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(website development freelance jobs)

website development freelance jobs

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2011Yearn,My undergraduate has just graduated,Full of confusion。Now it seems,I18The major chose to choose is not a wise choice。In us,Even if you get the engineering degree,Perhaps you want to choose a office work in several digital electronic communication companies。This is the future of my high school.。

but,I am very lucky now.,Contact this work,I decided to create a website using sudden ownership.。From the website of the website to find the first customer on my free occupation path, I have timely one month.,For many people,This speed seems to be incredible。in the text,I will tell my story。

website development freelance jobs

Learning Content

(website development freelance jobs)

This is a controversial problem in well-known technology companies.,Some companies pay attention to the study of specific framework patterns,Some pay attention to the reading of professional books,Most companies will ask you to buy their products,Including no matter、Online counseling or e-book,And the recommended types of suggestions。

simply put,Want to see yourself as a novice full stack engineer,The foundation you need to master is as follows:



· Javascript

· Backend language

· database

That's it,In this order。Every area can learn for many years,But it is still difficult to achieve the level of real proficiency。So how can I find a job through a month's initial study??The answer is,You need to learn every skillfully。

(website development freelance jobs)

website development freelance jobs

What extent?

Next, I want to talk about it.,Before you find a job,How long does it take for each skill?,And what are the contents of each field need。Please keep in mind two things:

· I didn't work at the time.,At least you can take out every day5arrive6Hours study。

· Not only you have to practice after finding your work,Also increase learning intensity。


ResearchHTML,I just spent a whole day.,There are two reasons:

· HTMLEasy to learn。

· I found that in the later study, I will use anyway.HTML。


I spent3Time trialCSS,Experience how it is applied to differentHTMLelement。The key link is to understand different positioning and alignment.。Pure aesthetic issues like colors and fonts are very understanding,If needed,You can also learn more complex content。


I spent almost a week to study and exercise.JavascriptBasic knowledge,The key is to understand its cycle、condition、Function、Basic syntax、Browser console method、Division of clients and servers,And send requests to the server(AJAX)Method, etc.。

Backend language

The first back-end language I learned isPHP,The choice of backend language varies from person to person,But my suggestion is from a mainstream language.,Because many work can be used,There are many online information.。PHP、PythonandRubyBoth are more popular choices,Node.jsThere are also many users later.,But I don't recommend the choice of the rear-end language.,There are two reasons:

(website development freelance jobs)

· Node.jsuseJavascriptgrammar,So I can't experience the benefits of learning the second language language.。

· Node.jsUse more asynchronous,For beginners, it is very unfriendly。

When learning a new language,Also necessary grammar、cycle、Best practice begins。Now,You can spend a few days to read a general software to develop best practices and object-oriented programming,Then try to practice the concept you have learned with the backend language you choose.。

(website development freelance jobs)

Later,Establish contacts with the back end by developing applications,In this application,Depend onJavascriptSend the request to the backend,After the rear end is given,JavascriptRespond by operating a web page and data sent back。

I have been studying this part of the content of the two weeks.。

(website development freelance jobs)

website development freelance jobs

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Data storage and data recovery require databases,I chose the most common database now.MySQL,Database selection is also different from person,But I recommend choosing a relational database。

You need to know some basic knowledge:What are the data types in a database?,How to read and write data、Update and delete, etc.。Next,Need to know how to use the relationship between data table indexes and data sheets,Be sure to understand the concept of joint query,But there is no need for excessive entanglement。These basic knowledge can be found in any novice tutorial。

After understanding the basics of the database,Together to integrate it:Establish a small website with a database,User can register,Communicate with the server,Put the data in the database,After that, restore it。What is this software function?,It is important to apply all the knowledge points that are currently accumulated.。

I spent about a week at this stage.。

website development freelance jobs(website development freelance jobs)

Frontier,Rear car

How do I find how I found a job?,I want to spend some time telling everyone.,If you have come back,What changes I will do?。For beginners,Grasping key points is not easy,Here is some things that I am mistaken at the time.。

Easy code editor is a strong assistant

I used to write code for the first time.Notepad,I thought at the time.,Using a high-top editor is not too much outside of the aesthetics,This idea is wrong.。

Good editor can achieve proper automatic indentation format,Learning cycle、Conditions and syntax。also,You can also set different colors to code in different languages.,And make a warning for grammar errors。For beginners who will make some simple mistakes,These two characteristics are very critical。This will help you find a mistake.,Understand different data types and variable ranges, etc.。

There are many other advantages in a good editor.,But the above advantages are enough to let beginners are tempted.。There are a lot of free editors,SublimeIs good choice。

Set up a domain name

The development environment established on most machines is not difficult,but,You should also build a public domain name that can upload personal works immediately.。Its importance cannot be ignored,Three reasons:

· Can learn basic knowledge about hosting companies and domain registration。

(website development freelance jobs)· How to useFTPandSSHCommunication with remote server。

· After the customer,You need to show their works in some way.,If you have a public domain name,You can create a test environment for the project.,And connect it to the customer。


In the initial stage,I have jumped out forgitStudy。In one project,gitThe appearance makes me unfair,I have to spend a few nights to understand it.。

Here some basic steps avoid everyone to repeat:Create a test projectgit repo,Learn the working principle of each branch,Understanding Pull Requests、Relevant knowledge combined and acquired。at the beginning,It should be enough to figure this out。

(website development freelance jobs)

Don't ignore mobile performance

When I was a computer novice,Mobile browsers are not as common as they are today,But its development has become a set,If more attention was paid toCSSResponsive,would be a wise choice。In today's view,Mobile performance is undoubtedly critical。Now,Most website traffic is mobile traffic,Whatever you create takes into account the screen size。

website development freelance jobs

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website development freelance jobs

find a job

When you start looking for a job,I have an account on some freelance platforms,At this stage I tried different approaches。about a year,I found itUpworkwebsite,Been using this site for a long time。

I applied for some odd jobs that only required a few hours of work,Mainly responsible for making some small changes on the existing website and solving some small problems。I fully understand that some knowledge needs to be learned in depth,while also keeping customers fully informed about this——when applying for every job,I will write that I will need a few days to get used to the homework。

a few days have passed,After sending more than a dozen messages to customers,I finally got my first paid project。It took me three days to complete this project,Also gained a lot。

but,My biggest lesson is after the project is over:everything works fine,However the client abandoned the project,I then marked the project as unfinished on my homepage。why is this?Because I couldn't show my work at the time。so,I must reiterate this:Create a public domain name in advance。

(website development freelance jobs)

website development freelance jobs(website development freelance jobs)

look ahead

(website development freelance jobs)

The first failure didn't make me lose confidence,I move on,Soon found a few more small projects。at work about20diva,I found the first bigger project:if I remember correctly,I was going to build a website using a searchable database of real estate agents in each area。

over the next nine years,I create a lot,Continuously optimized with every update。I build my own knowledge body of programming language,Started using the frameworks and libraries in my work。I never once regretted my original choice——Learn the basics of various areas of full stack development。

website development freelance jobs

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(website development freelance jobs)

Too many web developers want to run before they learn to stand still,don't learn from them,pluck up courage,go ahead。You can amaze everyone,including yourself。

website development freelance jobs

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