website development tutorial pdf


The website is not unfamiliar to everyone,We visit various types of URLs every day,such as Baidu search、Sina News、headline News、Tencent News、Well-known websites such as Taobao and,So,How to make your own website,Many people feel that they neither understand source code,I don't know how to create a website,Making a website is impossible,It's not hard to create a website,The source code can be completely unknown,You can easily have your own website without building a website,Learn how to make your own website tutorial with the following information。

1、Domain name registration

Domain Names aka URLs and WebsitesURL,is the internet address of our website,Don't know where to register a domain name,Baidu search“domain registration”,The top ones can be,How to name the domain name such as talent、Hebei Jiao Chuang、Yunnan Hongruiynhr.netWait,The more common domain name suffixes,The general cost is only a few dozen yuan a year,Recommend。

(website development tutorial pdf)website development tutorial pdf

.comInternational Domain Name Registration Fee55Yuan

2、buy space

(website development tutorial pdf)space is also called virtual host、server、web host,is used to store URL data(include text/picture/source code etc.),It is recommended to use Western Digital when purchasing a web,fair price,Space is stable and safe。

website development tutorial pdf

General corporate websites choose the first year package


where to buy space,Where to apply for record access,Use Western Digital's Space,Just use their home access record(,Filing is not difficult,Provide information as required by relevant regulations,whether personal,or company,As long as the installation requires the appropriate information,General pass rate99%,Only websites that have passed the record can use domestic servers。

website development tutorial pdf(website development tutorial pdf)Register an account first

4、DNS、Space bound domain name

Log in to the space provider account,Select domain name binding。

website development tutorial pdf(website development tutorial pdf)Enter the relevant domain name,、gug.netJust

After entering the control page of,Find our registered domain name,Operation settings in the analysis management interface,As shown below

website development tutorial pdf

The record type isA(to fill inIP)、CNAME(Alias resolution)。

5、Deploy and install website applications

The website program is a background management system developed by programmers,Powerful,free open source,easy to useCMSsystem,Common open source programs include:PHPcms、Wordpress、Dedecms、DiscuzWait,The website program installation tutorial will not be mentioned here,still relatively simple,I won't,Allow space to help with installation,Recommended UseDedecms(weaving dreams),more people use,Space also made a conflicting security treatment for this time。

website development tutorial pdf


(website development tutorial pdf)Access the initial setup interface of the installed software,Mainly set the username of the database、Name database、database password,Database connection information can also be found in the virtual host background management interface,After confirming the installation,Access the website through your domain name。

These are the steps of making your own website tutorial,A website of your own is easy to build。

Generally speaking,How much does it cost to build a website,Domain name registration fee55Yuan、space188Yuan,Programs and templates are free,The total cost of creating your own website is one year243Yuan,So building your own website is not difficult,The difficulty lies in the later operation and promotion。


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