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website development saskatoon(website development saskatoon)The geographic location of Sa Province and its province、Provincial emblem

Saskate(Abbreviation:Sa Province)Is my most familiar province,Also introducing a province that should be handy,Because this is a place for me for many years.。

The foregoing said Sa Province and A province are a hard brother.,It is because these two provinces are oil and natural gas.,At the same time, it is inland province.,No mouth,In addition to being cheap to the United States through pipelines,Exports to other markets need to borrow an acre three-degree from others,Originally, the money in the oil market is not good.,Oil pipeline expansion for a long time,See someone else's face,Indeed。

Saskatchewan,Chinese translation“Saskate”,A kind of call“Cree”Indigenous dialects given the name of the local river,meaning is“Rush river”,English abbreviationSK,Chinese habits are referred to as Sa Province。The English name in Sa Province is more embarrassing,I believe you can read it first.、There are not many people to read。I2017I have driven in the United States to run a circle.,Among them, in New York three days,Two days were blocked on the side of the road,One is a casual police car police,A policeman who is a police car in the police。They asked the problem exactly the same,Refers to the license plate:Where are you from?thatSWhat is the place??You look,Even the New York Police does not know,People who know else have fewer people.。

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Wheats and slogans on the salary license plate:“Sky-changing land”。

Population in Sa Province118Ten thousand,If you throw it into the northern part of Canada and the four provinces of the ocean,So Sa Province is the least population.。Intercept10%Outside the indigenous residents,Most of the ancestors from the ancestors from Germany.、England、Scotland、Ireland、Ukraine、France、Norway、Poland, etc.。Now1.5Wanzang people live here。

More than half of the population of Sa Province is concentrated in two major cities,The first big city is also an economic center,Saskong(Saskatoon),Chinese“Satan”,32Ten thousand people(Suburban population);second biggest city,It is also the capital,Riana(Regina),Chinese“Ricun”,26Ten thousand people(Suburban population)。Satan's name comes from a local specialty,Sascae,A sweet、Color of the berries between blue and powder。The name of the Rig Village starts from the Queen of the British,Latin“Riana”that is“Queen”the meaning of,This is a tall name that is set to the top of the capital.,Its original name“Bone(Pile-of-Bones)”,And distance it60Third big city“巴(Moose Jaw)”Name has a fight。The most beautiful scenery in Rig Village is a lake:Lake Gasca;Satan is the most beautiful is a river:South Saskate。

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Sa Province、second biggest city:Ricun

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Sa Province Economic Center、First big city:Satun

(website development saskatoon)Sa Province is a large province of mineral resources,Industry with the largest economic proportion is oil、natural gas、Mining of forests and other minerals,Among them, oil gas production is second only to Ace.,Most of them are sold to the United States through pipelines。

There are also the most abundant in the world here.、Very valuable resource:Potassium and uranium mines。People who are familiar with agriculture know,Crop growth is inseparable、middle、Trace three types of nutrient elements,The large element is nitrogen.、phosphorus、Potassium,Indispensable。Half of the world in Potash in Sala,Here is the world's largest potash export land,Among them, the first largest customer of potash is China.。Potassium in the world,Only the red particle potassium in Sa Province can directly apply to farmland,Is China Southern Potassium Crop,Such as rice、Tangerine、Memperive fertilizer for crops such as bananas,And the potassium fertilizer produced by other countries can only enter the fertilizer factory to make the compound fertilizer。Sa Province is also the second large uranium reservoir and exporters in the world.,Its production of uranium85%Export,This is the raw material for nuclear reactors for nuclear power generation。

The agricultural status of Sa Province can see from the province.,Half of green represents the forest,Half of golden yellow represents farmland。Sausa known as the world“Bread basket”,Have a unique world、Rich black land,Canada43%Cultural land concentrated in Sala。The largest planting crops in Sa Province are oil crops and wheat,It is the world's main rapeseed oil export land,The export volume of its hard wheat accounts for one-third of the world。at the same time,The province is also the world's largest lentil、pea、mustard、Exported land of miscellaneous grains such as flax seeds,Nursing is second only to Ace。

Sa Province is the most loyal to Canada、The most robust site。since2007Year,The province has always been a conservative party as a majority of party governments.,The last year of federal elections simply drums all other federal parties out of Sa.。As long as you walk into the parliament building to see a member of the membership,Can't help but laugh,The ruling party's three-row seat is full of Dangdang,Against the part of the zero zero scattered a row of five or six tables,Like a naughty class desk that is punished by a teacher。When the federal government has levied carbon tax,This province is the most antique,The lawsuit has been hitting the Supreme Court of Federation,“Western”The slogan is also shouting from the extreme small group of this province.。

One point, everyone may not be clear,Sa Province is also the earliest designer of Canada's free medical welfare、Life and test field,At the same time, the basic services in its social and economic life are also held by the provincial government holding state-owned enterprises.,Electricity、Water supply、Air supply、Insurance, etc.。For example, Sa Province car insurance fees all Canada,Basic insurance plus full additional insurance is more than 1,000 plus coins,And the same auto insurance in An province、BCProvincial province may take four five thousand、Five or six thousand or even higher。

Sa Province mainly has two universities,Sausa University and Rigina University, respectively,Ranking,But the single department is very powerful,For example, the University of Sausa has out of two Nobel Chemical Awards、73Rod scholar、5Olympic Golden Medal、1Oscar Award winner and1Canadian Prime Minister。China's Chinese students in these two universities have also grown very fast,It is said that there are currently more than a thousand people.。

(website development saskatoon)The biggest challenge living in Sa Province is the climate。The Chinese of here ridicule:Sa Province has only two seasons each year.,One is winter,One is about still still in winter。This is a joke,But explain a fact:Winter cold and long。The latitude of this is higher than China's Harbin、Qiqihar is still in the north,Coupled with the plain terrain,Cold air from the Arctic can be driven directly into,Chinese people coming to the province outside Black Ji Liao,Winter cold does need to adapt。Sa Province usually began to snow in the winter in October,In May, the snow can be completed.。The vehicles here are usually two sets of tires.,Winter to replace the snow tire。Summer summer short but very comfortable,Sleeping to sleep at night,When you need to open a while, the time of air conditioner is generally not more than one week.,Insufficient beauty is a lot of mosquitoes.。There is also a climate feature of multi-wind,Winter and summer,Blow up to Saxi,Southern Sa Province is also a region where summer tornadoes and hail are traveling from time to time.。The winter weather forecast here has a cold index.,For example, the temperature is less than 20 degrees,The body feels that the body is blown into a zero three-day degree.、Even forty degrees。

Survantian sky is beautiful,From the slogan on the license plate, you can see the praise of the Salas.:“Sky-changing land”,Emanative sunrise、Sunset、Lightning、Aurora and other colorful scenery。You can drive out of the city as long as you do a few minutes.,Extremely surrounded,“Tianzhi,Four wild”Feeling,You can see the sun rose from the real horizon,You can also see the sun slow down to the skyline,Mingxia and sunset will make you sigh“Sky-changing land”Charm。

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(website development saskatoon)Next introduction of neighbors in the east of Sa Province,One of the three grassland,Manitoba,Also I am《Tell you a comprehensive and real Canada,One of the series,Geographical climate》The one mentioned in one article“Alone”Province,Please continue to pay attention。