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Hua Gales 丨 Knowledge Briefing 丨 World Industrial Valley Theme Series

original title:Knowledge Briefing 丨 World Industrial Valley Optics Valley Series(one):Rochester—— “Honderful age”Down,America“Optical valley”Can you reshape it??

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Author 丨Zhang Wenhui

IntroductionMaster of Geography, Japan,Regional systemism。Good at Japan-related urban development and geographical research topics,Marine industry、Food industry、In-depth research in the field of animation tourism。

one、Once the great optical center——Rochester

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Image Source:Wikimedia Commons @Patrick Ashley

Westward Joint New York City400Kiliyuan Ontario Lake,There is a city called American Optical Industry Center——Rochester(Rochester)。

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Location of Rochester,Image Source:Google Maps

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Rochester Downtown Overlooking,Image Source:wikipedia@Tomkinsc

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what?Didn't hear it?Then you have heard of these companies——Kodak(Kodak)、Bausch & Lomb(Bausch & Lomb)、Xerox(Xerox)!

(website developers rochester ny)Be right,These three world top optical giants,From Rochester。They have created the United States together“Optical valley”The most brilliant industrial era in history。

1.Optical three giants gather in golden age

Rochester used to be a Hongmi-industrial hub in the five large lakes.,It is also the second economic center in New York City.。Its industrial basics originate19Century,Hydrovius,Plus1825Yili Canal,Let Rochester have become hubs in China Port and Wuxi Materials, New York.,Therefore became“Flour”。After gradually migrating to the west of the main marsh area,Rochester's economy began to turn to nursery planting industry,It is also known as“Flower city”。

However,Really changed Rochester fate,Is an optical three giants successfully established——

Bausch & Lomb(Bausch & Lomb)

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Bausch & LombLogo,Image Source:wikipedia @Bausch & Lomb Inc.

1853year,Brectus Immigrant John·Jacob·Boss(John Jacob Bausch)Created in Rochester。at first,Bausch & Lomb is just a small single-piece glasses making workshop。

1855year,The same is the German immigrant Henry·Rumble(Henry Lomb)John·Boss funded it an emergency60Dollar fund,Since then, the entrepreneurial work of the optical store has been added.,Bausch & Lomb's company name——Bausch&Lomb,Part of the name from them。

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Two founders of Bausch & Lomb,Image Source:Wikipedia@Taterian

Bausch & Lomb has experienced three key upgrades in technology.——

the first time:1861year,Improvement of mirror frame materials,Use a vulcanized rubber instead of the original gold、Antlers and turtle materials,The glasses frame becomes more and more cheap,This makes Bausch & Lomb glasses in the US civil war period difficult to enter materials such as European antlers and other materials.。

the second time:1876year,With German inventor En·Goldellach(Ernst Gundlach)Join,Bausch & Lomb began to increase the microscope manufacturing department。Plus1892Year begins with German Zeiss,exist19Century during the end of the century,Bausch & Lomb's product range covered:glasses、microscope、Binoculars、projector,Camera lens and camera aperture, etc.。arrive1903year,Bausch & Lomb has mastered the camera shutter patent。

Battle and World War II,Rochester, representatives, representatives of Bausch.,Become a US military optics that can be detached from Europe,Especially from Germany's dependence。1903year,Bausch & Lomb also developed military goggles;arrive1930Year,Military products have accounted for the total production of Bausch & Lomb70%。

(website developers rochester ny)after WWII,Bausch & Lomb's lens is also used in a large number of Hollywood movies,Classic《godfather》series。The camera used by human first moon satellite photos is also from Buds.。

the third time:1971year,After years of research and developmentPoly-HEMAContact glasses made,Softness and comfort are greatly enhanced。Plus1980Large-scale department reform of the age,as well as1997After the establishment of the surgical product department,Contact lens、The relevant business of the eye care product represented by surgery tools and implants, etc.。

(website developers rochester ny)Hereby,Bausch & Lomb laid the status of its world's most famous eye care brands。


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Isman·KodakLogo ,Image Source:Wikipedia @Work-Order Studio

Kodak is full of Issan·Kodak,By George·Isman(George Eastman)Henry·A·Strong(Henry A. Strong)At1888year9moon4Established in Rochester。exist20Most of the century,Kodak occupies the world in the field of photographic film。

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Kodak's father-George·Isman,Image Source:Wikimedia Commons @B. C. Forbes Publishing Company, New York, 1917

Kodak is not only the king of the market,It is also deeply influenced in the culture.,That“Kodak Time”Representative slogans entered a general dictionary。

Kodak once again,Keyword only one——film!Improvement and breakthrough with film and related application technology,Kodak and it is a video technology company,It is better to say a chemical company.,Also let Ke Decheng is the most legendary enterprise in the history of world imaging.,The key principle of this,It is the generalization and convenience of film and camera.——

“Razor with blade”Thorough practitioners in business model:Kodak from the beginning of the founding,I will always be used as“tool”Camera for sale,Broken the high-end playback of the previous camera as a high-end play with ordinary people。Again“tool”back,Always rely on“Consumable parts”Follow film, etc. as the main profitability。

