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Columbus, Ohio has long been considered a“America's Test Cities”,It is carrying out the development plan of the smart city,Progress so far includes opening the first fully electric autonomous shuttle bus,Driving the transition of cities to shared transportation models;Building Smart Columbus Operating System and Launching Drone Program,Use datasets to integrate resources to solve traffic and other problems。

Columbus, Ohio in2years ago,won the U.S. Department of Transportation4000,000 Smart City Challenge,beat other77American competitor。For a person who owns about90For a city with a population of 10,000,This is an important opportunity。

since then,Municipalities have been“Smart Columbus”related plans,and will be in12moon10The first automatic shuttle bus opens to the public。But not all milestones reached in smart city initiatives are attractive。

mayor of columbusAndrew GintherrightDigital TrendsExpress:“Try to talk to people about comprehensive data exchange and other pending issues。”

Much of the work required to implement smart services requires the public sector to implement back-office changes,And these changes are invisible to the public,For example, a key part of a smart city is the Smart Columbus Operating System(SCOS)。

ten years ago,All-in-one virtual dashboard integrates vital city data,including traffic conditions、Fire and Police Reports、grid status、public transport system,The decision was warmly welcomed by tech companies,But none of these systems gained much traction。

(website development agency columbus)SCOStry to build an aggregate by、A platform to assimilate and harmonize municipal data to solve this problem。

SCOSLaunched last spring,aimed at passing1100data sources,to resolve mobile-related issues。City of Columbus plans to provide companies with datasets to create solutions,Include food bank information,to help vulnerable people get the groceries they need。

Additional datasets include precise locations of bridges at lower heights in the region,This dataset could alert truck drivers,Because in the event of an accidental collision,Can cause property damage and traffic problems。

There is also important demographic information such as the distribution of where most seniors live,This could help city planners better deploy transportation systems to meet the needs of older adults。

Andrew GintherExpress:“Mobility is21The best equalizer of the century。”

he explained,If there is no necessary transportation,people can't work,or access to education and appropriate medical care。And some areas are underserved,such as so-called food deserts,Therefore, there is a need to improve traffic in these areas,This can significantly improve the lives of citizens。

Columbus is not a utopian city

Andrew Gintheralso said:After winning smart city grant,people will say“So when are you going to build a smart city?”。He explained that the plan involved countless small steps。

E.g,There is now an app,Can tell people where their local bus is。In Columbus, passengers may have to stand on the cold platform waiting for a car,And this app is undoubtedly a good move for people's lives。

Another move is that Columbus developed a new website,Alerts the driver in the event of a traffic accident,This site is estimated daily to help60000Drivers don't have to suffer from traffic jams,Alternative routes can be found。

website development agency columbus

Columbus makes this information freely available to public and private organizations,to encourage the development of smarter solutions。City of Columbus wants other towns to follow suitSCOSPlatform to build your own custom solution,Make communities smarter and more efficient。

(website development agency columbus)Andrew GintherSay,This is part of a comprehensive understanding of smart city solutions。E.g,Currently about25010,000 people live in the Columbus area,But the population is expected to increase to300more than 10,000 people。

The impetus for this population growth comes from the burgeoning technology sector and the unleashed attraction of numerous educational institutions,from The Ohio State University(close60000students)to Kenyon(Kenyon)such a small but prestigious university。but,There is no subway or light rail system in the Columbus area。

(website development agency columbus)Andrew GintherExpress:“The share of private vehicles has reached80%,unsustainable for a city。”He's referring to the fact that most people in Columbus drive alone,Underdeveloped public transport。

therefore,Columbus is considering different transportation solutions。to this end,Smart ColumbusJust launched the highly anticipatedSmart Circuitself-driving shuttle。Passengers can1.5Complimentary use of the shuttle on the mile route。Fully electric self-driving cars can only drive at an hourly rate25top speed in miles,and only take a small number of passengers,But it's also a way of making people feel that technology improves their lives。

Smart CircuitWill cover popular Columbus locations with tourists and locals alike,Scioto Mile。The shuttle runs weekly7sky,every morning6o'clock to night10point,Science and Industry Centers in the city center、National Veterans Memorial and Museum、Bicentennial Park and Smart Columbus Experience Center stops。

on the car49inch screen will be able to provide passengers with system and route information,and will also carry human monitors in case of emergency。The shuttle itself is powered by a Michigan-based startupMay MobilityOperation and Maintenance。

(website development agency columbus)Columbus is the best city to test

Andrew Gintherpoint out,Columbus is commonly known as“America's Test Cities”,Here various companies will start product testing,From Cayenne Ice Cream to Malt Balls and More。he thinks,Due to the changeable traffic and weather conditions in Columbus,Therefore, it is also suitable for testing self-driving cars,compared to other cities like Phoenix or Austin that are testing self-driving cars.,Columbia has less snow。

Of course,Ohio State is also partnering with Columbus and encouraging their efforts。E.g,DriveOhiois the Ohio Department of Transportation andSmart Circuitcollaborative projects。Transport sector has launched projects to create smarter infrastructure,e.g. coverage164Smart Road Planning for Miles Streets and Highways。

U.S. continues to encourage the development of future transportation options。In the field of unmanned aircraft systems,also known as drone,Ohio is launchingFlyOhioproject,These include the use of ground-based detection and avoidance radar systems,Making drones available for traffic management。

The state will also be between Dublin and Ohio's Liberty East End35Miles Smart Mobile Highway Using Drones,Conduct automated and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications testing。

This is part of predicting the future and planning for change,Many of these changes will come from shifts in transportation。

Except for underserved areas,The mayor also said,Another focus of Smart Columbus is how to meet the demand for affordable housing。

(website development agency columbus)he admits,The city has yet to face the real estate challenges that cities like Denver and San Francisco have faced,But he said,As transportation needs shift from single car ownership to shared mobility,Cities need to consider new solutions。

Andrew Gintherpropose:“So,How can we build a garage that can be reused in the future?”

When Columbus becomes a truly smart city,this problem is solved。