website development using java


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as far as I can tellJavaApplication area is very wide,It can be said that it is the most popular now.,All over all walks of life,It can be seen that its advantage is。

1、Big data field

HadoopAnd other big data processing technology is generally usedJava,Of course other languages are also useful,based onJava of HBaseandAccumuloas well asElasticSearchas。butJavaThere is no big space in this field.,But as long asHadoopandElasticSearchasCan grow growth,JavaStill have some potential to occupy a part。

(website development using java)website development using java


If you want to knowJavaWhere is the application?,Open your Android phone or anyApp,They are completely used with GoogleAndroid APIofJavaProgramming language,thisAPIandJDKvery similar。A few years ago, Android began to start to start today.JavaProgrammer is AndroidAppDeveloper。Incidentally,Although our previous article mentioned AndroidAppHow to work,That is, Android usesJavaVirtual machine and different packages,But the code is still usedJavaWritten。

3、Website field

JavaIt is also widely used in e-commerce and website development.。You can use a lotRESTfullArchitecture,These architectures are usedSpring MVC,Struts 2.0And similar frameworks。Even simpleServlet,JSPandStrutsWelcome to various government projects,Many governments,Medical care,insurance,educate,The website of defense and other departments is builtjavaAbove。

website development using java

4、software tools

Many commonly used software and development tools are usedJavaTo write and develop。for exampleEclipse,IneteliJIdeaandNetbans IDE。 Trading system third-party trading system,It is now a big part of the financial service industry.,They are alsoJavawrite。 For example, popular trading platformMurex,it is alsoJavawrite,And connect with many bank front desks,Provide services。

5、Embedded field 

Java It has a large space in the embedded field.。On this platform,You only need130KBBe able to use Java Technology(On the smart card or sensor)。

(website development using java)initial,Java Designed to work on embedded equipment。 In fact,This is just one of the fields.,This is just the original“A write,Just swim”s project,It seems like this now.。

(website development using java)website development using java

6、Other areas

(website development using java)JavaIt is still best to choose in scientific applications.,Natural language processing。The main reason is becauseJavaCompareC++Or other language relatively safe、Portability、Maintainability and other advanced language more and more。

It can be saidJavaAs a software industry, the default development language has a wide range of applications in various fields.,Relevant practitioners also thinkJavaA bright future。

Xiaobian collectedJAVADevelop2Practice project tutorial,Big enterprise actual combat project tutorial+Source,nearly2GInformation is sent to you!

LivegoodsListing rental sea election platform

website development using java

Project Introduction:This project is the front-rear end separation project,Mobile client is platform。As an Internet era house platform,LivegoodsHaving a perfect housing rental resource search capability,Can be positioned according to urban,Accurate and efficient search required rental listings。This system is divided into tenant platforms、Ownership platform、User Management Platform Two Functions Platform。

Technology Architecture:SpringBoot、SpringMVC、MyBatis、SpringDataMongoDB、SpringData、ElasticSearch、MongoDB、Spring Cloud、ElasticSearch、FastDFS、Nginx、Pay

Highlights of the project:Front-rear end separation project,Feel the current front-rear end and rear and rear end of the company's development;Mobile project,Can feelJavaProgrammer developmentappRealization of the server;Micro service architecture;Spike system implementation;Massive data search;Mirror and cloud

Shang Xuetang System

(website development using java)website development using java

Project Introduction:Shang XuetangOAThe system is taken from the real Shang Xuetang office automation platform,Including personnel management、Attendance management、Reimbursement management、Multiple modules such as revenue management。Can fully practiceJSP/ServletCore skill、MVCmodel、Ajax、Database design and multi-tableSQLStatement operation、PowerDesignerDraw a database model diagram、Business flowchart、Multi-objective model diagram,There is also a verification code、POI、Echarts、JUnit、kindeditor、My97DatePickerAuxiliary technology。Through the project,Students are familiar with the project design development process,Self-designed and developed project initial capabilities。

functional module:Shang XuetangOAsystem:Including personnel management、Attendance management、Reimbursement management、Multiple modules such as revenue management。Contains department management in personnel management、Post management exercises single tableMVCoperate,Employee management practice multi-table in personnel managementMVCoperate。Attendance management practiceAjaxApplications。Reimbursement management involves understanding business processes、Unusual chain、Many skills such as transaction management。More than-year management is mainly practicingEchartsThe use of the chart plugin,Use a histogram、Visual display statistics such as pie chart。

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(website development using java)

website development using java

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