website development scope of work template


website development scope of work template

(website development scope of work template)In the position of many computers,One of them is called“webServer development”,It is what we often say.webrear end;Maybe have some work experience developers for thiswebThe development of the server is very familiar.,I don't say anything about the trust of his specific needs.,It should also be a slightly known one or two.,But for the rookie that is just gottingwebWhat does the backend need to do something?,What need to be some of the mystery,So today, Xiaobian is simple to explain some of them.webWhat does the backend need??

It is easy to cause misunderstandings,That is the nature of work:“Server development”Generally speaking,,webIs the application service is developed,Not that it is specificwebInterior development of the server;(That is to say, the development is the application instead ofwebserver)

Officially saidwebI have to understand some small concepts before the service development.:

website development scope of work template

1.what iswebapplication?

webApplication is what we often see,website、Company management system、Online office system, etc.webapplication; awebApplication,what iswebrear end,what iswebfront end?website development scope of work template

(website development scope of work template)Baidu, who is most familiar with you, as an example says:Baidu home we can see,This page is displayed on our own computer browser,Picture layout on the page we see,Clicking on the page This is also the thing that is doing the front.,The backend is responsible for providing the interface for obtaining data used by the front.,Posts stored data;And put these image resources,Page resource deployment to the correspondingwebServer;

(website development scope of work template)We know that after the concept,We will know more clearly.webThe responsibility of the backend developer;

website development scope of work template

So what kind of skills we need for this duties, let us compete for this post??

First、We need to understand the current mainstreamwebserver:Includingtomcat,Apache,JbossWait,How do you understand??First we need to install these servers,Know their respective advantages and disadvantages;(Configuring these things is not limited towindowsplatform,Also includeslinux,UNIXWait)

second、 We need to find a computer development language that you like to be good at.,It's very popular now.php,java 2 ee(java),asp,.net(c#) ,These languages can be donewebServer development;If you think every one is very clear,It should be very difficult but a kind of understanding is still very hopeful.;So getting started with language, you must choose the language you like and good at;

third、Database's master,As a qualified backend developer,Master the current mainstream database configuration installation,There is also data in the database,Designing database table structure is necessary,Also the most important,Because the design of the database is directly affected to the success or failure of the entire project;So must pay attention to the design of the database;

fourth、After having the above knowledge,You can do backend development.,But I want to go to the next level.,Let yourself become big gods in the back end,And the last step,Design for the overall code of the backend,This involves design patterns,Including,Titting management of code,Let the code reach modular purpose(High cohesion,Low coupling)This is a need for experience in work.;

Through the above article, all friends believe that the website server is developing to do something.?Summary Some words are data and design;Animation like the webpage we see,Special effects,Layout style,These are the lives of the front end;It's also to say,Is the control of business logic,This”MVC“Development mode,Business logic belongs toC,Because the company's different points are doing business processing in the front end to do in the backend,But he does not coupling the front and backend modules;

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