website creation and development


The website is currently a very popular tool,Even in the media era,The role of the website is still unable to replace,The website is not only show public information.,You can also accept user complaints through website media,Feedback,suggestion,Work order, etc. a series of issues,A unit wants to enhance the visibility or brand image,It is still necessary to build a website.。

So,Next, it will be optimized by the bear to tell you how to make a website process step.?The following points may make you have a certain help on the website.。

(website creation and development)website creation and development

one、Website positioning

How to make a website?The reason for the construction site needs to be determined?What kind of content and services want to offer on the website?Website population positioning, etc.?These need to be clear,Idea to build a website,You need to position according to requirements,What is the need to tell the developer website?。

two、Domain name registration

Domain name can be a virtual brand of a company,It is important to have ownership,Therefore, Xiaobian recommends everyone to register the domain name and manage itself.,Recommend Ali Cloud Registration here,Domain name、Analyze,These tasks are all fools,Don't worry, don't understand these,If you don't understand, let the host after-sales help.。

three、Purchase host

Host used to place a website file,Other video、Picture。The server host can purchase according to the specific use,Virtual hosts、Cloud main machine, etc.,See what kind of server host you need,Generally speaking, the virtual host is relatively inexpensive,Performance,The speed is not as fast as the cloud server quickly and stabilizes,This can be decided according to the budget of the company.。


Production site can be mainly three ways:1、Find a station company,2、Online construction station,3、usecmsThe system is built,This needs to start according to the actual needs of the company,Online construction is not recommended to use,It is because the online construction station is basically a chicken rib.,Site search engines made from doing,There is no extensibility,This type of website is actually mainly,Take a look,Look beautiful,I have used it everywhere.,If the website is an intranet platform,I can't use it.。

Xiaobian recommended everyone to use it directlycmssystem,Can be deployed to the external network,Can also be deployed to the intranet,Comparepageadminsystem、empirecms、phpcmsThese,Most of the domestic website production companies are usedcmsSystem,Domestic network company90%Both is a marketing team,No technical team,There will be a front team with a little bigger.,Also based oncmsCustomized front-end template style on the basis,In the end, it is to find a service.、Technical strength, reliable company,After all, the website will fall in one or two years.,If you have no problem, you can't find a solution.,Or encounter problems, I don't know how to solve it.,Harming a lot of companies can only re-issue,Waste manwork and financial resources。

(website creation and development)I need attention here.,After the website is completed,Be sure to provide website deployment documents,Many companies don't have this consciousness,Leading the second year of maintenance costs。

Fives、Website operation

Such as a valuable website,Affirmation requires quality information and service capabilities,therefore,For the supplier of the website,This work must not be ignored,Ensure that the website news or data is often updated,Many websites open,News is still a few years ago,This type of website if you are a customer,I think you will not recognize this company.。

The above is some steps and precautions for making websites.,It should be helpful to everyone when making a website。


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