(website developers rochester ny)Popularization of the camera:from1888Year1900Year,Kodak greatly simplifies the camera equipment at the time,Innovatively use gelatin dry version to replace the popular cumbersome and huge wet version,The photographer can determine the exposure and flushing time for the first time.,This allows the camera to get into the amateur photographed.。Then thereafter“Fool camera”The idea is to make the camera a must-have object.。

numerous“the first time”Pioneer:First slide projector、First pocket camera、First digital camera、First mean pixel sensor……

Kodak as a legendary optical company,The first time makes images become such important and interesting focus in human society.,Most peak,Koda possesses the United States90%Film and85%Camera market share,Also grinding eyeglasses for Hubble Space Telescope,It was a well-deserved world image of the world.。

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Kodak film products,Image Source:Wikimedia Commons@El Grafo


1960year,Xerox is established in Rochester,At that time, it was also called Haroid.(Haloid),Special production photo paper and related equipment。

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Xerox CompanyLogo,Image Source:wikipedia @Tvwade

Xerox Company really rises1938year,Physiologist·Freud·Carlson(Chester Floyd Carlson)Produced the first electrostatic copy image,And try to sell patents。but,At that time included universal electrical、IBMWait20Many companies think that the copier no longer has too many opportunities。

Really valuable invention will not be buried forever。1944year,Battel Memorial Research, Ohio(Battel laboratory,Battelle Memorial Institute)Garsson improved this called electronic image replication technology(electrophotography) Invention。

1946year,is called“Father of Shi”Harroy succeeded Joseph·C·Wilson(Joseph C. Wilson)Purchase of all inventive patents in Carlson,And develop it as a commercial product。

Given“Electronic image copying technology”The word is too obstetrical,So after reference to the classical language expert,Set of ancient Greek“Dry”and“write”Stem,Create electrostatic printing(xerography)Word,one of themXeroThat is, the company name of Xerox in the future。

Xerox's top peak,It is1959The world's first world's first automatic office photocopier——Xerox914Copier,This is called“Successful single product in history”Copier,Let Xize1965Earn the year5One hundred million U.S. dollars,Help Xi Jola has become the first company in the global colorful copy machine。

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Xerox914Copier,Image Source:wikipedia

(website developers rochester ny)1960Era,In order to be in the Asia Pacific region with Japan、Canon and other companies compete,The joint venture established Fuji Xerox(Fujixerox)。now,Fuji Xerox has grown into a large optical photocopying equipment company that is far super Best's parent,existA3The composite machine industry is a hegemony。at the same time,It also has the first commercial digital publishing system、First full color network laser printer,Or a series of advanced technology advantages, called the world's fastest digital color copier。my country's second-generation ID card photos are printed using Fuji Xize.。

2. The optical giants bring the positive effects of the city

Optical three giants have been established,Simply look at the rise of separate companies,Due to the result,It is the rise of the industry of Rochester's entire city.,And the world industry、Science and technology pattern。

1)Gather the optical industry cluster

Rochester optical industry sprout initiated by Bausheln,Subsequently, the three giant heads established。Here,The US government has cultivated domestic optical industries.,In particular, the consideration of optical technology in the military field is considered to form a dependence in Germany.,It also played a decisive role。Especially after a battle,Optical related companies and talents,Accelerate gathering under the leadership of big companies,to1920Era,Optical companies have reached40-50Family。

Among them, Kodak,The formation of Rochester's optical industrial cluster has played the most critical role,Not only bringing tens of thousands of jobs for Rochester。at the same time,There are also many optical companies in the local area to be created by the former Kodak's technicians.。After Kodak,These people also travel to other optical enterprises,Even Boust。

(website developers rochester ny)2)Rochester became a global technology center

Optical three giants as the source of technological innovation,Relying on powerful research capacity to create new technologies that lead the world。Such you first color copier、First optical mouse、The earliest graphical user interface、Ethernet technical standard、Koda's first digital camera、First practicalityOLEDDiscovery, etc.,Each is the frontier technology that brings great improvement in optical and related industries.。

3)Science and technology giant against urban construction

Three giants in the city of Rochester,Huge impact on urban construction,This is reflected in two aspects:

First,Education and talent training。The most famous example is Rochester University.。After realizing the importance of talent development,1929year,Under the funding of Kodak and Both,Rochester University created the first United StatesOptical education plan,This makes Rochester University a cradle of American optical field talents.,The most than half of the beautiful optical doctoral degree is awarded here.。

at the same time,Kodak's founder George·Isman1921Years have created Eastman Music Academy——U.S.NewsTop Music Academy in China。Henry, one of Dr. Lun·Longbu participated in the establishment of a mechanical school(The Mechanics Institute)——In the future, I became a Rochester Institute of Technology, which was incorporated by many educational institutions.,School1990Established a Ph.D. in the United States in the United States,And have strong strength in computer and software sciences。

second,Urban cultural construction。George·The Hostel of Eastman is also donated to the local university.,From1949Year starts as the photography theme museum;Also George·Eastman Funded by Issan Theater,It is the scene of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra;Western United Corporation founded in Rochester(Relying on telegram,Now headquarters in Denver)The first president of funds established Westbrie Music Library,Is the largest music academic database in North America。

