website design and development banner


websiteThe banner is an effective area for the business advertising,Its importance is self-evident。Beautiful and valuable banners can help the website quickly attract users,Guide users to buy,forwebsiteCreate huge marketing benefits。So,WebsiteHow to design more attractive banners??

website design and development banner

first,Copywriting is the core。It can communicate the subject of the entire website to users、Event information。No copy,Users will never know what you want to express。As for the design of the copy,We must start from the perspective of users,Considerate user,Touch the user's needs,Let users have the urge to buy。

(website design and development banner)So,The location of the banner picture should also be carefully designed。Since the banner is usually combined with the image of the main product of the online store,Therefore, the location of the banner is very important for the display of the product.。It is recommended to open the background color of the banner with the navigation background area.。also,The color next to the banner should not be too rich。It is best to leave blank and highlight banners。

(website design and development banner)also,If it is a foodwebsite,Recommended support for dispersion design,Make the website look lighter。at the same time,Red、Yellow、Green and other foods can better grasp the appetite of the user,Attract users to buy。In the banner design,Need some modifications to text,Such as amplifying and shrinking、Animation effect、Font selection, etc.。Micro scene production can complete this part!

Data Display,Tilted text and pictures can attract users to buy more。therefore,In design banner,Need to change the layout angle,To avoid regular layout。Especially if it is a promotion、Discount and other activities banner,Application tilt design can better add event atmosphere。

(website design and development banner)finally,Is the composition of the banner。For frequent promotion activitieswebsite,It is very suitable for the following three composition methods:Triangle composition、Mainly in the medium version、Row auxiliary typesetting、Highlight words and pictures;Slash composition,Trust writing with graphics and bottom slash;The radial component is mainly composed of intermediate elements.,Diffusion from the center。

(website design and development banner)

(website design and development banner)websiteThe banner design is very important。Generally,When we do the above design,We can greatly increase the user's purchase desire,Improve sales of online stores。

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(website design and development banner)

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