work plan for website development


When doing website construction business,Usually, enterprise customers will ask web companies or technicians to give a website construction program.。In fact, even if the customer does not ask,As a member of the website construction plan, there should be such a planning plan before establishing a website.,This will make your own ideas clearer。

work plan for website development

Website construction planning book:

Website planning refers to the analysis of the market before the construction of the website、Determine the purpose and function of the website,And technology in website construction、content、cost、test、Maintenance, etc.。The website planning book plays a plan and guidance on the construction of the website.,Play the content and maintenance of the website。

Website construction planning book is equivalent to business project plan,Its content is similar to the website construction system planning content。Website construction planning books should be as far as possible to all aspects of website planning,At the same time, the website planning book is necessary to science、earnest、Seeking truth from facts。

The specific content contained in the website construction planning book mainly includes the following aspects:

1、Market analysis before website construction:

(Work Plan for Website Development)1)Market analysis of related industries。At present, the current situation investigation and analysis,What kind of characteristics and changes are there?,Whether it is currently available in the Internet to carry out corporate business。

2)Main competitors in the market。Such as competitors website construction and its website planning、function。

3)Company self-condition analysis。Including company profile、Market Advantage,What competitiveness can be used to improve the website,Ability of website construction(cost、Technology、Human, etc.)Wait。

2、The purpose and functional positioning of website construction:

1)Why establish a website,Is to promote products,E-commerce,Or build an industry website?Is it a need for a business or the extension of the market development?

2)Integrated company resources,Determine the website function。According to the needs and plan of the company,Determine the function of the website:Product propaganda、Website marketing、Customer service type、E-commerce。

3)The purpose of the construction of the website。According to the website function,Determine the purpose and role of the website。

4)Construction of the enterprise, the scalability of the website。

3、Website construction technology solution:

Determine the technical solution for website construction based on the function of the website。

1)Self-built server,Or rent a virtual host or server hosting。

2)Select operating system,useUNIX、LINUXstillWINDOWS 2000 SERVER/NT。Analysis investment cost、Function、Develop、Stability and safety, etc.。

3)Systemic solution,Is open sourceCMS,Still developed。

4)Website construction security measures,Black、Antivirus solution。

(Work Plan for Website Development)5)Site development language selection(WebpageASP、JSP、CGI、Database development, etc.)。

(Work Plan for Website Development)4、Website construction content plan:

1)、Depending on the purpose and function planning of website construction,General enterprise website should include:Company Profile、product description、Service Content、price information、Contact information、Basic content such as online orders。

2)、E-commerce website must provide a member registration、Detailed product service information、Information collection query、Order Confirmation、Payment、Personal information confidentiality measures、Related help and other columns and content。

3)、If the website column is more,The reasonable allocation and interrelationship of the column content should be considered.。

The content of the website is the most important factor in the website attracts the viewer.,No content or un practical content will not attract a rush of visitors,Survey of information that people want to read in advance,And survey the satisfaction of people's website after the website is released,Adjust the website content。

5、Web Design

1)、Website art design generally is consistent with the overall image of the company,Be in line withCIspecification,Pay attention to web colors、Image application and layout plan,Keep the overall consistency of the web page。

2)、In the use of new technologies, consider the distribution of main objectives access groups.、Age class、Internet speed、Reading habits, etc.。

3)、Develop web updates and revision programs,For example, a large-scale update or revision, etc.。

6、Management and maintenance of website construction

1)、Server and related hardware and software maintenance,Evaluate possible problems,Develop a response time。

2)、database maintenance,Effective utilization data is an important part of the website maintenance,Therefore, the maintenance of the database should be paid attention to。

3)、Update、Adjustment, etc.。

4)、Formulate relevant website construction management maintenance requirements,Institutionalize site maintenance、Standardization。

7、Website construction test

Before the website is released, we must perform a fine and careful test.,To ensure normal browsing and use。The main test includes the following test content。

1)、Server or virtual host stability、safety。

(Work Plan for Website Development)2)、Program and database test。

(Work Plan for Website Development)3)、Web page compatibility test(Browser、monitor)。

4)、Other tests。

8、Website release and promotion

1)、Public relations issued after website test、Advertising campaign。

2)、Search engine registration, etc.。

3)、Search Engine OptimizationSEO

(Work Plan for Website Development)4)、Generalized network marketing method promotion

5)、Blog、forum、Application of common network promotion methods such as Weibo。

9、Website construction schedule

(Work Plan for Website Development)The beginning of the initial completion of various planning tasks、Person in charge, etc.。Website construction must calculate the development of the cycle and personnel distribution,Because the development cycle calculation is inaccurate, it may have a default situation.,And personnel dissemination is not clearly possible to cause drag and extension of the project.。

10、Website construction costs

Checklist required for all matters。Be sure to formulate detailed website construction costs,This makes the customer know where your own money is spent.。