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Rochester University,Image Source:Wikimedia Commons@Tomwsulcer

website developers rochester ny

Rochester Institute of Technology,Image Source:WikimediaCommons@Christopher Tomkins-Tinch

4)Giant company drives urban research level

Giant enterprise created high-grade school。Western United Corporation(Western Union Company)One of the founders Ezla·Cornell(Ezra Cornell)Southeast, Rochester120kmTown Isaka,Participated in the creation of Ivil School——Cornell University。

Giant enterprise gave birth to research institutions。1992yearKodak established a research laboratory,This is one of the earliest industrial research laboratories in the United States.。1929year,Kodak and Doctoral Investment Established Optics Institute,And gradually become an important national research institution in the United States,Local business、evenNASAAnd the US Department of Energy has in-depth cooperation。

Transport high-end talents for urban science and technology progress。At1975Dr. Deng Qingyun, a Ph.D., Ph.D., Ph.D., Cornell University.,After adding Kodak,And found the earliest practicalityOLEDTechnology,And namingOLED(Chinese name:Organic light emitting diode);2018year,The Optics Institute born two Nobel Physics Awards——Donner·Strickland(Donna Strickland)Peter Institute Professor Gerad·Muru(GérardMourou)。

also,Also gave birth to the quantum optical field·Mandell(Leonard Mandel)professor,Predicting Emir in Wolf Effect•Professor Wolff,And quantum optical and quantum communication field pioneer Carlos•Professor Strake and many other top scientists。

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Cornell University Source:wikipedia@sach1tb

It is because the existence of optical three giants,And the gathering of related enterprises,Rochester has been known as“World Imaging Center”(The World’s Image Centre)。

(website developers rochester ny)two、Giant falls down,Optical Valley

However,nothing is forever。As the optical three giants appear after another development bottleneck,Rochester's overall optical industry has also been influenced by the injury,Further, the city began to go to the full decline.。

1.Three giants did not fall

After receiving the brilliant brilliance of nearly a hundred years,The three giants have stepped on the path of decline due to their respective reasons.。Behind this,Also reflects the predicament of the overall transformation and upgrading of the Rochester optics industry。

1)Centennial Kodak application for bankruptcy protection

2000Years later,With the atrophy of the film market,Digital camera、personal computer、Mobile phone with camera function,as well asFacebookEmergence,An invisible digital industrial chain iterates Kodak's core advantage。2010year,Because it is considered to be unable to represent scientific and technological progress,Standard500Index removing Kodak companies。2011year,Kodak's cash reserves have been reduced more than ten years ago.70%。Ultimate2012year1moon,Kodak applied for bankruptcy protection in New York。Kodak at this time,Can only rely on the sale of many patents and sub-services to repay debt,Let the whole world are awkward。

2)Ph.D. is caught in the quality crisis

Puertoget has repeatedly occurred in product quality and safety in some years.,Plus the emergence of fresh innovative products,Under the competition of many homogeneous companies,The sales market is rapidly wilting,The market share is greatly reduced。

The most serious crisis appears in2006year5moon,US Food and Drug Administration proposed,Ph.D. 明 水 全 全 液 液 导 导 增 增 增 增 增 增,Bausch & Lomb has thus recall from global permanent,Reputation is affected。

exist2016Year2017year,Bausch & Lomb's recovery lens and artificial lens product recovery。Currently,Bausch & Lomb has been close to the market share of China30%Fall into shortcomings10%,Competitive opponents such as Johnson。

(website developers rochester ny)Bausch & Lomb(Bausch+Lomb)Listed companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange,until2007Years by private equityWarburg PincusAcquire。2013year5moon,CanadianValeant PharmaceuticalsAnnouncement85.7Billion dollar cash fromWarburg PincusBuy Both(Bausch+Lomb),Including42$ 100 million is used to repay Baosen debt,In2013year8moon5Day completion。

3)Xerox is getting everything,Kodak like a trough

As the proportion of paper prints appear in people's lives,Xerox's most touching machine business is getting harder and harder。Plus2001The US Securities and Exchange Commission mentioned Xerox Company“Financial fraud”Exposure of the incident of the lawsuit,The increase in the increase of Xerox debt and the growing situation is very obvious.。

Xerox2019The net business income in the third quarter declined6.5%,Not only sprinkled,Moreover, it is also made by Fuji Xerox, who has been a joint venture company.。Have a good1/10Wall Street famous investment home Carl·Ican warns Xerox to accelerate change,Otherwise it will become“Next Koda”。

2. Optical industries,City falls into decline

With the decline of the three giants,Rochester's optical industry began to go downturn,in turn,The downturn of the industry also caused the atrophy of the city。Specifically reflected——

1)Enterprises closed and move

Since Kodak,A series of related small and medium-sized enterprises are tightly followed by collapse or movement,Causes Rochester's industrial hollow。also,Xerox has also moved the operating headquarters to Novo Ketown in Connecticut.,Rochester also keeps research and development。Both2013The original in the equity is CanadaValeant PharmaceuticalsAfter the acquisition of pharmaceutical companies,Headquarters also moved to Lavar in Canada。


