wordpress website developer salary


Generally,Even if it is a front-end engineer,Salaries will not be too low,take4kSalary,Obviously people are unbelievable,But this fact,really exists。Can't help but be curious,In the end4000Wage front end,What job is doing??

(wordpress website developer salary)(No minimum,Only lower,One of the programmers,Still2.5kSalary!)

A front-end program from Zhuhai,Tell4kA paragraph of salary。

wordpress website developer salary

Internship,I do test,Later, it is interested in the front end,But suffering from no experience,Just find a front-end position in a traditional industry,Salary is4k。Main work content,It seems very interesting now,Our company is mainly related to government projects.。

(wordpress website developer salary)Frontal position belongs to product group……Speaking of goodness is the front end,In fact, the dry live is very wonderful.,Dactically do product manager+UI+Interact+Code live。

Code,Our group is only responsible for static page,That is, professional cutter,Common library isBootstrapandEchats(Government projects often require display icons),This is also good。The most pothole is required to be compatibleIE,Most requirements are compatibleIE8,Some even compatibleIE6,It's hard to say。

Raised it a year later6k,But I really don't want to do it.4Job life,Jump to the new company,Up50%Salary,It has completed the small goal of my graduation for two years.。

wordpress website developer salary

thought4kAlready the lower limit of the front end engineer,I didn't expect that there is still a front end.2500Salary,Be right,2500RMB/A month。Internship,He took2kSalary,Turn forward2.5k,Main work content,UsewordpressMake an enterprise display website,Write static pages、Interactive logic,useAngularWrite single page applications, etc.。

With the development of the company,The team has expanded,Add a few people,He is responsible for a new person,So expenditure preparation company front end specification,Later, the team transformed intoReact,The salary at this time is3.5k。

Until he left before,Wage3.9k。But after the interview, a Shenzhen company,The other party opened18kSalary,In the same city(Second-tier cities)Taken8kSalary。

wordpress website developer salary(wordpress website developer salary)

Have to feel this engineer's experience,However, this may have a big relationship with the company.,If the company can't afford so high salary,Usually only two options,Either do it,Either。Obvious,He chose the former。

(wordpress website developer salary)In the workplace,Have such a kind of person,Go to the company,That company is closed,Xiao Liu is this kind of person……

wordpress website developer salary

Xiao Liu15I started to do front-end development year,The main work is to use nativejsImplement some simpleJQueryFunction,Write some simple pages,take2300Salary,I originally wanted to take a time to stay in a period of time.,I didn't expect two months later.,The company has closed。Go to a new company,Salary is4000,unexpectedly9Month,The company closed again,It's good to learn to use.gulp、webpackAnd three frames。

After the new company,Xiao LiuvueandJQueryMix,Reconstruct the background of the company project,Later usevueCompleted a new project,Salary after half a year8k。after that,Xiao Liu spent two monthsantdproReconstructing the background,Can be skilledraect,From this month,Salary12k。

wordpress website developer salary

take4kDay,Almost became a lot of memories of front-end engineers,Dry a mix of hetero,Salary holding an image,It's good to end in the past.,Most people will be“Poverty”,Get into10kLevel,one step closer。