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《Torture:Tour tide》(Torment: Tides of Numenera)Yes《Exotic town soul》Spiritual continuation,At the same timeKickstarterThe history of crowdfunding has a midbutive game,it is at2013The annual fundraising amount reached the record419Ten thousand U.S. dollars,This year is this year2Officially released at the end of the month。

Foreign mediaEurogamerIn the eve of the interviewed two major developers who participated in the game production,Ask them to talk about what challenges in the game production process,Some gains that have to be made。Touch compiles the main content of the article。Original title《The making of Torment: Tides of Numenera》,authorRobert Purchase。

About5Amincen4point,I am over.SkypeGo to sleep after talking,But two people chatting with me have been online。They are Chris·Avalon(Chris Avellone)Corin·Markkum(Colin McComb)。I am with Avalon、Mark Chumha and several other people talk about their participation《Exotic town soul》(Planescape: Torment),That is a great game。

5Ago,We will plan a first phase《Exotic town soul》Development as the topic of podcast。5Year later today,I have to talk to them.《Torture:Tour tide》(Torment: Tides of Numenera)Development process。

No one knows that they will be a call.《Torture:Tour tide》game,Mark Kumm doesn't know that he will become a creative supervisor.,Adam·Herni(Adam Heine)I don't know if he will serve as the design supervisor of the game.。Mark Chicm and Herni even did not develop games at the time,Herni raises orphans in Thailand(He still lives in Thailand),Mark Chumm has been“Harassment”Chris·Avalon,I hope to get《Waste2》(Wasteland 2)Write an opportunity to write a script。

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Mark Kumm is willing to get《Waste2》Screenplay position。Not long,He receivedinXileBoss Brian·F Fa(Brian Fargo)Call。“Colin,Hello。”Fa Ge said on the phone,“I amTormentRegistered a trademark,I am very curious, have you been interested in doing a game?……Creative supervisor?”

“Day,Brian!”Mark Kumm replied,“I can't believe you will make me do this.。I know how people evaluate《Exotic town soul》,I also know that I feel about it.。If you do things,Then your reputation will never be destroyed.。”

But Mark Kumm agreed,Then he wrote an e-mail to Herney:“Do you want to join??”Everything that happened next has become the past,I will talk in detail below.。caution,A lot of spoilers in front,I also ask them to talk about unfinished crowded target content。

website development fargo(website development fargo)When you don't“Alien scenery”The same dragon and dungeon battle setting,How to start making a spiritual sequel for it?You need to create your own world,And a great story as much as possible within your capacity。

《Torture:Tour tide》The story has one“Transform god”(Changing God),However, in the initial setting is true God.,Instead of transferring the eternal man by cloning and consciousness。

“He is broken。”Mark Kumm,“Your task is to entropy an angel(Angle of Entropy,which isSorrow)Find his debris,Otherwise, the angel of entropy will completely eliminate them.,destroy……Entire universe。”The problem is“This is a poem”,He added,“This is not only to save the world,But save all created objects。”This set of plots is not suitable《Torture:Tour tide》,But what is the story is more suitable??

In the process of thinking about the answer,Mark Kumm and Henie create their design pillars,And propose a core problem,“What is the meaning of life??”(《Exotic town soul》The core problem is“What can change the essence of a person?”)Mark Kumm is also aware of,He and friends Montti·Cook(Monte Cook)Work togetherRPGboard game《Torched》(Numenera)It is very suitable for the background setting for the game。After a few weeks of preparation,They ushered in《Torture:Tour tide》existKickstarterA day of crowdfunding。

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《Exotic town soul》Will the fans are interested in it??“or,”Mark Kumm,“Will they say,‘Oh, my god,Do you have a group of corpses to eat a clean vulture??’”

(website development fargo)2013year3moon6day,《Torture:Tour tide》existKickstarterStart the crowdfunding,At that time Adam·Herni is watching1996Released of Tom·Hanks directed the comedy movie starring《Can't stop the miracle》(That Thing You Do)。“There is a montage scene in the movie,The band suddenly raises,Their music is rising in the best-selling list。”Herni said,“I look at this scene while watching this scene.,Staring at the side of the computer screenKickstarterwebsite,Looking at the numbers。I thought at the time.,‘Day,What happened??!’”

《Torture:Tour tide》exist6It is reached within an hour.90Wan Dollar crowdfunding objectives,The growth of raising amounts even makes the development team difficult to keep up with the rhythm.。“We have not prepared enough extension plan,So I can only work hard to play more things in crowdfunding.。”Mark Kumm。《Torture:Tour tide》The final funding amount reached in the record419Ten thousand U.S. dollars,The sudden expansion of the game level,It also means that the development team cannot complete the production within one year.。

After that crazy crowdfunding,Markkum、Herni and R & D team need to spend approximately3Monthly,exist2013year7Design a set of storylines before a screenwriter meeting in the month。