The fading of the three giants is accompanied by a large number of layoffs.,Kodak,Once the world has up to exceeding14Wan employee,Most of these are Rochester,And now there is still no less than people in the world.,Rochester's Kodak Park(Kodak Park)Inside,Today, Kodak's employees have only hundreds of people.。

3)Urban scale

Rochester urban population1950Year reaching the peak33.2Ten thousand,and2019New year20.5Ten thousand people,Degrade38%,Housing vacancy rate is also as high as15.3%,Although in2017The year has dropped to5.51%,But still higher than the average of the state。

2010year,Wall Street Journal rated Rochester“The United States has declined the fastest in the past decade7One of the big cities”,Population is also adjacent Buffalo,Down to the third largest city in New York。Although the total economic volume of the city is still maintained in the state,But it has become more and more development speed of the Hudson Valley, which is in the eastern part of the state.。

3. While industries?Make a quick money addiction

Looking for the cause of Rochester industry recession,Need to refer to the experience of the three giants——Kodak,Rochester's epitome!

Kodak is a star company in Rochester,Kodak's decline has caused great blood loss to the industries of Rochester.。

last century70After the era,Kodak gradually ushered in the world。This prospective comes from film,Especially the technical rolling in the field of color film。then,The global color film technology is dominated by Kodak to a certain degree of competition.,Only Fuji film andAgfa-GevaertWersext。

Under this high-tech threshold,Kodak enjoys a few decades of global monopoly status,Earn a pot full。In the peak1990year,Kodak's annual sales reached190One hundred million U.S. dollars,One of the four most valuable top four brands worldwide。

So,What caused Kodak to go to bankruptcy after entering the millennium?Is it the backwardness??wrong!Actually until the application is released,Kodak's technology is still very powerful!The root cause of fading,Be——

1)Powerful research and development,No transformation

(website developers rochester ny)Kodak's investment in R & D,Can be said that he does not hesitate,Especially in the forefront of the future。In fact,already1975year,Kodak researchers(Steven Sasson)Invented the world's first digital camera,However, due to“There is no relationship with the film”And managed and put on hold,This allows6After the year, I developed the Sony that had a digital camera, which occupied the opportunity of the times.。

arrive1990Era,Kodak's management is fully aware of the importance of digital photography,As well as the problem of the film early,And from then starting to develop digital technology,Including creating a film-basedPhoto CDComputer print base, etc.。

Kodak also produced a large number of digital cameras。exist21A few years in the beginning of the century,Kodak Digital Camera's share of the US market or even ranked first。But ironic is,According to estimation,Kodak sold a digital camera,Lose money6Category,The main reason is,Kodak did not build commercial ecological models based on digital cameras and their related technologies。

If the film era Kodak can rinse the print source continuously to make money,So in the era of digital camera,No behavior of the camera without the corresponding business ecology,In Kodak's film kingdom,I became an isolated existence。

2)Solidly in the old model, do not dare to subvert

Kodak has also worked hard in digital ecology。2001The year Kodak has acquiredOfotoImage sharing website,But onlyOfotoUsed to attract people to rinse digital photos。Main reason,Just in the film business unit to make money,Other departments have no words。Countless can change the new technology of the world,It is rejected or delayed again.。

Technique,But you must not be self“revolution”!This is the painful experience of Kodak fading。The same thing,It is also in the same city of Xerox Company.:Made the world's first Ethernet technical standard、First mouse and the first graphical interface,It was carried forward by Intel and Microsoft.。

(website developers rochester ny)therefore,Rochester's Optical Industry Decline,Just like Kodak、Single and other giants,Full-side cutting-edge technology,But I can't let go of money.,I missed the teeth of the technology.。Rochester,It is possible to re-“resurrection”??

three、Giant industry heritage,City resurrection treasure

Rochester has not yet“Dead”!These giant companies have in the past one more century,Leave too many industrial heritage for the city。Today in the city,These heritages will become the bottom card that Rochester industry gets rid of the decline.,It is a triump of the city.!Kodak as an example,Let's take some precious industrial heritage to Rochester.。

1. Kodak did not die,Reborn in digital transition

After the application is released,Kodak quickly restructured internal business and company structure,Repair debt through a variety of means,And after a year and a half2013year,Successfully detached from bankruptcy protection,Returning to the New York Stock Exchange。So,Let's take a look,After the application is released,What happened to Kodak??

1)Slimming,Reducing financial

Kodak in the process of bankruptcy reorganization,Large amount of business that is not good at itself and loss,If you abandon digital camera and home inkjet printers, these consumer-grade product lines,In turn“World-leadingB2BTechnology company”Transformation target。

According to Kodak Financial Announcement,2018year9moon30The third quarter of the day reached1900Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Finally turning a loss;entire2019Net profit for fiscal year1.16One hundred million U.S. dollars,Year-on-year growth825%。Slimming stops play a significant effect。

2)Hug,Make a digital network

(website developers rochester ny)In order to open source,Kodak gave his ownIPWell-known advantage,Launched a wide range of electronic consumer goods。InCESBattery displayed at the conference、flashlight、smart phone、Smart tablet、Drone、Many electronic products such as micro projectors。Recently launchedUplate、Solid state drive and charger, etc.,It can be said that it is not included.。

