website development somerset west


(website development somerset west)What is the process of website construction from development to launch?,Website building is no longer a novelty.。Many also acquired customers from the website,The website also plays a very good role in the development of the enterprise。So how to build a website,Today, let’s talk about the problem that the online process does not involve the code。

First you need a domain name,The domain name is equivalent to the real house number, which can tell us the network address we want to find。The website is hosted on a server in the network,For external access to the server, you need to useIPaddress to access。butIPAddresses are often too long to be remembered。Thus the domain name came into being,A simple domain name can be remembered quickly,Convenience。

(website development somerset west)Now the majorIDCService providers have servers and virtual hosts,Generally, after the corresponding website environment is set up on the server,Bind domain name。After the domain name is resolved to the server, it can be accessed directly。The server generally resolves theARecord,record valueIPaddress。The virtual host is generally a multi-level domain name,Correspondingly only need to parseCNAMEalso visit the website。

It should be noted that if a website is bound to a domestic host and server, it needs to be filed.,If your website is not registered then either record or use a server or host in Hong Kong。

It should be noted that when choosing a website program and server, you must choose a large and powerful company,Many websites will now under attack,I have encountered customers before saying that their website is always hacked,Websites with illegal links and content,This will be prompted with a red box by the search engine,The main body of the website will be punished if it is not corrected in time.。Safety must pay attention,If possible, you can purchase a web page anti-tampering or anti-virus system for the website。

Then the process of launching the website is,Apply for a domain name,filing,Online binding domain name。Then you can print your website address on the promotional product。

website development somerset west