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Live it8moon6Daily News according to《london evening standard》report,West Ham bosses insist they won't sell the club toPAI Capital,Club sources accused the consortium of being“Real estate developers”instead of“football man”。

Acquired by a consortium of Azerbaijanis Sibu-Funded by Bliyev,Also involved in the acquisition is former Queens Park Rangers captain Philip-Beard。The consortium announced Thursday night,They have reached an agreement with the owners of the London Stadium,Once the acquisition is successful,they will take over the pitch。in February this year,They and West Ham co-owner David-Sullivan reaches informal buyout agreement,But then because of the price,The takeover didn't happen。David-Sullivan described their bid as“ridiculous”,Although Philip-Beard claims their offer is to match the price offered by the West Ham chief。Currently,The two sides also disputed whether proof of funds was provided。

PAI CapitalCurrently trying to win the trust of supporters by inviting the Ferdinand brothers to join,But they have yet to announce their future plans for West Ham。Both sides since February,there was no further discussion。

A club source told Standard Sport:“West Ham will never sell to someone like them,We think they are real estate developers,rather than people in football。they negotiate through the media,That's not the way to do business。

CurrentlyPAI Capitalhas been asked to explain this。Philip-Beard says:“The only thing holding us back at the moment is the club's owner's reluctance to engage in constructive negotiations,They blocked the acquisition process。We believe they are willing to sell the club,I hope our acquisition process will progress in the coming weeks。PAI Capitalclaim,They want extensive renovations to the stadium and surrounding areas,but unless they buy the club,Otherwise they won't have the right to work on the land。It is reported that,West Ham are already2016Years and management of the stadiumLLDCThe company has reached an agreement on favorable terms99year lease agreement。