is website development a good career


With the increasingly mature mobile Internet industry,webThe importance of development has gradually highlighted,so,LearnwebDevelopment is also a very good occupation,Especially for the transferITFriends in the industry,webThe front end development is reported from the backend.,Be more likely to。

first,Let's take a look.webDevelopment prospects。

is website development a good career

sincewebEntroduction3.0era,The frequency of front-end technology is faster,Because the demand is also increased,In Qingdao,Just graduated Weibo developer,TechnologyOKin the case of,The monthly salary is basically8-10K,With the growth of experience,Business to get started,Get20K+Big people,MarketwebDeveloped a state in which you have an existing supply,Salaries that lead to frontal positions also rose high。

Of course,LearnwebThere are many ways to develop,Substable and self-disciplined small partners,Usually find a video to learn from the Internet;but,Compared to self-discipline,Partners who don't want to go in,Xiaobian suggests that you can report to the class to study in the class.,There will be a teacher lecture in the training institution.,Staring at you。

Hereby,So,Let's discuss it again.webDevelopment is hard to learn?

(is website development a good career)In the development language,webDevelopment as a language developed for front end,Is relatively easy to learn。becausewebDevelopment is a process of easy and difficult,It mainly includes three large technical architectures.:HTML、CSS、JavaScript。

HTMLIs a hypertext markup language,Structure label,Will not involve complex and high technical logic,More time you need to keep in mind、Back to some labels。

so,Be sure to make more notes in this study stage,At the time,What function is needed?,If you have forgotten, you can also see the notes to review,Time has long, and I naturally remember.。

CSSLearning way andHTMLDatong small,Its role is style configuration,More time is also a process of endorsement,Do not involve too complex logic。

(is website development a good career)More difficult is learningJavaScriptthe process of,This stage needs to be exposed to a lot of complex logic。HTMLandCSSNeed to learn from each other,Just learn that these two can only show a static interface,If you want to increase the dynamic effect, you must learn.JavaScript。The static page is easier to implement,Functional dynamic page requires support for many complex logic technology,JavaScripIt is the main technique for implementing these functions.。