website development for schools


(website development for schools)How to make your school website to make you satisfied?The school website does give students、Parent、teacher、The staff offers a lot of help,But sometimes some school websites are indeed more garbage,Start, not only slow,And also lost the page,This makes a lot of people spit,If you want to let the school website make everyone satisfied,Then, these points have to be understood。

website development for schools

one、Website features and navigation bar are not complex

(website development for schools)Some school websites really don't understand what is the aesthetics of their school leaders.,Add a bunch of chaos and seven-eight-line features,Not only let the website become very card,Also let some older users have eyes。This kind of school website is comparative failure,Generally speaking, the school website is for everyone to bring convenience.,Therefore, don't be too complicated.,Simply make everyone can get started,The navigation bar is also the same。

two、Don't join pop-up and advertising

(website development for schools)The school website is not to make money,Some people think that adding advertising and pop-up windows in sites can not only make money.,Can you solve problems for students??Ask which one of the regular school sites will join these two things,Only some bad schools will join in for pits。

three、School website background management system easy to operate

Sometimes the school website management person is cleaned up to the website.,Maybe a part of the link can be deleted,At this time, I will try to check if there is a dead chain.。The background management system is very important in the school website production.,If the background operation is more complicated,In the later stage, it is very troublesome.。

Four、Website font materials

I don't recommend everyone to use some messy fonts.,Or choose a regular Song or black body,The material should have a party material,This makes the website more formal,After you have to join the school related pictures,Let others see it, I will want to enter the school.。

The most important thing in the school website production is the website loading speed.,Many websites have a very slow load speed?It is because the features and code and the server are not available.,Some schools have a lot of money but bought a very bad server.,Once there are many people enter the website,It will make the website become very different from normal browsing.,Let the students are very angry。