These electronic products,Although it is all“OEM production”,But also reflects the thick net red tendency of Kodak。Lens pendant suit with mobile phone photo trend、Mobile photo portable printer, etc.,Even in combinationH&Mand Forever21Launch a joint costume,andGirlskateboardsCooperation launched a joint skateboard, etc.,Top the topic。

3)Focus on the future,Focus business print

Kodak also protects7000Multiple patents,Mainly based on the field of chemical and physical processes in image creation。in,Printing of packaging paintings that digital imaging technology,One of the important directions that may have breakthrough in the future。especiallyPersonalized coating printing,Such as large competition team logo、Beer box and wrapping box, etc.。This technology is the development of personal mailing and printing business that Kodak launched.,Its ultra-high resolution printing uses only one thousandth of hair cross section,Until today is the world's top technology。

Koda launched the topULTRA520Digital printing machine,Is a new digital printing system,In addition to having higher quality printing effects and speed,Or a multi-purpose variable data printing machine,You can change the data printing multiple substrates as needed.,Album、Book, etc.,Is one of the main directions in the field of personalized printing fields。

(website developers rochester ny)Although Kodak is hurt,But with the core patented technology accumulated in the past 100 years,Start rechancement,Just take the road to technology and transformation,There is still possible to rise again。For Rochester City,As long as Kodak is dead,There is hope again!

And the truth is,In recent yearsRochester,Has been leaving with Kodak and other optical nasalous enterprises,Step on the road of rebirth!

2.Koda Yuhui,Illuminated the value of industry heritage

Kodak as an example,We have left a lot of heritage in industrial facilities and technology.。Currently,These industrial heritage are in different forms,Plays an important role in Room's industrial renewal。

1)Industrial space legacy:Koda Garden(Kodak Park)Transforming Innovation Park

(website developers rochester ny)Kodak Garden was the main industrial park in Kodak once in Rochester.,Floor5.2Square mile,include154Build building,There are more than one3Tens of employees work here。There is also one in the park.21Kilometer self-use railway,For goods transportation,Is the world's largest photoreceptor manufacturer。

exist2000Years later,As business reduction and debt increase,The park has significantly reduced manufacturing business。2007year,Kodak began demolishing partial park buildings to reduce operating costs。2008year,One of Kodak's creation,The park is officially renamed“Isman Business Park(Eastman Business Park)”,And start vigorously marketing,Attracting the company tenant。

(website developers rochester ny)2012year,After the application is released,Kodak in order to pay debt,Sale of large assets of the Issan business park,Including coal-fired power plants、Big land and construction facilities, etc.。

Irsman business park is an economic growth engine that is local government and Kodak attached great importance to,Near150Wanping rice architectural space,Main focus:food、drinks、Biology、Special chemistry、Energy storage and optical and other fields,It has become a settlement114Innovation Center of Home Tech Enterprises,Employment population6000people,Half of them is existing Kodak employees。

Main enterprises in the park,include:Carestream Health(Medical imaging)、ON Semiconductor(Semiconductor giant)、Harris Corporation(Aerospace and national defense),as well asOrtho Clinical Diagnostics(Medical diagnosis)Wait。
also,Park outside high technology and manufacturing,Also use itself,Become a TV series and movie shooting,Works taken here include2019Year racing competition TV seriesHyperdriveWait。

website developers rochester ny(website developers rochester ny)

Eastman Commercial Park overlooking,Image Source:Global Location Strategies

(website developers rochester ny)2)Industrial service facilities:Advanced facilities,Share on the company

(website developers rochester ny)Independent industrial service facilities:There are many public service facilities in the original Kodaka.,Most of the high environmental standards。Open this facility to users,Solved the worries of manufacturing environmental protection treatment,It also saves costs。

The Eastman Commercial Park has a special industrial wastewater treatment plant,Originally, Kodak Garden is used in Kodak's facilities.,Now, it becomes a public facility that can provide unified services in the Eastman Commercial Park.,There is a special business team to operate。The processing plant is mainly responsible for removing organic and inorganic pollutants in wastewater produced during industrial manufacturing.,Average can handle every day3600Wan Glennole,There are still surplus loading spaces。Sludge produced in wastewater is treated in the on-site incinerator,Ashes sent to precious metal treatment equipment recycling。After the treated wastewater is discharged to the Jenani River,And controlled by the emission license issued by New York。The factory is most distinctive is a500Kawwat hydraulic turbine generator,In the process of wastewater during treatment,from180Foot-high river valley,The generated electrical energy can be used directly to process the process of wastewater,Therefore, it is environmentally friendly。

also,There is also a thermoelectric network(CCHP)system,Part of the heat generated by the thermal power plant,Water for generating air conditioning or cooling,Thus saving corporate costs and reduces carbon emissions。at the same time,It also retains Kodak's original21Kili freight railway,Operating by professional railway operation maintenance company,And products related to corporate transportation in the park and materials。

(website developers rochester ny)website developers rochester ny

CCHPSystem working principle diagram,Image Source:clarke-energy

Technical service equipment:Kodak originally has a large number of R & D facilities in the park,Most of them have already been resting,These research facilities and space are currently renting companies,At the same time, some research teams can also serve the outside world.,Greatly improved the research level of enterprises,And a large number of enterprise research and development costs。

