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2017 year 1 moon 9 day,WeChat online small program platform。

2018 year 7 moon 4 day,Baidu intelligent applet is officially launched 。

2018 year 9 moon 12 day,The annual Alipay applet is officially launched。

2018 year 11 moon 17 day,Today's head is announced online applet。

Tik Tok、QQ、360、Mission…… The small program platform raises spring bamboo shoots.。Different purposes,Exhibited small procedures are also completely different。Some small procedures have the ecological capabilities of the platform;Some small procedures are to provide more quality services;There are also small programs to exist PC Continued strong business。

There are also music classes now app Online your own small program platform,That is 2020 The year is listed as a cool dog in the innovative business key project.。

music website developers

What is a cool dog applet??

In the cool dog open platform,Cool dog introduces their small program business。

Cool dog music maker is a new open mode,Let users can create new gameplay in music。Cool dog music applet 6000 10,000 song resources and development capabilities,Let developers can easily develop music applets;Ordinary users can also use cool dogs app Official template,Quickly create your own applet。

You can regard cool dog's small program platform as a musical derived small program platform,The biggest difference between other platforms is that they will be more vertical.。

6000 Wan Song Library and 52 The presence of the first music related capability of a industry makes the cool dog applets are the platform for music developers.,Although WeChat has more users,But the cool dog has more vertical music capabilities and more accurate music interest users。

music website developers

There are currently many third-party developers in the cool dog small program platform.,Although the official is also entitled,But more applets are developed by third-party developers。There are also a large part of these third-party developers is students.。When the Cool Digital Platform is not known for everyone,Cool dog hosted a campus development contest game,The excellent works「Cool ball 3D」、「Listen to songs together」It is now available on the cool dog now.。

「Cool ball 3D」The ability to use the cool dog music structure,Can easily grasp the rhythm in the song。Under this ability of this underlying ability,College students can also app Playing a rhythm master music game。「Listen to songs together」It is a small program that can be invited to listen to songs in multiple friends.,You can also set the sound effect to other users during the essay.,Form an interactive social square。

music website developers

▲ Listen to songs together

The page and WeChat applets of the cool dog applet are basically consistent.,Reduce the user's starting threshold,Click on the features that are expanded in the upper right corner.。

the difference is,Cool Digger adds a button to see more applets in this section,Click to enter「Small Program Square」。

music website developers

▲ Left is a cool dog applet,Right for WeChat applet

In addition to the entrance in the upper right corner of the small program,You can still app front page、「mine」Page find small program entry,You can also search for a small program directly.「Small Program Square」。

music website developers(music website developers)

But enter the cool dog「Small Program Square」back,You may be aware of the lowest threshold in all small program platforms.。Because it is a person who has no code knowledge,It is also possible to create a small program through a template capability provided by a cool dog.。

Users who master code knowledge can develop,The small procedures they develop have more possible possible possible。But even a regular user without code knowledge reserves,It is also possible to use the hot dog template tool.、List、Radio class applet。

music website developers

These have a zone、List、The radio program of the radio label is more like the exclusive custom version of the liberal song list.,Selected topic,Troubled,Assemble BLACKPINK Collect、Yewei Zone and other content to the applet。Instead, there will be a yellow label in the traditional impression of most people.,Such as the contest、Music tool、Music zone。

In these more like songs,Click on the corner of the right corner.「Create the same paragraph」Applets。

Cool dog official data shows that there have been accumulated more than 1000W User uses too small programs,And from the data and display of the small program square,Most users may use more or have a consistent zone with a small program page.、Radio class applet。

music website developers

▲ Cool dog applet can be established with template

As a helicic music community,Music applets in the cool dog can provide users with extended services。Listen to songs together、Music course、Lyrics collection and other functional applets are very suitable for cool dogs.,Music exchange community based on music,Star Information Community、Fan playing platforms also have new possibilities。

We may understand the cool dog's music applet platform as an open music ecosystem,Cool dog provides the ability to bottom,Developers can make more innovative practices in the music library and music capabilities of Cool Dogs。

Dialogue Dog Small Program Open Platform

After understanding the open platform of the cool dog applet,The aware program also found the product team of the Cool Digger Platform,Talk to them talk about the goals of dogs、KPI,There is also the basic music capability of the cool dog applet,The following content is aware of the cool dog.:

(music website developers)The cool dog small program open platform feels that this is mainly serving the music developer,What kind of developers will be positioned as music developers?

