website design and development c ompany in bangladesh


website design and development c ompany in bangladesh

SindabadIt is the first online in BangladeshB2BE-commerce platform。

In the platform,Primary price,No bargaining,Have thousands of products,And you can send the product directly to the customer's office or factory,Provide one-stop service,Let customers buy different types of products without going to many different places,Meet the purchase needs of all customer office supplies。

SindabadThe products currently available include office supplies、school supplies、Daily necessities、electric、ITAnd security equipment, etc.。

Opportunity and solving

In Bangladesh,Sales office products are a big business。There are hundreds of companies engaged in this business in different forms.。For enterprises,Usually cooperate with many suppliers,This process is very cumbersome through artificial procurement and management office supplies and consumables.、time consuming、opaque、Speed slow and unpredictable。

SindabadSolution is to limit and ask customers to batch purchase,And try to sell to customers based on wholesale price。

(Website Design and Development C ompany in bangladesh)Target customers

SindabadTarget customer is a company responsible person or purchasing manager。becauseB2BBusiness is largely dependent on long-term relationship with customers。SindabadLaunch platinum for customers、gold、silver3Type member qualification,Also plan to carry out subscription services。

SindabadNow there are multiple reliable suppliers,andReckitt Benckiser,IspahaniWaiting for related brands established a relationship,Adding from them,Quality testing of products,And save in the warehouse,Provide users purchase。

Marketing and promotion

(Website Design and Development C ompany in bangladesh)sindabadThere is a sales team,Try to touch potential customers via the network platform。They also do their best to communicate with customers online,And personally with them and tell them the products sold。

(Website Design and Development C ompany in bangladesh)sindabadCurrently90%Customers come fromFacebook。


SindabadOn the one hand, contact with third-party delivery and logistics service provider。On the other hand, it is committed to developing and establishing a relatively automated and efficient local logistics model.,Increase delivery efficiency。It is alreadyPragati SaraniThere is a medium-sized warehouse,Also open two new warehouses,

(Website Design and Development C ompany in bangladesh)SindabadProvide delivery service,Products are usually4Delivery within a working day,If an error,Free replacement,Ensure no problem。


SindabadAt2016year6Month officially launched,in front7Monthly operation,The average monthly growth rate is about35%。

(Website Design and Development C ompany in bangladesh)SindabadCurrently have more than8,000Species,Satisfaction80%Companies procurement needs。Existing200Multiple customers,in30%Customers are regularly purchased on their platform。

SindabadEmployee250Multiplayer,Expect2019New Year's balance。


SindabadCurrently raised more than400UniversalARound financing,Mainly used for logistics、Product integration and personnel expansion。