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Today, I will introduce you to a foreign entrepreneurial case.,Two boys know in one event,Later they got a cooperation idea。The projects they cooperated started very simple,Is aWordPressWebsite system design theme template,But what did they have not thought about it?,This cooperation is that they have successfully started。The theme template they designed and developed is in short6Have been50More than 10,000 people pay purchase and use,One of the best-selling theme templates,Sales also reached3000Million dollars,Just a website theme template can get such high sales,Big eye。

one、Case is brief:6More time,AvadaWebsite theme template is sold50More than 10,000 copies,Sales exceed3000Ten thousand U.S. dollars

ThemeFusion,Is anWordPressTheme template production team,AvadaTheme website template(A basisWordPressResponse multi-function topic)Designer in FloridaLukeBeckAnd in PakistanWordPressDeveloperMuhammadHarisConcentric cooperation development,existing20Multiple employees,World50A thousand customers,Sales reached3000More mate。

Their development process

2012year3moon,AvadaTheme initially made from Florida designersLukeBeckAnd in PakistanWordPressDeveloperMuhammadHarisConception design,And found。

2012year8moon16day,AvadaWordPressFirst release theme template1.0Version,The previous four days ago150Secondary sales。

2012year8moon26day,AvadaFirst sales rankings in the market,Sales volume335。In one month,ThemeFusiongotEliteAuthor identity,Total sales exceed75000Dollar。

2013year2moon,Be released12Month,AvadaThe theme sales is like a rocket version,Sales growth,forThemefusionBrought the first one million dollars sales,gotPowerEliteAuthor identity,Publish and releaseAvada2.0and3.0Version。ThemeFusionGradually introduced6Customer Support Team,And the end-to-end experience of its products is fully responsible,This is the key reason they have satisfied and success.。

2014year3moon,ThemefusionThe team released a proprietary drag and drop page builderFusionBuilderproduct。At this timeAvadaThe sales volume has reached1010,000 yuan,At the same timeThemeforestFirst place。

2015year12moon23day,AvadaSales reached18Ten thousand copies,AvadaSales reached an amazing1000Ten thousand U.S. dollars,ThemefusionTeam staff have doubled。

2016year3moon,Avada5.0Reflatable scheduled,NewFusionBuilderAlso developed。Development expansionFusionBuilderAnd the strategic new plan of the ecosystem,MappingAvadaGrowth in the next five years to ten years。

2017year4moon,AvadaTotal sales exceed30Ten thousand copies,And it is still growing rapidly。

2018year8moon,AvadaTotal sales reached2500Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Milestone,ThemeFusionTeam is also celebratingAvadaof6Anniversary birthday。

(wordpress website developers near me)2019year4moon3day,AvadaSales500000share,This is their milestone date,Still maintaining faster growth。

Until now:ThemeFusionTotal20Multiplayer team,Two product lines,includeAvada、FusionBuilder(Drag and drop page)。Avadasince2012year8Since the launch of months,finished99Second theme update,existThemeforestMore than22057+5Star evaluation,Sales reached525378share,Sales3152Ten thousand U.S. dollars(Extended after-sales service fee,18Dollar/year)。

(wordpress website developers near me)Source of reference:ThemeFusionBlog、ThemeforestInterview information、as well asThemeFusionSocial media public data。

two、Case brief analysis:ThemeFusionHow to operate?

①Who is the target audience??

AvadaIs a based onWordPressResponse multi-function topic,Support to build a variety of websites,support multi-languauge,The main audience isWordPressWebmaster、enterprise、E-commerce、Merchant business、Blogger、Writer, etc.,There are millions of users around the world.。

(wordpress website developers near me)②Platform for use、channel、What is the tool??

