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4moon2Day is“World autism day”,Also called the world's autism day。According to the statistics of the census situation in my country,Children who have autistic children account for the first place in my country。China's autistic child development status report shows,The number of patients is huge、Boy is higher in prevalence,70%Children's intelligence behind autism。

(neology life development group website)neology life development group website

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Until now,Social public is still lower to the awareness of autism.。Most children suffering from autismSocial impairment、language disability、Interest stenosis,There is often a lack of enthusiasm for social relationship with others.,And unable to establish partnerships or attachment relationships with others。They are like the stars of the world,pretty,mystery,But with this world over a million light years。

The severity of them may be far beyond the public imagination——Unable to live independently、Need for life to care and accompany,The autism rehabilitation process is equally unusually difficult,Require family、Professional rehabilitation、Special schools and common cooperation。

New life cares for autism

5moon10day,Shanghai New Life International Medical Group Joint Shanghai True Love Dream Public Welfare Fund、The love of the Employment Special Fund is initiated“Heart temperature,Make love growth”Caring for autistic children's public welfare activities。Activity site,New Life International Medical Group All volunteers represent a gathering,Communist from Shanghai Pudong Autism Children。

(neology life development group website)neology life development group website

(New life public welfare line collective volunteer)

The public welfare organization's project is China's first mental temporary young literary employment support project,The public welfare organization is also promoted by the Chinese government and the United Nations.“World City Day”Public welfare partner,help2500Merry autism、Down's syndrome、Slow or patients with cerebral palsy see hope,achive dreams。

neology life development group website

Activity site New Life Group Volunteer Representative,Light with love,Accompany your accompanying,New life volunteers are involved in exchange communication,Visit the autism, youth embroidery、Participate in various public welfare,Deepening friendship in interaction,Got trust。Accompanied by the introduction of the center of the person,The teenagers from their own small world out of date,Exchange communication is happy,Full of fun,Full of joy atmosphere,Volunteers are patient and careful to care for various issues.。

neology life development group website

(The founder of the public welfare organization and the new life volunteers introduced exchanges)

(neology life development group website)After the embroidery is hand-made,The New Life Group sent a complete set of learning teaching aids used by the ages of youths for the public welfare fund organization.、Yogurt、Cartoon doll,Ms. Liu Chuchai, chief operator of New Life Group、Zhou Ai Chief、Mr. Meng Hua, who is the Psychological Department, also takes the lead,Love donation to the foundation of the Foundation。

neology life development group website

(Happy to share the children of the gift)

neology life development group website

(Ms. Liu Chundi, chief operator of New Life Group)

Through this collective fusion,New life collective volunteers met the children of the Foundation's Public Welfare Center,Let the centers feel care and warmth,Promote the promotion of children's communication skills and social interaction skills,Make children and society more。

(neology life development group website)neology life development group website(neology life development group website)New Life Group Volunteer and the Center Leader

neology life development group website

(New life volunteers interact with live children)

(neology life development group website)The founder of the public welfare fund center,The centers of teenagers come from all over the country.,Different types of mental disorders,Every teenager has its own personal characteristics,Under the assistance of the foundation center,Many teenagers began to have communicated with people.,Can even be handmade、embroidery、Painting, etc.,Start to achieve independence of personal economic capacity,Reduce the burden of home parents in autism。

neology life development group website

(Activity site)

The person in charge of the public welfare organization center introduced,Children with autism often need to receive long-term intensive rehabilitation training,But currently rehabilitation and systemicity,Early screening、Early diagnosis of normalization,And the integrity of current policies、Scientific and social popularity,Still is a considerable challenge for this group。

New Life Group hopes to pass this public welfare,And Shanghai True Love Dream Public Welfare Foundation、Love, Employment Support Special fund depth communication、cooperate、interactive,Subsequent two sides continue to stay closely,Autism、Development slow and mental disorder children's family to relieve stress。Looking forward to in the future,Both parties can play their own advantages,Together to support more special children and families。

neology life development group website

(Children's newcomer creation)

“Heart temperature Make love growth”—Caring for children's public welfare action,Not only the response to the world's autism,It is also a new life group pays attention to special groups.,Influence more people with action,Change the world with public welfare,Calling on the whole society to pay attention to the reflection of children with autism。

The volunteers of the New Life Group start from the actual,help,Support and approach“Star's child”This special group,I hope that each of us can actively join the team that cares for the autism.,Construct a social environment with love in the autism。Love,Hinder!Blue action,We are on the way!


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(neology life development group website)
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Love is precious because of selfless,Public welfare is due to persistence。Shanghai Changning Area“Private medical demonstration representative unit”,New Life Group continues to actively build a charity platform,Practice public welfare。

future,New Life Group&Shanghai Yarding Medical will continue to actively return to society through charity activities.,Write a chapter of the great love of doctors' benevolence for the society,传递美丽与健康。


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