rfq website development


rfq website development

existFOBMore than three years,I have never shared anything,Share some dry goods to foreign trade today。

one、Alibabafree+10RFQ+Leader/Google+Lazy tool

A mailbox can be registered an account,Need to bind the mobile phone number,But a mobile phone number Ali can only bind2Account(2Mailbox)。

An account has10FreeRFQ, These precious10indivualRFQ,It is best to choose a precise customer for quotation。

(RFQ Website development)How to determineRFQWhether it is accurate and effective:(1)Whether the content is templated(2)Trade Actions;Email Confirmed;CodeCompany Name(D******X)。

(RFQ Website development)After finding a precise customer,Generally obtain customer email or evenTel, Company Name, Website. But nausea Ali will also have buyers information hidden features,At this time, according to the customer is name and national or company name.,Dealer/GoogleSearch customer information,Take the customer through the lazy toolEmail,Mobile phone, etc.。At this time, you can start to develop a letter.。

Remark:if10RFQrun out,Found valuableRFQ,You can also dig the customer through the above manner。

two、Lazy tool+Leader/Google

Lazy toolenterProduct application field keyword→GoogleShow all company procurement/CEOLeader→Lazy tools are excavated one by one。

(LZDividing customers through different keywords,Regular excavation)

three、website+Social media

First of all, a logical website,CurrentlyLZTemplate website,A lot of cheats。Recommended website with independent source code,Easy to optimize in the station,LaterSEOHelp especially obvious。

(RFQ Website development)Push advertising through social media and other tools+Website product link(newFacebookDon't push any advertisements in the early stage,Otherwise it is sealed)。

1.2Is actively developing customers,3Is passive development customers

LZ Familiar with LinkedIn,All methods are related to LinkedIn,Dear friends can explore through yourself。

LZJust sharing some methods and is zero,Detailed steps need youFOBFriends and friends to explore。

GiveFobPlay a wave of advertisements:Lazy tools of foreign tradeers!

LZmotto:Proficiency,Actually,,burn one's boats,Bai Er Qinguan finally;Worry,Gallow,Survival,Three thousand hunar can be swallowed。

In fact, each of us has some small privileges.,Share it on top,Xiaobian reopened a Fuxi utilizationfacebookDevelopment customer method:facebookGroup marketing method

His product isb2bproduct,Notb2c, But he is still infacebookEasy to do so:he isfacebookProduct group,Support some foreign seed users,When the number of people reached a certain amount,He is currently the main job isfacebookSearch related crowds,And invite into group,Newcomers enter the group question,The foreign users will also participate in the exchange reply.,Enhanced the trust of potential purchases,It is said that he can do it in this group now.PI, Ship,Very easy。Currently his group is in4000+, Convenient for you to evaluate。

He also hopes that the lazy tool isfacebookGroup direction can do more research,Convenient he continues to sink。

You also talk about it.,A happy,Xiaobian will steal another cattle3Year-old play

rfq website development(RFQ Website development)