website development approach


There are many companies and platforms that are now building.,Everyone has a lot of all kinds of construction companies,Many people don't know how to choose,Especially for Xiaobai,I don't know which way is good.,Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of various construction methods.。

Now the website is basically divided into the following,The first is what we are now commonsaasEstablish a station、Yun Jian Station、Template construction, etc.,The second is the source code template construction station,The third is the semi-custom mode building and depth custom construction site,So what is the shortcomings of these??Which way is suitable for me??Beside Wushu will tell this question in detail.。

1、Let's talk about it firstsaasEstablish a station、Yun Jian Station、Template building。

The advantage of this way of building is template、Construction is convenient,Drag and drop module construction station,Visualization,For general display sites,Still convenient,For Xiaobai novice, I don't know the code is relatively friendly.,And the platform general template is more,Coverage various industries,so,Compare small white novice,Can quickly build a website belonging to your own,So what is the shortcoming of this construction??Everything is not perfect,The same template building also has its own drawbacks:

1.1、Most of this construction method does not have website source code:

What is source code,Source code is equivalent to our people's flesh and blood and bones,We see the web page is running by source code,so,Website on this platform,Be a good job of permanent renewal,It is impossible to change the server yourself.。

And Wan Shitao has also seen some from the media platform.,Some platforms are not high in the first year.,Maybe a few hundred yuan a website,It takes a few thousand yuan to start renewal prices in the second year.,Customers who don't want to renew, want to turn away,But because the source code belongs to the platform,Can't turn to your own website,And also operated for a while,Can only continue to renew the head,Can't control it yourself。

1.2、The server is difficult to do separatelyipdeploy,And the bandwidth allocated for each website。

(Website Development Approach)Many platforms are in the face of usersseoHow,All sayseono problem,title、Introduction、Content can be set yourself,actually,seoFar more than this,It is a system,Site label、Open speed、cdnaccelerate、Inner chain structure、Sector setting、Post module replacement, etc.,To know,Search engine algorithms are upgraded and changed,And this construction method is difficult to replace and develop in the later period of time.,Even replacement,The cost may also be a lot,in addition,Many platforms in order to save costs,Maybe many websites are concentrated on one server,When people are more visiting,Case is difficult to guarantee,Which website is violatedseoRule is punished,Also, the website of the accumulation of the server,so,The coupling is too high.。

(Website Development Approach)2、Source Code Template Construction Station

Another is the source code template construction station,That is, this construction method is also a template building.,But provide full source code to you,If you want to upgrade,You can find the module modification of technology,You can also entrust the template author to maintain maintenance,Let the author help the deployment can operate,The advantage of this way is the core thing to master in your own hands.,Not afraid of being blusted in the future,for example,This site,Also“Bookstone's personal blog”That is to take this way to make a template website。

The disadvantage of this way is that there is a certain requirement for template making techniques.,If you encounter difficulties,May be maintained in later maintenance,In addition, the source code itself is also uneven.。

3、Custom website building

(Website Development Approach)Custom website building is divided into semi-customized mode and depth mode construction site,Half custom website means some of the same type of website,Just need to change some of them according to customer requirements,The advantage of this is based on the original mature website.,Let the website will not have too many problems,And the price is relatively low,A general personal studio or small company can do this,This semi-defined station can also be conducted if the source code template building is also available in the above。

(Website Development Approach)There is also a depth mode building station,That is, docking from business needs、design、The layout and background code is written in a little bit.,This requirement has product analysis、Design artist、programmer、Customers participate in,So the requirements are relatively high,This suggestion is to find some regular construction companies to do,Can you see which,Conventing good source code belongs,Don't generate disputes due to source code。

In short,There are many ways to build the station.,Everyone can choose the right way of work in their own needs according to their needs.。