,A business activity that expands product sales。in electronic business era,Customers mainly obtain product information through various channels on the Internet,Increase brand through various marketing promotion methods Reputation、Acquiring traffic has become the top priority for e-commerce companies to survive。

freelance ecommerce website developer

Community e-commerce Tencent as an example to promote the system

To do a good job in marketing and promotion positions requires active thinking skills,Choose the right marketing promotion according to the company's products plan,Master the common marketing promotion methods,such as search engine marketing、Wechat marketing、Weibo Marketing, etc.;for webshop Say,Marketing promotion plan is more specific,common visual merchandising、digital marketing, etc.。

Fives、Operation management

In e-commerce,The category involved in the operation management,It is also a strong job,main Program responsible for enterprise operations、organization、Implementation and control。E-commerce companies are inseparable from operations,As the e-commerce competition More and more,The professional requirements for operators are getting higher and higher.,Core position as e-commerce,Operation is generally Divided into e-commerce operation assistants、E-commerce Operator and E-commerce Operations。

freelance ecommerce website developer

Operation management knowledge map

Operating management work is a high-key job in e-commerce companies,There must be certain management capabilities and communication skills,Save Normal flow of corporate business,Be familiar with Taobao、Tmall、Jingdong and other common e-commerce platforms,Develop and implement online products Operation strategy、Sales Planning and Marketing Plan。

six、Technical development class

now,E-commerce enterprises have two main modes,First, with a third party platform,Such as precious、Tmall、Jingdong, etc.;Second, self-construction business city+Third-party platform,Millet、Huawei、Gree, etc.。No matter what model, Enterprises require technical development work jobs,Mainly responsible for e-commerce web design、Database construction、programming、 Site management and technical maintenance,Representative position:Website design and development、Website interactive experience、Data maintenance, etc.。

freelance ecommerce website developer

Your post group,Different companies will be slightly different in the schematic,The content difference between the job responsibilities may be larger,But no Which post is independent,The division of labor and collaboration between various posts is the guarantee of the normal operation of the company.。General coming Say,The larger size,The more professional job responsibilities and division of labor。From the situation of enterprise recruitment,Customer service、number According to support and sales representative, the demand for talents is still the largest.,This is also currently plaguing most large and medium-sized e-commerce companies. One of the most important issues in the industry。E-commerce companies are most popular with both e-commerce basics and applications.,Also have First-line marketing skills and talents of good communication skills。


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