website development using php


website development using php

website development using php

website development using php(website development using php)

Content summary

This book is fully introducedPHPVarious techniques and techniques developed by website。All books21chapter,content includePHPRun Environmental configuration、Application of form and form elements、CSSandJavaScriptScript application、Verify control、ConstructPHPdynamic webpages、PHP andMySQLDatabase technology、PHPTechnologies with other database、SQLInquiry related technology、MySQLAdvanced application technology、String Processing technology、PHPObject-oriented programming technology、File management、Image and multimedia technology、Information extraction and chart analysis technology、Report And printing technology、Network communication technology、PHPandXMLTechnology、safety technology、PHPAdvanced application technology、Comprehensive application andPHPnew Technology, etc.。The book is a total of 480Instance,Each instance has highlighted practicality,Most examples are reflected PHPProgrammer is in real Experience skills summed up during the development process of inter-project development。

This book is enriched,Examples,Particularly suitablePHPProgrammer and majority of computer enthusiasts learn and develop,Can also be large、 Technical secondary school teachers and students reading reference。

Small editor:This book is not suitable for beginners,contentHTML+JS+PHPmix,It is easy to appear visual fatigue,Not recommended entrance-level people reading。