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The news of the accident spread for two years(JollyChic),Recently discovered,its website、App、Seller Central login page cannot be opened one after another。

website development abu dhabi

Deadline,JollyChic's website is still open,But the product detail page has been cleared,show“No results found”tips。

website development abu dhabi

This means that this once“rolling”Amazon Middle East andNoone-commerce platform,Lost the normal shopping function,will likely be eventually abandoned。

website development abu dhabi(website development abu dhabi)

The message reaches the group of suppliers who are owed money,cause people to worry。Some suppliers speak bluntly,Money is wasted,hard to get back。

website development abu dhabi

The problem of governance,already2021Years have erupted on a large scale。

last year7moon12day,Dozens of suppliers form a rights protection group,Initiate Solitaire,Call on Victimized Suppliers to Come TogetherDefend your rights and ask for debts at the Hangzhou Office。

website development abu dhabi

(Screenshot of supplier exchange group)

The cause of the incident stemmed from the fact that the executive dispatched relevant personnel to Shenzhen,Find some suppliers,Propose a settlement for arrears。

According to the supplier at the time,The executive gives a three-choice plan:

First、or give money now,But only at a discount(There are also suppliers who say1.5fold)deal with,which is100Ten thousand,according to10million processing;

second、or give a two-year buffer,wait for the ruling“live”after coming,re-arrange payment;

(website development abu dhabi)third、legally sued。

(website development abu dhabi)Contact a supplier representative《Blue Ocean Billion Viewegainnews》feedback on their difficult situation。This seller has80Ten thousand payment is pressed on the ruling platform,Many other suppliers200Ten thousand,There are few, many, hundreds of thousands。

website development abu dhabi(website development abu dhabi)

(Screenshot of supplier representative email)

(website development abu dhabi)“hold the debt owed to me,The longest one goes back to last year6month,The contract is for three months,It's almost a year overdue。The staff who came to contact the supplier said,company(govern)Likely to file for bankruptcy。if you agree now,still get 10% of the money。later,I can't get a penny。”feedback from a supplier。

Many suppliers feel unfair,They went to the company to defend their rights。at the scene,A woman is crying:“mom,I'm sorry,I can't take care of you!I'm owed money!”

Feedback from insiders,This sobbing woman is from Shenzhen,is a supplier,Hundreds of thousands of payment due,Come to the office of Yuyu Hangzhou to defend your rights。

The woman cried,family with old and young,The child is just over a year old。now owed a lot of money,barely able to feed a family。 After the video went viral in the industry,Some people question the veracity of the woman's situation。But according to several suppliers on site,the situation is real。

(website development abu dhabi)website development abu dhabi

Now more than half a year has passed,Supplier's debt problem failed to usher in a solution,Instead, the bad news of the closure of the website came,It's really sad。

Rise in the Middle East,leading in the regionSHEIN,Falling from the top in just two years

JollyChicAffiliated to Zhejiang Zhiyu,Its main categories include clothing and apparel、home baby、beauty care、3Celectronic、Smart life and other categories。Its two independent station platforms:Well-known main brand independent stationJollychic,And high-end brand independent stationMarkaVIP。

website development abu dhabi

website andAPPOnce considered the largest mobile e-commerce platform in the Middle East,covering the Middle East80%of netizens,E-commerce in many countries in the Middle EastAppThe download list has been ranked first for a long time,ahead in the regionSouq、SHEIN、AliExpress and other well-known platforms。

website development abu dhabi(website development abu dhabi)

Good at managing social media,localized marketing,Partner with local influencers in the Middle East,YesJollyChicOne of the early magic weapons。

2019year,JollyChicLive Marketing Events in the Bay Area,Also received a lot of coverage from the local media。

website development abu dhabi

JollyChicofFacebookThe homepage currently has23810,000 likes fans,YouTubeSelf-operated channels are close31million subscribers。existInstagramsuperior,JollyChicA series of account matrices have been established by country and category,Fan coverage is expected to exceed100Ten thousand。

website development abu dhabi

JollyChicStill the first batchTikTokaccount's business,already2019The year has already openedTikTokPublish content。

And most of the platform to do well in the Middle East,Trims have a huge localization team in the Middle East。

(website development abu dhabi)According to the instructions of the retrieval,2017Year end,The number of global employees in the group has exceeded2500people,Overseas employee1000name,Comprehensively realize localization operations。

The wind is from the end of Qingping,Arrears of payment issues

Once the criminal is indeed a star company in the Middle East E-commerce Market.,However, such a star brand,already2020The annual epidemic has since the early crisis,Mentively negative news。

First, there is internal employee to explode:Epidemic,companyCEONotice cancels all year-end awards,Lay off50%,Waiting for staff only pays only months2010Yuan minimum wage,90%Waiting for employees who have no compensation。This is considered to be the end of the crisis.。

(website development abu dhabi)website development abu dhabi(website development abu dhabi)

