website development time


The website is from an insective product,It is necessary to divide after several professional people.,Then integrate into a complete website in uniform,These include project managers、Web designer、Frontal engineer、Back-end development engineer、BUGTesters,How long does it take for a website?,To determine according to the size of the website and customers,General enterprise website construction cycle is almost20Working day,If it is a large e-commerce platform website45Opening day。

Website construction demand analysis

Website,Enterprise must conduct in-depth discussion of the production website details,Time is around,Mainly involves corporate goals、Website use、Design ideas and ideas,Communication and coordination,Professionals will be required to distribute their professionals and arrangements。

Communicate with web designers

Web design is a more key step,Mainly responsible for website creativity、user experience、Visual image、Website architecture、Page Layout、Content plan,Information provided in accordance with the company,Create a website from nothing。

website development time

Enterprise web design time is general15Within the day。

Start making a front-end code

Website plan is reviewed by customer review and determination,Then, the prototype is delivered to the front-end engineer to cut the picture.,The development language used in front of the page is mainlyHTML5+CSS3+JS,WrittenhtmlFormat web page,And carefully produce layout of the web designer,Implement dynamic trip function。

Corporate website front end production time is general5Within the day。

Realize website dynamic management

After the front end site is completed,Hand over the backend engineer development,Founded by page frame、Project manager and customer discussion needs to develop background function management system。

If you use an online open source system,only need to2Day timeYou can complete the front end and the nest of the background,When choosing the background management system,Be sure to choose an authorized background,If you use no authorized background,There will be a risk of commercial infringement in the later period。

If the website is used more、More relieve,Background or select personalization customization,Homoked the website for a long time,There is no high authorization fee,Don't worry about being attacked,There is no risk of business infringement,Strong website construction company has its own development system,generallyEnterprise development time2skyabout。

Website function comprehensive test

Complete the integration of front-end and programs,Special person is responsible for adding a variety of functions of the data test website normally,If you find a problem,Feedback the test questions to the relevant technicians to carry out twice perfect。

(website development time)General test time is2Day or so。

Summarize:How long does it take for a website??Generally speaking, enterprises demand for websites,See what design method for website companies,Template,Still design,If you use a template building,Faster words2Hour or so,If it is an imitation station,To do according to the reference website provided by customers,This takes a longer time,General5-7Bar,If new design,Time will be longer,General15Day to30Day is normal。