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Summary:LinkedInpublished Top Startups 2021data,Let us take a look at them today.15 Canadian company。

(website development services in calgary)

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(website development services in calgary)2021yearLinkedInThe list of best startups reveals15Home young people welcome Canada companies。

(website development services in calgary)

Canada 4 YearnLinkedIn Top Startups The list is the resources of the start-up company that you should now pay attention to.,Reflects 2021 Continue to attract investment year、Employee and social concern 15 Company。

In order to summarize this year's rankings,Research report viewed LinkedIn Four major pillars:Employee growth;Job seeker interest;Membership and the interaction between companies and their employees;And how these startups are from ourLinkedIn Attracting talent in the list of top companies。For eligibility,Company must be full 7 Years or less,Have at least 50 Employee,For private control and headquarters in Canada。(You can understand more information about this report at the bottom of this article.。)

website development services in calgary

LinkedIn Top Startups 2021:15 Canadian company

1、Wealthsimple (Financial Services)

Full-time employee:700


(website development services in calgary)year established:2014

Most common skill:JavaScript、SQL、CSS

Most common position:software engineer、Engineering manager、head of the team

You should know:This online brokerage company——Described by Bloomberg“More conserved Canadian version Robinhood Markets”——For stocks and ETF Provide zero commission investment services。

2、Clearco (Financial Services)

Full-time employee:450


year established:2015

Most common skill:Social media marketing、data analysis、SQL

Most common position:Investment analyst、scout、Senior Software Engineer

(website development services in calgary)You should know:This online company's financial science and technology capital provider(Predecessor Clearbanc)Recently obtained unicorn status,And is developing its international expansion plan。

3、Nudestix (Cosmetics)

Full-time employee:60

(website development services in calgary)Headquarters:Toronto


Most common skill:Social media marketing、data analysis、Brand development

Most common position:Digital Marketing Manager、Packager、Product manager

You should know:“Nudestix”Beauty brands are known for its crayons who create natural makeup。

4、Neo Financial (Financial Services)

Full-time employee:360people

(website development services in calgary)Headquarters:Calgary and Winnipeg

(website development services in calgary)Established:2018year

Most common skills:SQL、Python、JavaScript

The most common job position:Customer service、software engineer、Product manager

You should know:This technology company aims to simplify consumption、Savings and rewards,Recently announced the planning of the second headquarters in Winnipeg,It is expected to increase300New job position。

5、Bonsai (Retail)

Full-time employee:75



Most common skills:JavaScript、CSS、Python

Most common position:Full stack engineer、Customer service、product designer
You should know:BonsaiFirst is a men's street shooting and news applications,It tries to re-explain the future of e-commerce for publishers and media companies.。

6、KOHO (Financial Services)

Full-time employee:224


year established:2014

Most common skill:SQL、JavaScript、CSS

Most common position:software engineer、acting、Data Analyst

(website development services in calgary)You should know:Financial service applications offer a free expenditure and savings account for Canadians,And recently launched a welfare,Let employees take their salary on demand。

7、Borrowell (Financial Services)

Full-time employee:127

(website development services in calgary)Headquarters:Toronto

year established:2014

Most common skill:JavaScript、SQL、Java

Most common position:Full stack engineer、Internal sales representative、Engineering manager

(website development services in calgary)You should know:This financial technology company offers a variety of financial services,Credit score、educate、personal loan、Mortgage and digital tools。

8、ApplyBoard (Internet)

Full-time employee:1,000+


year established:2015

Most common skill:SQL、data analysis、Java

(website development services in calgary)Most common position:Application expert、International recruitment manager、software engineer

(website development services in calgary)You should know:According to Forbes,This education technology company——Help foreign applicants in the United States、U.K、Australia and Canada seek higher education——In less than a year, the number of employees turned。

9、Onlia (Insurance)

Full-time employee:60+


year established:2017

Most common skill:SQL、HTML、insurance

Most common position:Customer Representative、Claimant、Customer service

(website development services in calgary)You should know:Onlia Digital insurance for cars and homes in Ontario,Recently, a new group insurance has been added to employers.。

10、Drop (Consumer Services)

Full-time employee:86


year established:2015

Most common skill:JavaScript、SQL、Python

Most common position:software engineer、Data scientist、consultant

You should know:Personalized business platforms match consumers with brands through mobile applications,Let customers can redeem the rewards by purchasing points。

11、Viral Nation (Marketing and Advertising)

(website development services in calgary)Full-time employee:155+


year established:2014

Most common skills:Social media marketing、digital marketing、Bundry marketing

Most common position:Customer coordinator/implement/director、Talent Coordinator、Graphic Designer

You should know:This global digital marketing institution is specially engaged in Nethong Marketing、Talent representative、Social media marketing and management。

12、League (Information Technology and Services)

Full-time employee:330


year established:2014

most common skills:Java、JavaScript、SQL

most common jobs:software engineer、engineering manager、product designer| what you should know:League is a technology-focused health company,help consumers get、Navigate and pay for medical bills。

13、APOLLO Insurance

(website development services in calgary)full-time employee:80

(website development services in calgary)headquarters:Vancouver

(website development services in calgary)year established:2018

(website development services in calgary)most common skills:insurance、business insurance、Risk Management

most common jobs:business development manager、insurance consultant、broker

what you should know:Online insurance marketplace offers multiple insurance companies on one integrated online platform。

14、Cluth (Automotive)

Number of full-time employees:115


year established:2017

(website development services in calgary)most common skills:SQL、CSS、JavaScript | most common jobs:software engineer、Strategic Operations Manager、General manager| what you should know:This online retail platform aims to modernize the used car market,and hopes to expand to more cities in Canada。

15、ADA (Computer Software)

full-time employee:343


(website development services in calgary)year established:2016

most common skills:SQL、data analysis、Python

most common jobs:backend developer、business development representative、consultant

what you should know:This AI chatbot provider helps customers return packages、Change flights or answer sales and service questions。

The research method of this report:

LinkedIn Measuring startups against the four pillars:job growth、Engagement、Work interest and attractiveness of top talent。Employment growth is measured as the percentage increase in the number of employees over the method's time frame,The percentage must be at least 15%。Engagement View non-employee perspectives and companies LinkedIn page attention,and how many non-employees are viewing the startup's employees。Job interest is the rate at which people view and apply for company jobs,Includes paid and unpaid positions。Top Talent Attraction measures the number of employees a startup hires from any of the top global LinkedIn companies,% of total startup employees。Data normalized for all eligible startups。The methodological time frame is 2020 year 7 moon 1 day to day 2021 year 6 moon 30 day。

to qualify,The company must be completely independent、private、have 50 or more full-time employees、under the age of 7 aged and headquartered in their country/area。We do not include all HR companies、think tank、The venture capital company、law office、management and IT consulting firm、Nonprofits and Charities、Accelerators and Government Owned Entities。Layoffs within the methodological time frame 20% or more startups are also not eligible。LinkedIn or LinkedIn The few venture investments made by parent company Microsoft in other companies have no impact on the company's eligibility。

About Company Insights

(website development services in calgary)*Company Insights fromLinkedIn Talent Insights。Data reflect data from relevant countries/Active in the area LinkedIn Aggregated Public Membership Data for Profiles,including with LinkedIn Company-related full-time employee profiles on。Report exclusion of members identified as part-time or contractors。Number of employees provided directly by the company,unless otherwise noted with an asterisk。These numbers are based on LinkedIn data。These insights reflect the 2021 year 8 monthly data。