website development for law firms


the Internet+development of,All walks of life tells the use of Internet ideas to operate,Many lawsmen can directly communicate directly online,Launched a correspondingWeChat appletOnline consultation platform。

website development for law firms(website development for law firms)

The main function:

Small procedure user

1、Find a lawyer:Provide lawyer basic information,Lawyer photo,Lawyer service type,Good at case,Number of recent service cases,Lawyer detailed honor。

(website development for law firms)2、consult:Provide a variety of consultation methods,Online consultation,Telephone consultation,Write a document,Organize a lawyer, etc.

3、Law news,Provide various types of cases。

4、Regional choice:According to the userGPSLocation of the user's law firm

5、Charging module,Users can choose the charge content according to the actual situation,Select Payment Method,Payment completed to start more advanced services。

(website development for law firms)6、Personal center:Users can view previous consultations and payment records,Quickly find relevant information

7、Instant chat function,Meet online consultation


1、Check-in platform,Provide corresponding qualifications,Select the type of case that you are good at,Maintain your own honor information

(website development for law firms)2、View User Consultation Content,Information reply

3、Order balance information,Lawyers can make up

Institutional end:

(website development for law firms)1、Provide structure settlement platform,Operation can be operated after the review

(website development for law firms)2、Provide institutional permission services,The agency can create a unified creation of a lawyer account,Lawyers can log in according to the created account

3、Institutions can manage relevant lawyers,Review account

4、Statistical institutional revenue,Lawyer service case,Consult user information

Total administrator

1、Platform permission management,Assign all permissions

2、All user basic information view,User consultation,User consumption view

(website development for law firms)3、All lawyer management view

4、Overall statistics,Statistics to users,case,Amount of consumption,Institution, etc.。

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