Later,Some suppliers have exposed the situation of the arrears of arrears.,Caused some people panicked everywhere。

website development abu dhabi(website development abu dhabi)

2020year4moon,Removal foundersCEOLi Haiyan released a public letter of suppliers,Stabilize。

(website development abu dhabi)website development abu dhabi

but,ThisNo to reverse the situation

(website development abu dhabi)Subsequently,Supplier discovery,exist2021year5moon,A series of changes in the representative and senior management of the legal person,Company founder Li Haiyan no longer served as a legal person。At this time, many people have begun to feel serious.。

website development abu dhabi

Thereafter,Supplier feedback The situation of the arrears of the money payment is more and more,Various discussion sounds appear on various channels of the Internet。

(website development abu dhabi)

Why is the thrill fall within two years??

From the external strategy,Reward2019UpgradePOPplatform,Self-operated platform upgrade to open platform,Welcomes the turning point of the cause。

Remaining Abu DhabiG42which provided6500Ten thousand U.S. dollarsC +Round financing,2019Annual strategy upgradePOPplatform,Self-operated platform upgrade to open platform,At the Middle East,Rehabilitation localized warehouse distribution。

Upgrade from the past pavement mode to brand mode,Pricing mode change,It is therefore a turning point to the destiny.。

Sugnishment is established overseaslogisticsWarehousing,Human material needs to invest a lot of money,Therefore, the company's cash flow is higher。I thought that the author's will be, the greater it.,But in2019Removing the layoff at the end of the year,And withdraw the e-commerce foundation good Dubai,Transfer of Saudi Market。

After entering the Saudi market,Starting from big hand in investment infrastructure。

On logistics,I bought a local express delivery license.,Vigorously part of Saudi domestic logistics,Increase technical investment,And the Saudi Customs agreed to turn the criminal in the sandwell library to Sand, the branches;

In the financial field,Grief payment Jollypay Get Saudi、UAE payment license。

(website development abu dhabi)Local construction warehouse can solve the logistics pain point to a certain extent,butSaudi is lacking is a regular postal address system,In a sense, the criminal is to change the infrastructure system of Saudi with a force.This is hard to succeed。

Financial payment has indeed entered the vision of Saudi residents,Also began to gradually improve people's lives。

But e-commerce、logistics、Payment and other stalls are paved out,The vision of the throne is very large,Do not do it in single point,How to do it?

It can be saidBlind expansion in strategy,No more focused,Leading funds occupied a lot,It is caused by the ruling chain break,The main cause of continuous operation,And some details from the Royal E-commerce,Also become the last straw of the Camel。

Platform open means large batch sellers,The quality control has been strictly controlled by the platform.,Go now as a seller's own stock,Quality controls the conventional relaxation,And the consumer experience。

JollychicThe first look is amazing。(interface)Simple design but color ,Attracting people's eyes to product and promotion。Divorned goods,Convenient people's shopping trip。

(website development abu dhabi)website development abu dhabi

But some consumers have seen the situation under the surface.:“Their website looks very exquisite,But under exquisite appearance,Even if this store is not entirely,Also very close to a scam。”

(website development abu dhabi)Search on GoogleJollychic,The first question that appears is“JollychicCredible?”,The answer to this is“based on1161Consumer comment,Jollychicgot2.77Star rating,This shows that most consumers are dissatisfied with their purchase.”,It is not difficult to findJollychicPublic image is negative。

Product price,Quality is not guaranteed

Volkswagen market,“Low price”YesJollychicOpen the winning method of the Middle East market gate。Many products offer discounts,Most comments mentioned lower prices are the reasons for their purchase。

BuyerAlan DCommentary:“I'm hereJollychicOrderiPad Pro,Because it is too cheap than any other place100Dollar。”

There are also consumers to describe what they buy.“Is completely garbage”,“unacceptable,Disgusting”,“Compared with the pictures on their website”。And this situation seems to occur often。

Customer service to deal with consumer attitude

There are many buyers, feedback customer service should not only respond“Please wait”,And provide evidence for fast return and refund,To show they are responsible for this matter,And realize the problem of consumers。

Therefore, there is a buyer published the following comments.:“Don't see their response to negative comments because you are here.,I thought that the company really cares about the customer's satisfaction.。I am very sure they are doing this to attract more people.,Wasting their money and time。”

(website development abu dhabi)Online shopping delivery time is long

“Quick delivery”,It is one of the key factors of the physical store in the e-commerce platform.。

However,More than one consumer isJollyChicSocial media post under the comment,Said platform does not ship、超过1Exceed、没有客服支持。

(website development abu dhabi)website development abu dhabi

website development abu dhabi

website development abu dhabi


Why,被媒体渲染的过度神话、From the peak fall during the year,也有众多跨境电商入驻。


还有2020年3月强势崛起的中东本土电商平台TradelingFrom the peak fall during the year。

四面夹击之下,Compared to the Amazon members!(蓝海亿观网)


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