website content developer job description


Building a website is not done by one person,There must be several people to work together to assist in the completion of the division of labor,The complete website construction process mainly includes preliminary research、Project needs analysis、rendering、Design Ideas、Rendering slice、make a web page、Development background program、Website test acceptance、Feedback modification、Upload the website to the space and bind the domain name、resolve domain names、Official release, etc.,It takes a website building team to complete,Website builders come standard with at least2-5personal,Let's take a look at how website builders divide their work。

website content developer job description

Website planning engineer

Have an idea for a website,Initially just blank,Website construction experts are needed to carry out website project planning,According to enterprise market demand、Correct positioning、Client、Business advantage、Product selling point and other requirements planning website。

(website content developer job description)Write a plan according to actual needs,Develop website column structure and basic functions。

website content developer job description(website content developer job description)

production web engineer

Got the website requirements proposal,When a graphic designer or web artist is responsible for the website pageuiinterface design,General usePsorFwDo the homepage of the website、Secondary website page and details page、Design work such as pictures,For customer review and inspection。

(website content developer job description)website content developer job description

Front-end website page engineer

Determine the prototype floor plan for web art design,Made by front-end engineershtmlcode,to re-cut、picture separation、Web typography、Browser compatibility issues, etc.,Make a clickable dynamic web page。

under necessary conditions,Front-end engineers also need to display the display effect of the customer equipment screen,no matter howPCHave a good experience on the terminal or mobile terminal,Let users have better interaction with enterprises。

website content developer job description

program development engineer

The website should be easy to manage in the future,In the backend programmer developed by the website according to the request of the client or web page,Design、The actual situation of this project builds the background structure,deciding which language to use(php、.net、asp、jave)As a website background management system,Mainstream programs nowPHPuse more,Each has its own advantages and disadvantages。

website information writer

Mainly responsible for collecting and sorting out the raw materials related to the enterprise website,Responsible for the content writing of the corporate website,Including website related news information、Product pictures and introduction、Classic Case、message、Recruitment information and other information writing and uploading actual operation。

Website testing quality inspector

(website content developer job description)After the website is published,Every website must carry out a comprehensive quality inspection,specific to each web page、Section、Are the pictures and text incorrect?,Sentences are incoherent,Whether the content involves illegal and compliant information,Check if the link is incorrect,In addition, you also need to consider the compatibility issues of web pages.,Whether the basic functions are sound and the speed of the website page opening。

Summarize,When enterprises choose a website construction company,try to take into account all stages,Whether it is from the overall level of the enterprise、customer feedback、or tariff,Can be used as a measure of whether the website construction company's technology is technically professional and standardized,nature,The key or the equipment of the team,How does a website actually work?,It is necessary to have a professional and powerful website construction team in order to better assist enterprises to complete website construction work。


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