website development features


Product display system:Mall website development is inseparable from product management,Add removal,Category classification, etc.。

Online shopping system:Product collection,shopping cart,Increase and deduplication,place an order,Powerful payment interface、Support commodity coupon use function、Support item picture、Writing watermark function、Mall website search keyword function。MoreseoAnd the case of website construction can go to our official website to

website development features

Information release system:Convenient for mall website promotion activities,Notice, etc.。

(website development features)Order management system:Mall website development system supports the status of user query orders、Delivery status、Single number and other information,Automatically confirm the completion of the transaction after how many days after the order is shipped。

Member registration management system:Merchant management,Conduct a series of promotional activities,More beneficial to increase user viscosity。

Product search system:Basic search,Advanced Search,Popular Keyword Search。Convenient user query products,Improve user experience and purchase efficiency。

Promotion management system:coupon,The automatic deduction of points, etc. is a valid promotion model for sales to the shopping mall website.,Incentive users to buy products。

(website development features)After-sales management system :Provide users with evaluation,feedback,Customer service service and other interfaces,Enhance the quality of service quality。

Mall website platform for companies and merchants,Not only easy to manage,Also equivalent to another main battlefield,The characteristics of this battlefield are more open in the sales market.,More challenge,Of course, once the market is opened,It will also bring greater profitability for merchants.。Hesterend network believes that the development of the mall website is an effective strategy for the business expansion market.。