(website developers rochester ny)Analytical science——Kodak's analysis scientific group,Comprehensive analysis services can be provided,Support:Chemistry and material characterization、Manufacturing problem solving、innovating、Reverse Engineering/Product deformation、Regular analysis test and other fields。

Special chemicals——Special chemical companies are the specific embodiment of Kodak in the strength of chemistry.,Serving a variety of markets in customized synthesis and high quality chemical production,Pharmaceutical(NoGMP)、Industrial special product、Personal care、electronic product、pesticide、Graphic/Safety and emerging energy technology。

Custom contract manufacturing(CMO)aspect——Provide customization services in this regard Kodak,Advantages in process development through data drive,Manufactured for custom contract(CMO)Provide excellent project management capabilities。Can provide companies with trial from thousands of grams to hundreds of tons、Generation scale range,And have one100,000Multi-molecule proprietary database;

Coatings and test services——Use Kodak's existing professional equipment and technology,Commercialization of corporate products in a higher cost-effective volume to volume manufacturing technology。Range:Advanced material、Medium test coatings、Battery assembly service、Size production of paint, etc.。Enterprises can take this production outsourcing,Focus on commercial marketing affairs。at the same time,This professional manufacturing outsourcing ability,It is also an important reason for attracting oak ridge national laboratory branches to settled here.。

Experimental space——Koda left the world's largest wet laboratory group,Total community517Outable wet laboratory,Area of insufficient5Square or less100Square meter。Currently,Already research for many companies,Provide enough space。These wet laboratory can be used alone,You can also rent with your office,Convenient enterprise work and improve communication efficiency。This can even accommodate small manufacturing services。

3)Black Science and Technology Heritage:Released frontier technology can drive industry innovation

In order to repay debt and acquisition,2013year,Kodak5.27Yeillion price to Apple、Samsung andFacebookWait12The company sells1100Item digital image acquisition technology related patents。However, Kodak retains the right to use these patents in the future.。For the city of Rochester,Kodak is the most important thing isLeave a lot of leading edge technology in the future of the future,Such as:

Nanometer“Magical ink”——Saying is ink,In fact, it is a cheap sensor.。E.g,Applicted on food or medicine and other packages,Can detect whether internal items deteriorate,It is also possible to serve the anti-counterfeiting and tracking of goods.,Can even take a touch screen,To reduce the cost of production。This technology developed after the Kodak bankruptcy restructuring,In the future, there is very vast commercial application prospects。

Intelligent packaging sensor——As early as possible before bankruptcy,Kodak's packaging sensor technology has been successfully developed,But there is no commercialization。Consumers can know the state of internal commodities through the sensor,Once commercial,It is possible to become a corrugated carton。

Kodak once or even a nuclear reactor,Used to test neutron radiography technology(neutron radiography testing)……

(website developers rochester ny)also,Kodak also has many leading technologies that fail to achieve commercialization,These techniques are separated from Kodak,Bringing new growth technology companies for Rochester。after all,Rochester has the most per capitaOPIpatent,Thereof95%ofOPIPatent holder still stay in Rochester,Such as:

LiquidPixelscompanyWorking from Kodak18Year old technician employeeSteve KristyMr. participated in the founding and served as CEO,He feels angry because Kodak can't embrace digitization.2000Annual staff。Now this new company uses his professional skills,Provide technical services to provide visual effects。

(website developers rochester ny)◆ ITTcompanyexist2004Annual acquisition of some optical business in Kodak。NowITTIt is an important manufacturer of military and government application optical devices.。

◆ Independent from Kodak's medical technologyCarestream Health,Main production routine and numbersXRay device。

◆ Now in medical imaging equipment、Medical film、Medical careITSolutions and other fields have strong competitivenessSharui Medical Company,Inheriting the technology to precipitate in the image field in Kodak,Be more than1000Medical and dental imaging systems and patents for information technology are powerful business capabilities。

Rochester Precision OpticsKodak2005After the sale of some assets and technology,Founded new company,Comparison of complex optical components for visible light and infrared applications,Photoelectric system,It has now become a rookie in the optical field.。

◆ Many engineers and experts from Kodak,Continue to work in local optical enterprises,Or open a new technology company。2012year,There is an application for bankruptcy protection35Businesses,More now。From this perspective,Kodak is Rochester's industrial catalyst,Let this maintained an optical related industrial innovation gene。

4)Anchor mechanism

Optical Institute:Remember the optical research institute of Rochester, Chester University, was also created by Kodak.?The research institute acts as an academic government like the surface.,Awarded a degree,Or a technology enterprise developer。since1953Professor Hopkins Professor Hopkins in the Institute of Enomers(Rochester)FoundTropel part of the famous optical company Corning Company)since,It has been established in his faculty and staff.200Multi-optical related companies。

(website developers rochester ny)The Institute of Optics has also established cooperative relations with many famous enterprises in the optical industry.,Industrial Association Cooperation Program(IA)。IAPlanning companies to participate in training and information benefits,And enable the research institute to understand the relevant industry needs and pay more attention to more industry information。This communication has improved the capacity of partners using modern and most advanced optical technologies.,At the same time, it has enhanced the ability of students to play key roles in the company or industry.。Its main partners include:Air Force Research Laboratory、Carl Zeiss、Collins Airlines、Corning、FacebookRealistic laboratory、Lockheed·Martin、Nikon、Treret, etc.。