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“Player character will still fall from the sky,Fall into a garbage pile,Be calledClock MakerGuy rescue and healing body。You will arrive at Aldeby(Aldeia)village,Meet a few eternal warlocks(Aeon Priest),They will tell youSorrowI am chasing you。You boardThe Catena,However, it will be in the urban giant plant(Bloom)Crash。”

“You will do something in the giant plant.,Then climb the peakSagus Cliffs,Do something there。You walk along the coast there,Arrived to death hero,Go into the book,Entered the nation(Castoff Compound),encounterSorrow。You drive a spaceship to the oasis there(Oasis),From OasisOssiphagan,ThenOssiphaganarrive……”

(website development fargo)you are《Torture:Tour tide》Motivation is always going elsewhere,Never explore scenes,It is impossible to understand any scene in the game.《Exotic town soul》In-depth in the imprint。“If we can make a process of two or three hours of the game,That will be cool。”Herney joked。But they can't,So they have to give up some ideas。

(website development fargo)“We did seven eight major iterative versions。”Mark Kumm,“In each iterative version,The rhythm of the game、The experience of bringing players and what we try to express is more concentrated and concise。”

website development fargo(website development fargo)but“Transform god”The concept has never been changed。The god of the transformation is inSorrowDrop from the moon after attack,You suddenly woke up in a body he isolated.。But the story of the story has experienced several major changes。

According to the initial idea of development team,You will encounter the god of change,And with him to face opposition。“You will eventually be in the void time(House of Empty Time)Meet him。”Mark Kumha,“That is his home,You and the first nation(castoff)Will be transferred there。You try to pass his future fortress,And he wants to transfer you toResonance ChamberCrash。You will launch a large-scale doctrine between you。However, this is too big to design ideas.,Far far beyond our budget。”

at that time,ghost(The Specter)Still a small role。“We have just begun to prepare a ghost into a memory virus。”Mark Kumm,“It will grow up slowly in your brain,Rigid shape,And eventually born to the real world。”But someone proposal:“If the change of the transformation will not be driven by your body,How will it??”This issue allows the development team to produce a new idea。“If the ghost is actually the god of the transformation,Isn't that better??”

But is he??I interrupted Mark Kumm and Herni,Because《Torture:Tour tide》You will find,Ghost is not the god of transform,And just a replica——Its identity is very complicated,But it is not a real change。I want to know who the god of the transformation is.。

(website development fargo)“All right,”Mark Chumim means deeply,“It may be you。”

Mark Komm knows his answer will make me not understand,But he thinks if the player carefully thinks this game,Will find that they can do play the god of change。“If you think you are the god of the transformation in the game,tell myself,‘I am the god of transform’,In fact, you will feel very real.。”He said。

Imagine if the god of transformation is not you,Where did he??Ghost stays in your brain,You can enter the memory of the god of the transformation。You can also integrate all the nations into your consciousness like the god of the transformation.,Be satisfiedSorrow,Always escape her threat。This will make you feel that you are the god of transformation.,Be wrong??

TalkSorrow,Do you know if she is not a creature??“she——I am sorry,It is a bioeconomic,Essentially is a generated energy field。”Mark Kumha explains。SorrowJust like an extremely advanced security system,Role is to protect the tide(Tides),It is also the water flow of human emotions from being destroyed by the ranks.。

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At the beginning,The first german in the game(First Castoff)The setting is also different from now,In fact, she is not the first nation at all.。“She is absolutely not。”Mark Kumm,“We initially planned her to a hunting born fence.,I hope to eliminate the role。”Taking into account the god of the transformation for a few thousand years old,The first nature is only a few hundred years old,And the god of the transformation will abandon a new body every few decades.,Wake up in the so-called first german,There are already many geirs。

in addition,The development team almost gives the player's heale companionMatkinaSet into the first nation。“We want toMatkinaFirst ranks。”Mark Kumm,“Because she is a shadow assassin,Her name is from Vietnamese‘mask’(mat na)。We also found in Slovak,Matkinameans‘Mother's’,So we feel that this name is very deep.。”

The development team failed to achieveKickstarterCrowdfunding,Three companions、A manufacturing system and a named oasis(The Oasis)Area。InXileI have an apology for this this.。butInXileNot long agreed in three companions,At least toysOomWill reappear。

(website development fargo)OomIs a circular creature from the past——Perhaps the by-product of an ancient experiment。whenOomChange shape can be changed during upgrade,But what he turned into a player。Adam·Herni is in front of oneOomExample in the blog article,If the player has beenOomkeep quiet,Then he(After the upgrade)Maybe it will be completely invisible。

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Herney tells me:“We have designed a lot of content for him.,Also wrote some copy。the problem is he……Unlike all other companions。We need a lot of customization for this guy。”

“He has5different shapes。”Markcom added。(Markcom later clarified that,Oomhave“various”shape,but not5kind。)

two other companionsRiastradandSatsadaalmost in the game,They are a pair of ill-fated lovers。“mentioned many times in the gameRiastrad。”Heney says,“when you findMagmatic Amulet,When reading the log of the Transform God's encounter in the laboratory……you actually witnessedRiastradthe birth of。”

