wordpress website development q uot


(WordPress Website Development Q Uot)author:PleasantwordpressEstablish a station(Yue Ranjun Station)

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The current market is that the cost of the foreign trade website is generally several times the construction of the Chinese website.,Generally, at least a few thousand yuan,The function is more complex.,If it is a foreign trade independent station cross-border mall,That price is not online,Detact, you can search online.。

(WordPress Website Development Q Uot)

wordpress website development q uot

(WordPress Website Development Q Uot)However, the above prices are only for some users who don't understand.,Some station companies always say that the construction of foreign trade websites is very complicated.,Therefore, the price is very high.。It can actually be in the construction of foreign trade website in fact, and the construction of ordinary domestic and trade Chinese websites is almost the same.,In addition to language,So in theory, the cost of constructing the company's foreign trade website should also be almost the same.。

So Yue Ran Network Studio(PleasantwordpressEstablish a station)Foreign trade building business charges are the same as ordinary Chinese websites,The charge is also from hundreds to a few thousand,Like a very cheap。If you are looking for us,How much does the general foreign trade company website need to build??The charge is also from hundreds to a few thousand。

If your requirements are relatively simple and have a certain foundation,can usewordpressEstablish a station,You can set the template to change your content,This way, you can do it yourself.,Take some time,Except for domain names and servers do not need to spend money。

(WordPress Website Development Q Uot)

In addition, I have to remind everyone.,The construction of foreign trade website is not more expensive, the better.,Don't pursue cheap,Too cheap, there is no good goods。

You may still want to know the following questions:

(WordPress Website Development Q Uot)

1.Which price is cheap in the foreign trade website?

This problem does not make sense,If you have a pursuit of cheap, you will lose very much.,Such as functionality、Effect、Service, etc.,As long as the cheap, there is free,For example, someB2BPlatform foreign trade shop,Free registration, don't want money,But such a shop is only basically used.,Just waste time。

2.What is the attention of the construction of foreign trade??

(WordPress Website Development Q Uot)

Building a foreign trade website must not only look cheap,Some necessary expenses must not save。For example, the domain name must use the top-level domain name,Host servers must purchase separately,Foreign trade website construction should use design or templates for browse habits for foreign users。Foreign trade website must be an independent website,Do not use the second-level domain name or secondary directory to make a so-called Chinese and English bilingual website。