Industry Heritage Catalytic New Industry Entering:In recent years,Rochester in the next generation of batteries and energy storage areas,Also attracting enterprises to join。Oak Ridge National Lab has established a branch in Eastman Commercial Park,Business and manufacturing engaged in battery and energy storage equipment and materials。It chooses the reason here,On the one hand, because Kodak's resources and technologies can be used.,Especially the flexibility accumulated by the film processRoll to Roll(Volume)Coating process,Made of samples and the future commercial product。On the other hand, there is a large number of innovative enterprises in the park in the park.,Oak Ridge National Labs can meet the strong needs of innovative companies for basic research。on the contrary,It is also possible to entrust part of the national scientific research program to the garden.,Coupled with Kodak、Flexible manufacturing capabilities,In the case of the entire chain of the basic research to commercialization。

Four、Aiming in technology,Retrieve the past“Light”mango

In recent years,Rochester moves in the road in the city,Not only the strategic concern,And the state government、The municipal government has also spared no effort to launch relevant development plans.,And have achieved certain results。

1.National strategy drive advanced manufacturing

(website developers rochester ny)At2012Year-old“US National Manufacturing Innovation Network Plan(NNMI)”,Also known as the US manufacturing(Manufacturing USA),It is a national strategy that is dedicated to revitalizing advanced manufacturing level.。

2015year7moon,AIM Photonicsgraduate School(American Institute of Manufacturing Integrated Photonics)Olbany in New York(Albany)Set up with Rochester。in,Rochester undertake test、Assembly and packaging(TAP)Center of land,This is also the world's first open300mmSilicon photon advanced test、Assemble line。This also means that Rochester will get about6Support funds above billions。

The research is committed to the development of end-to-end integrated photonic ecosystem,include:Visit the US Domestic Foundry、Integrated design tool、Automation packaging、A series of assembly and testing and labor development from innovation to a system-oriented commercial and defense application system manufacturing。

during this process,Based on Rochester's local resources,Put the company、University、Other academic institutions、Training institutions and federal agencies,Joint investment in key technical fields,To encourage application research and product development and its investment and production in the United States。

(website developers rochester ny)AIM PhotonicsWill explore manufacturing technology for the following aspects:

◆ Internet and telecommunications signal super high speed transmission;

◆ New high performance information processing system and calculation;

◆ Diagnosis and treatment,Compact sensor applications for huge medical progress;

◆ Multi-sensor application,Including city navigation、Free Space Optical Communication and Quantum Information Science;

◆ Other various military uses,Electronic war、SimulationRFinduction、Communication and chemistry/Biological testing, etc.。

website developers rochester ny

American manufacturing research institute(The yellow circle is Rochester),Image Source:Defense Innovation Marketplace

Exploration of all these technologies,Need to participate in the industry chain,And the participation of cross disciplines。therefore,On the one hand, the integration of scattered national industries。on the other hand,SMEs with strength,There is also a big opportunity to participate in this national optical revolution.。Faced with such national strategies,The New York State Government hopes to get the big logster128High-tech employment opportunities for roads or Silicon Valley。

website developers rochester ny(website developers rochester ny)

New York Optical Industry Valley with Rochester as the core,Image Source:Silicon Maps

2.Regional strategy boot industry improvement

2015year,Governor Komo created State Revitalization Plan(URI),Focus on the economic development in northern New York State,This is part of the Regional Economic Development Committee(REDC)。in,Rochester's finger lake area,With its glacier lake、Wine from the world,And famous high-tech clusters based on Rochester-centered optical industry。

to this end,Finger Lake Regional Economic Development Committee(FLREDC)Formulated a pray plan plan(Finger Lakes Forward),Determine the key industrial pillar and industry driving force in the region,According to the advantages and growth opportunities of the region, we will focus on the following industries.:

1)Optical、Photonology and imaging

Based on existing industrial foundation and resources,Continue to strengthen the development of development and optics and other related industries;

2)Agriculture and Grain Production

Improve agricultural industry chain,Strengthen research and development,Implement industrial transformation and upgrading;

(website developers rochester ny)3)Next generation manufacturing and technology

Strengthen battery and energy storage technology and manufacturing、Nano-manufactured,as well asIT/Development of new media and other technologies。

website developers rochester ny

Finger lake plan area,Image Source:Wikimedia Commons@UserLtPowers

(website developers rochester ny)3.Urban update promotes everything

Rochester wants the city to revive,Must be re-attracted enough people return,Especially young,Technical capabilities。therefore,The renovation and improvement of the city center is included in the development plan of the city.。2018year8moon,New York State Governor Corpo announced the implementation of the city center of Rochester“ROC the Riverwayplan”,IntendDowntownMake update and transformation,Attract more companies。

According to the information of Rochester City Development Company,The designated city center area is called the innovation zone(Innovation Zone),State government allocating5000Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Useful13Update transformation of a project,The ultimate goal is to completely changeGeneseeEnvironment in the river,And release the life and work potential of Rochester city center,Especially attracting the millennial generation。

