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This week,Amazon can be described as half。on the one hand,Amazon Assistant released a new version of the children's version,This child's smart speaker debut last year,Add new features、New design and improved sound。on the other hand,The company is prosecuting for privacy involving children.。In the United States,There are two cases allegations,The company did not get license,Unable to create a sound record。

(Website development Arizona)This week,Wemo 3Road light switch is put into use,andHomeKitcompatible;HiveSome intelligent radiator valves have been launched;Samsung's luxury TV debut,Up to up to292inch,High resolution8K。

website development arizona

(Website development Arizona)Facebook plan continues to launch the portal

Facebook Video Assistant Portal,May be revised this year,The website hopes that people have forgotten that the camera who once makes the face records their family.。

Facebook AR/VRvice presidentAndrew BosworthIn ArizonaScottsdaleHoldCodeAt the meeting, he received a relationship interview.:"We will announce more new information later in the fall.。

(Website development Arizona)​

website development arizona(Website development Arizona)

Amazon Assistant will be able to call in the UK

AlexaCall function can make a call,Or anyone in the address bookAlexaDevice send message。This week,This service is from Vodafone(Vodafone)cooperate,Line on the UK。

(Website development Arizona)Interestingly,Vodafone is the first to offer customers throughAlexaCorporate calling,Just connect their phone numbers to their accounts.。This allows users to call any contact with the existing package,Even when your mobile phone is exhausted, you can use it.。

Universal electrical andJascoCooperation developmentZ-Wave

website development arizona

Universal electrical has beenJascocooperate,Launch the latest seriesEnbrighten Z-WaveSmart light switch,Including five wall-type configuration,With a dial and paddle switch and replaceable panel。

JascoandGEReduce the size of the new switch20%,And introducedSimpleWireTechnology,New intelligent control functions such as line load sensing terminals。

JascoCEOCameron TriceExpress:“We are very happy to introduce this advanced intelligent control system.Z-WaveSwitch and dimmer product combination。”“along withQuickFitandSimpleWireEnhancement,ourZ-WaveProducts will become one of the most friendly intelligent home selection in the market.,Creating a smart home market will be easier than any time。