(wordpress website developers near me)Theme template sales platform。rely onthemeforestPlatform Sales yourself theme template,And completed0arrive50Million sales。

channel。ThemeFusionOfficial website、AvadaFacebookuser group(have18000Many active members,Group is founded in2013year6moon5day)、Twitter、Third-party theme template evaluation classification website spread,for example:WinningWP、Colorlibetc。

(wordpress website developers near me)tool。mailchimp(Mail subscription tool)、WordPress(Official website blog+Community Forum)、Codeable(Used for topic custom consulting services)。

(wordpress website developers near me)③Creation?

(wordpress website developers near me)Website theme template(wordpressTheme website template)Need to understand design and front-end knowledge。

④How much cost is probably budget??

Early main time is personal cost,Early designerLukeBeckandWordPressDeveloperMuhammadHarisCreate together,Others have no cost。

⑤Who is right??

Suitable for web designers、Front end engineer and student、Office workers, etc.,Website theme template for payment of pay-free or full-time,pass throughthemeforestPlatform sales,There are many domestic people.WordPressTheme startup team,Sales is also good。

⑥ThemeFusionHow does the team make money??

Theme sales。OneAvadaSubject template's sales reached525378share,Sales3152Ten thousand U.S. dollars。

Extend after-sales service。Extended after-sales service fee every year is18-24Dollar,50Million sales,Then, the customers who have purchased after-sales will be a lot.。

AvadaCustom service。ThemeFusionThe team also providesWordPressSubject Customization and Development Services。

Recommended commission。Recommended for customersBluehost、WPEngineWait for the server host to get commission,This is just part of their incomplete part of their income.,Ignorable。

three、Case enlightenment:ThemeFusionSuccessful or lesson

(wordpress website developers near me)Customer demand and platform traffic support。WordPressGlobal website10%about,There are quite a few websites worldwide based onWordPressWebsite,Can build a variety of types of websites,Such customers include individuals、enterprise、Merchant, etc.,Customers have always been large for the subject template,themeforestIs one of the world's largest digital market,Very much more accurate customer base,existthemeforestThere are thousands of platforms on the platformWordPresstheme,More than 100,000 US dollars1000Above,AvadaAlmost a best-sellingWordPressOne of the subjects,Have a big recommended position,Get more exposure and flow support。

The product itself is very powerful。AvadaIs a response multi-function topic,The theme template is relatively friendly,only60Dollar,Theme is compatible with multiple plug-in types,Such asWPML,Yoast,W3TC,ContactForm7,JetPackGravityForms,RevolutionsSlider,WooCommerce,bbPress,BuddyPress,No matter what type of website you created, you can meet,It also supports30Various national language,andFusionBuilderintegrated,Free use,Visual drag and drop content to create a beautiful page。Whether it is the flexibility of the design of the product、The functionality of the product is very powerful.,They also got more than22057+5Star evaluation。

It is important to grow,Customer after-sales service is also important。ThemeFusionI have built my own customer support team early.,And continue to develop iteration upgrade,Make sure the theme template is always at the forefront of the market。Not only that,ThemeFusionIt has also established your own community、Community to maintain existing customers。Community can help customers learn knowledge、Communication information and depth participation feedbackAvadaTheme,CanAvadaTheme provides a lot of user feedback、Upgrading iteration and improvement plays a crucial role。ThemeFusionIt also spent a lot of resources to developAvadaTheme document、Video and tutorial,Help our customers better master and learnAvadaTheme template。

Lasting。No matter what,Not necessarily, the more you do it.,If you can do something well,One product is polished,You can harvest more wealth。for example:Make a popular mobile phone(Apple mobile phone, etc.)、Make a popular car(BMW, etc.)、Make a popularAPP(Today's headlines, etc.)、Be a popular website(Taobao, etc.)、Be a popular plugin(YoastWait)、Be a popular theme template(AvadaTheme, etc.)、Be a popular self-media(Li Jiaqi, etc.)etc,Strike,Not the amount of greedy。so,You can think about what you can do.?How do you plan to do it?。

No money, no one can get started,Let you earn more every year10Ten thousand!

wordpress website developers near me