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ROC the RiverwayPlanning plan,Image

Herein1.5Innovation zone in square kilometers,Have nearly near200Home innovation or creative enterprises,include:Medical care、Optical、ITMany industries such as games,There are also some major anchor mechanisms,Such asHTRCommercial accelerator cooperative、RITCity entrepreneurial center(CUE)andAIMPhotonic incubator。They are widely existed in the city center transformation,If includedStart-Up NYWestbry Square(Sibley quare),Government offers and funding,Renovated to have office、Commercial composite function facilities,And attract the enterprise in the preferential conditions。There are still many other anchors.,And focus on different industrial sectors,Let more innovative companies have a more abundant and focused partnership。Such as:


Luminate,Is a six-month intensive accelerator plan,Focus on optical and imaging。In addition toSony,Thor Labs,IMAXOutside the company sponsors,Also hired external experts、Industry leaders and members of the advisory committee,To help companies expand business layout。


Excell,Is a venture capital fund,Focus on high-tech high-growth startup in northern New York。Medical equipment、Material、energy、Biotechnology、Agtech、Imaging andIT /Software companies invest,The focus is to invest ethnic groups and female joint ventures。

(website developers rochester ny)website developers rochester ny

Schematic diagram of industrial aggregation in Da Luos,Rochester city center has become an optical、Educational and medical industries

4.Elite University leads emerging industries

1)Rochester University,Sudden on the road of the medical industry

Rochester has experienced the optical three giants headed by Koda.,Industry hire has changed a lot。Currently,Replacing Ke Da is Rochester's largest employer is Rochester University.。In this,Rochester University School of Medicine played an important role,Make Rochester's first largest industry category,TransformEducation and medical。

Rochester University has two hospitals,have20,000Job position。from2000Beginning,These sectors have increased a total of approximately40,000Job position,Offset the decline in manufacturing48,000A large part of the job position。

In recent years,Relying on local rich talents,Rochester University Medical Center studied innovative prevention cancerHPVvaccine;at the same time,Also study oral vaccine to preventHIVInfect。This is beneficial to have many life science companies within the urban circle.,And the extensive R & D resources of the University of Rochester University Medical Center and Rochester Clinical and Transformation Science Institute,It can easily advance from the laboratory to the realization of new treatment methods.。

Foundation of life science technology to support Rochester Medical Industry,Large extent, it is necessary to pay attention to local nanomaterials、Optical、Core technology such as medical imaging and quantitative analysis。Diagnostic instruments for many local medical technology companies、Non-invasive medical imaging system,And even medical products such as contact lenses are the best embodiment.。

also,In terms of medical product manufacturing,Rochester's volume on roll coating process and testing services、Large-scale manufacturing facilities、Clean room workshop suitable for producing medical products,Coupled with skilled labor resources,Is a solid foundation for producing a class and two types of medical equipment。

Medical equipment、Biotechnology products and health careITDevelopment of products、Development of prototype design and commercial applications,Rochester also has enough technology companies to support。

2)Rochester Institute of Technology(RIT),Most“play games”University

RITGame design。America《Animation career comment》WillRITEvaluation is one of the best colleges in the United States to study video game design。RITBefore the US50Strong game design college listing second,RITStudents are also often committed to supporting Game Development and Making New York Game Development Challenges.,Driving the booming development of the local game industry。


Rochester's absolute central status from the National Optical Industry,After more than 100 years of changes,After the giants have not adapted to the digital wave, they also experienced the recession of the city.,In recent years, with the gradual recovery of Kodak,In particular, the new industrial opportunities brought about by the optical industry.,And the road that gradually goes to the revival。

Rochester's 100-year experience tells us,Those industrial citys that have been extremely brilliant,Recession,It doesn't mean that you will never get up.。The key is how to use the rest of your hand——Those industrial giants in the brilliant period,Just like Kodak,Is the real anchor mechanism of the city,It is also an important foundation for urban revival。

(website developers rochester ny)ifTake precipitation technology and industrial space resources,Combine technical blessings in high scientific research resources,And the urban environment is more conducive to the improvement of industrial development and attracting young people.,Is there a chance to relish urban vitality。

Rochester is doing these,On the way back to the right track。According to the report of the National Real Estate Broker Association in Bloomberg News Agency,Big Rochester is the Millennium Generation Demonstration2019Up to growing year18One of the regions。1980Year1998The population born between the year accounts for two-thirds of Rochester's new residents.,It can be seen that Rochester is strong for young people's attractions.。

Although current Rochester,Faced with Arizona in the United States、Alabama and other places,And Colorado State University、Central Florida University、Rose-Hueman Institute of Technology、Stanford University、Strong Competition of Optical Industry and Research Ability in Colleges and Universities in Harvard University and Duke University。but,Country strategy,explainedRochester is still walking in the best in the Optics industry.,This is also the most fundamental foundation for the future Rochester re-returnsgered industrial brilliant era.。

Hua Gales copyright,Reprint, please indicate the name and author name and work name。Don't modify unauthorized、Duty or tamper,Infringement。We respect the original,Also pay more attention to sharing。Some images come from the network,Image image copyright belongs to the original author,Please contact if you have infringement. Please contact us.,We will delete it first timing。


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