“His backstory is that the God of Transformation isAscensionfell into a dark place,Scattered around with crystals and other things。”Markcom went on to say,“Swarms of crystalline spiders begin to crawl out of the wood,God of Transformation,‘Really bad!i have to get out of here。’Riastradjust woke up。”

exciting thatRiastradHave a reusable spell—— One that can be used by The Last of Us to time travel in memory,even reality-altering devices——it followsRiastradcharacter development is closely linked。“in the game,You can change his history,Or use it to change his abilities。”Markcom says。

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Apart fromRiastrad、SatsadaandOomoutside,《torment:Tides of Twisted Mura》The development team also designed some other companions——in the original design,They even considered designing the ghost as a companion。They once conceived of having a floating cart,Can collect artifacts“Twisted Monla”the paralyzed beggar,He was initially positioned as a companion,later became the mainNPC,then later becomes a secondaryNPC,until“completely disappear from the game。”Markcom explained,“he(beggar)The problem is when we count the characters in the game,We found too many warlocks。”

oasis(Oasia)What was supposed to be a huge water dome in a city in the middle of the desert,Is the second largest hub in the game。InXilein for《torment:Tides of Twisted Mura》crowdfunding,If the funding target is met400Ten thousand U.S. dollars,will make the oasis area,but it doesn't appear in the game。when the game is about to end,You can be in the labyrinth of your mindFathomEntrance to see a small part of the oasis scene,you can alsoFathomswim for a while。

“look,swimming is really cool,But it also brings a lot of trouble。”Heney says,“If you look closely at that scene,You will find that many animations are not quite normal——you areFathommaybe not noticed,Because the process is very short,nor any fight。”

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“we considered,‘Can really make it a big city,make the process longer,But we have to sacrificeBloomandSagus(area)part of the design as a cost。or we can simplify it,Make the process shorter but better。’If we choose to keep the oasis,SoBloomespeciallyBloom DepthsWon't be what it looks like in the game now,Bloom Depthswould turn into a very subtle scene without any major battles。”

However, according to Heney,《torment:Tides of Twisted Mura》The development team did a lot of design for the oasis,Small group consisting of several areas and oases。It's unclear if Oasis will be in the game in the future。“I don't think oasis will start withDLCreturn of the form,But some of us wish we could make an expansion or something。”Heney says,“who knows what will happen?I wouldn't have high expectations。”

The manufacturing system was one of several originally designed by Herney。“it's not like a recipe system。”Heney says,“It can almost modify your weapons and armor。But in this game,Tormentor will interact with each other in strange and various ways,have side effects on your gear——It's like a crafting system unique to the game……I really like the manufacturing system,it will be a lot of fun,but not suitable《torment:Tides of Twisted Mura》。”

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《torment:Tides of Twisted Mura》There are three basic occupations:Glaive、NanoandJack,FociAbility to be used to describe the character。Suppose my character in the game is“A Defensive EleganceJack”,So“Grace”is my descriptor,“Jack”is a profession,“Mastery on defense”role specialization,Will give me the ability to counterattack and master shield。Although there are many cool-soundingfoci,E.g“control gravity”“Explore dark places”etc,But as the last remnant,You can only choose up to three(Each of your companions will also have their own specialties)。

“I always want to design more skills。”Heney says,“Originally designed a lot,However, when implementing……Each profession will have some skills at different levels,There are also many character specialties,Each companion also has their specialties。too many skills,It's really hard to design one skill to be totally different from the others,Especially in a game like this where there aren't many battles,Or in a game where the battle priority is not so high。”

“when playing aRPGTime,you may not realize,Many of your skills only affect combat。”Heney added,“but《torment:Tides of Twisted Mura》not quite the same,So if we design a lot of skills that only affect combat,Many players simply don't care,Because they won't fight in the game。”

(website development fargo)“It's still a tough decision。But in the end we came to the conclusion that,This allowsfocibecome more focused,The characteristics and skills of the three major occupations are also more clear。at the same time,The abilities of the companions have also become much more unique。”

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since the last time I was《Exotic Requiem》Record a podcast5Years later today,InXilemade its spiritual sequel《torment:Tides of Twisted Mura》。This game is very good,Makes me feel like a dream come true。Of course,《torment:Tides of Twisted Mura》also received some criticism,I gave my opinion on the podcast with Markcom and Heney,But we can't ignore what they've accomplished。

(website development fargo)“I'm especially happy with what we've done。”Markcom says,“I'm really interested in the game itself,and people are happy with the response to it,Because it makes me feel like I'm overdone。”

“But at the same time,I do wish many details were polished better。in hindsight,There are many places where we might be able to make better decisions,Take game quality to a higher level,But it's too late to say。”

InXilehas proved to us,Even out of the alien landscape(Planescape),“Torment”It can also become an independent game creation concept。InXileAre you planning to create a new world with Tumura as a background??anyway,Whether they make another sequel is up to you and me。If players all over the world want a sequel,I'm sure they would do that,I hope we don't have to wait any longer16years old。