(music website developers)In our understanding,Music developers are mainly two types:

Deep combination of music services:For example, create a better music experience(hear、Look、Sing)Music tool、Vertical social service based on music、And music games, etc.;This type of service is characterized by using the music capability provided by the cool dog to enhance the user experience.。Service-derived service:For example, music star community for fan groups、Star information;Spanling for music enthusiasts、musical education、Communication community, etc.;This type of service is characterized by the extension needs of music hobby users.。 - If you need to give a unified definition,We believe「Cool dog app Each scenario,Developers who can serve cool dog users」Both music developers。

music website developers

▲ Image Source:Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

In addition to music developers,What is the attitude towards other types of developers??Do you have other types of applets??

The music developer mentioned above is our key support.;But other types of developers are full qualifications and matching conditions.,It is also welcome to go online.。

Tag labeling basic capability is helpful to developers,Can you introduce us??

Two main purposes of this thing:①Reduce development threshold;②Enhance playability。Basic capabilities tagged through the curueatic,A lot of music related capabilities(Sufficient sound、Music structure)Wait,Can be called directly to the developer;

We try to ensure that the development cost is low enough,Provide a small granularity,Let developers can easily through various capabilities,Make a variety of fun and fun like a wooden;

How does the cool dog will give the small program developers??Can you give some examples??

At present, the small program is「front page」More、「mine」There are obvious portals。Excellent small procedure for data performance,Cool dogs also provide keyword search guides、Orien pop-up window、Flash screen and other large exposure capabilities recommend it to accurate users。

If I am a WeChat music class developer,What do I do to migrate??What time does it take??

For most WeChat small program developers,If the function is not complex,Only need to migrate SDK,Can be quickly online to the Cool Digger,Development time will not exceed one week。

(music website developers)music website developers

▲ Picture from:Bruce mars on Unsplash

How do developers in cool dogs?,How are you planning?,Is there a data that can be disclosed??

Currently in addition to advertising and purchasing,Also on some support policies,Official website( the process can be seen。We hope to help developers reduce interference,Focus on grinding products。

Why do you want to be a small program platform??What is your starting point?,What kind of results will it be expected??

(music website developers)Cool dog is popular products,Very diverse users,Only the product team of cool dogs to determine what the user needs,It is difficult to meet the details of each user group,And it will be very inefficient。

(music website developers)at the same time,We found out when we investigate,High requirements for music copyright and music technology,Leading the development threshold for music applications,Music developers lack copyright and traffic support,Leading development。The full amount of contributions and various technologies that Cool dogs have accumulated can help solve these problems.。

(music website developers)therefore,We decided to build a small program open platform,I hope that the future will have a group of phenomenon explosions in the cool dog.,And let the entire online music ecology。

Internal pair of applets KPI ??

Cool dog hope,exist 2021 Year supports at least 10 Million-level DAU Music new gameplay applet。

music website developers(music website developers)

▲ Picture from:Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

You can put the cool dog with a small program app Understand a more open music ecotrial circle??One of its establishment is to build a new ecology,How do you understand new ecologies??You can play music games here,Can sing with the star,Can guess lyrics?

Can so understand,This is also the direction of our efforts。For this new ecology,Important participants are users(music enthusiast)、Developer,We hope that with this music new ecology,Users can find the community that suits them in the cool dog applet、Like music class game, etc.,Meet more subdivided needs;Developers can no longer worry about traffic、Technical threshold、Copyright factor,Focus on creativity and product grinding。

WeChat、Alipay、Headline、Baidu et al app Have a small program,But the cool dog is still the first music platform with a small program.,You feel the small program platform and other app What is the difference in comparison?

The positioning of the cool dog applet open platform will be more vertical,Mainly targeted related applets。Contrast WeChat applet,There are two main advantages。

Cool dog small program open platform is currently open 52 Music related ability in the industry,Including our full capacity、蝰 snake sound、Music algorithm, etc.;For music developers,We have opened these high thresholds,Let developers can re-focus on user needs and creative gameplay。Compared to WeChat,Cool dogs have a massive value-based music;For make a well-known applet,We have a centralized traffic support policy,Can match the most interested users for each music class。


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